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1: Drugstore Mix-up
2: Plumbing Woes
3: Jokes At Mrs Lodges Red Cross Party
4: Taking A Bath
5: Christmas Shopping
6: Archie Has The Hiccups
7: Archie Has a Cold
8: Archie Fights a Cold
9: Double Date
10: Wallpapering
11: Suffering From The Heat
12: Picnic
13: Big Dance
14: Borrows a Tire Jack
15: Archie's in Love
16: Halloween Party
17: Job at the Drugstore
18: New TV Set
19: Formal Dance
20: Halloween Party
21: Big Ball Game
22: Economy Program
23: Fixing Flat Tire
24: Good Night's Sleep

One Comment

  1. Archie Da Man Andrews
    January 27, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    oi m9, you stole my name! give it back

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