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1 Lou Substitutes For Joe DiMaggio

2 Bank Robbery

3 Knights In Shining Armor

4 Hunting Guide (Claire Trevor)

5 At The Circus With Alan Hale

6 Bugs Bunny & Lucille Ball

7 Costellos Pet Turkey with Jane Wyman

8 Trip To Palm Springs

9 Wild West, The – (Lynn Bari)

10 Christmas Show

11 Lawyer, The – With Bert Gordon

12 Lou’s Engaged To Judy Canova

13 Guest Star Peter Lorre

14 With The Great Gildersleeve

15 Charles Laughton

16 Dorothy Lamour

17 Bumsteads Visit Abbott and Costello Show

18 Running A Newspaper With Hedda Hopper

19 Snow White With Blondie And Dagwood

20 Linda Darnell

21 Guest Cary Grant

22 Who's On First

23 Costello Buys Gifts For Cast

24 Back Home Again

25 Matrimonial Agency

26 Mortimers Pet Shop

27 Costello Buys A Race Horse

28 Return To PS 15

29 Thanksgiving Dinner (Artie Auerbach)

30 Christmas Shopping For Lou

31 Lou Wan

32 Stolen Oranges

33 Rudy Vallee

34 Frank Sinatra

35 New Press Agent

36 Hiring Andrew Sisters

37 Charm School

38 Car Trouble To Visit T

39 Andrews Sisters Star

40 Spanish Acting School

41 Costello Gets A Tattoo

42 Fathers Day

43 Return To Patterson

44 Lou Promises His Girlfriend a Job

45 Lou Hides From His Girlfriend

46 Opening A Gas Station

47 Lou The Fireman

48 Christmas Party*

49 Costellos Beauty Shop

50 Income Tax

51 Sheriff of North Hollywood, The

52 Lou Goes To Racetrack To Lose

53 Nuts And Bolts

54 Costello

55 Lou Builds A House

56 Baseball Show*

57 Lou Joins The New York Yankees

58 Christmas Program*

59 Costello Pays Income Tax

60 Babysitting Job

61 Bela Lugosi – Guest

62 Sam Shovel Private Detective

63 Sam Shovel Russian Diplomat

64 Sam Shovel Curb Stone Murder

65 Spies Try To Kill Sam Shovel

66 Sam Shovel Meets The Moonshine

67 Lou Invents A Cellophane Mattress

68 At The Races

69 At The Ranch

70 Costello Has A Cold

71 English Butler With Arthur Treacher

72 Football Game with Harold Peary

73 Mudder & Fodder

74 Who’s On First

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