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Gracie Plays Sadie Thompson

1 Gracie's Christmas

Gracie's Murder Mystery

2 Government Jobs

3 Hats off to Gracie

4 Gracie's Triumphant Return

5 Surprise Party Platform

6 Til the Cows Come Home

7 Gracie Wins Wisconsin

8 All Promises are Fictitious

9 Biggest in the World

10 Aunt Clara Kangaroo

11 Rah Rah in Omaha

12 George's Malady

13 Sweeping Into Office

14 Elsie Trellafas Is Suing George

15 George Is On Trial

16 George Owes Money

17 George Needs A Guest

18 George Writes A Newspaper Column

19 George Is Kidnapped

20 George Disguises

21 Whats Wrong With Gracie?

22 Professor Thorndyke

23 George Tries To Get Out Of Doing Broadcast

24 George Tries To Impress Fifi

25 Gracie Writes A Musical

26 Thanksgiving Show

27 Rehearsing Next Week's Show

28 Sponsor Drop

29 George Gets A Black Eye

Gracie Writes A Play

Gracie Is Late For The Show

30 St Patricks Day Parade

31 Pretending To Be On A First Date

Successful Marriage

Pooling Resources

Gracie Wants George To Get An Office

32 Man From MGM

33 Expecting a Baby

34 Gracie Buys A Live Turkey

35 Hit by a Club

36 Gracie And Toots

37 Brian Donlevy - Guest Star

38 Guest Charles Laughton

39 Guest Veronica Lake

40 Bob Burns

41 Madeleine Carroll Guest

42 Jose Itubi & Deems Taylor Guests

43 Shortage Of Husbands

44 Brian Donlevy

45 Wrecked Car

46 Jack Benny In The Beauty Shop

47 Blackmailing Jack Benny

48 John Garfield Guest

49 Astaire's Tap Dancing

50 Rita Hayworth

51 Kansas City

52 Dinah Shore

53 Kansas City War Loan Drive

54 No Money For Auction

55 George The Plumber

56 George Wants To Buy Land From Joe

57 Guest Alan Ladd

58 George Prepares To Entertain Troops

59 George The Butler

60 George Lands Movie Part As Wolf

61 Jack and George at College

62 Taking in a Veteran

63 Gracie Uplift Society

64 Beverly Hills Uplift Club

65 Kay Kyser - Guest

66 Marriage Contest

67 George's Job

68 George Sells Chicken Farm

69 Gracie Joins Literary Club

70 Sydney Strotz - Guest

71 Charles Boyer - Guest - (Pt1 Hour Special)

72 Frances Langford And Mel Blanc - Guests (Pt 2 Hour Special)

73 Harpo Marx - Guest

74 Guest - Ben Gage

75 Dewey Robinson Guest

76 George's Birthday

77 Guest - Eddie Cantor

78 Gracie and Current Events

79 Gracie Wants George In The Movies

Acting Contest

80 Getting Frank Sinatra

81 Guest - Louella Parsons

82 Guest - Eddie Cantor

83 Housewifes Guild Upgrade

Last Year's Christmas Bills

84 Cary Grant And The Uplifters

15th Radio Anniversary

85 Gracie Didn't Pay the Bills

86 Gracie Takes Up Crime Solving

87 Kill The Rat

88 Crime Wave

89 Gracie Treats George

90 Uplift Society Returns

91 Frances Langford and Carmen Dragon Guest Star

92 Beating High Cost Of Living

Live Hog

Cary Grant And The Uplifters

93 Royal Wedding

94 Jean Sablon Guest Stars

George Croons

Lady Killer

95 Last Minute Christmas Shopping

96 George And Jack As Gypsies

George And Jack in Concert As Gypsies

97 Income Tax Time

98 Walter O'Keefe

99 New Mink Coat

100 Babysitting For Kay Kyser

Keeping George From Making Decisions

Gracie Goes To New Orleans

101 Easter Program

102 George Sees Green Eyed Monster

103 Joe Bagley Makes Gracie Mad At George

104 George Is Finally Getting A New Car

Gracie's Problem

105 Gracie's Mother

106 Guest - James Mason

New Neighbors


Who's The Boss

107 Thanksgiving Program

Guest Gregory Peck

Cesar Romero

George's Birthday

108 Gracie Sends Sam Spade To Jail

With James Mason

George's Handwriting

Gracie Smashes

Gracie In A Pageant

Jane Wyman Is Up

Turning Jack Into A Big Spender

Guest Eddie Cantor

Gracie Asks George

Is There A Place On TV For The Burns

Gracie's Great Idea

109 Gracie Adopts Mickey Rooney

Guest Chester

George And Gracie

Last Show

Second Courtship

George Collects Cat

Speech To Honor Ronald Reagan

Preparing The Income

Gracie Allen Inc

Guest James Mason

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