Adventures of Ozzie And Harriet

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1 Electric Trains

2 March 3rd Dilemma

3 Enters Essay Contest

4 Ozzie And The Hypnotist

5 New Arrival The

6 Antique Vase

7 David Sells Ozzies Suit

8 Dripping Faucet The

9 David Fights

10 Fighting Jones Boys

11 Apartment Building Next Door

12 Exaggeration Troubles

13 Princes Gift, The

14 Camel, The

15 Ozzie Runs For Office

16 Ricky’s Third Prize In School

17 Unique Bowling Approach

18 March 3rd Dilemma

19 New Dress Surprise, The

20 Retreat From Civilization

21 Handy Man, The

22 Jury Duty

23 Ozzie Promises To Take The Boys Hiking

24 Haunted House

25 In A Rut

26 Boys’ Night Out

27 3rd Degree, The

28 Bing Crosby And Lindsay Crosby Guests

29 Worrying

30 Radio-Phonograph

31 No Snow For Christmas

32 Knitting Contest

33 Sports Heroes

34 Card Tricks

35 House Cleaning

36 Valentine Card

37 Invitation To Dinner

38 Nelson Bank, The

39 Crystal Ball

40 Income Tax

41 Rover Boys

42 Complaints

43 Easter Show

44 New Dresses, The (AFRS)

45 Have A Cigar

46 Sales Resistance

47 David’s Date or Yes Man

48 Going To A Concert

49 Boat Builder, The

50 Home Town Baseball Team

51 Be On Time (AKA Ricky Is Always Late)

52 Cup Of Coffee, A

53 Lost Christmas Gift The

54 Randolph’s Come As You Are Party

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