1 Fibber McGee

2 Roy Rogers

3 Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Lillis Bond

4 Frankenstein Hoax

5 Bob Hope Cooks

6 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

7 George Burns

8 George Jessel

9 Gunsmoke - Are You Satisfied

10 Gunsmoke - Can't Get Gun Off

11 Gunsmoke - Chesterfields Satisfy

12 Gunsmoke Get That God Damned Thing Out Of Here

13 Gunsmoke Intro Outtake

14 Gunsmoke Kitty And Matt Shacking Up

15 Gunsmoke Our Star William Conrad

16 Gunsmoke Outtake 2500 Head To 400

17 Gunsmoke Somebodys Lying Outtake

18 Jack Benny

19 Jack Benny Friars Roast

20 Lauren Bacall

21 Roy Rogers Audition Bloopers

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