Date With JudyAdmin

1: Tiger
2: Surprise Party
3: Mother Runs Away
4: Quiz Show
5: Father's Birthday
6: Baby Trouble
7: Messenger Girl
8: Mixed Company
9: Moving Day
10: Pig
11: Aunt Lilly Needs A Date
12: Aunt Lily's Wedding
13: Frank Sinatra Buildup
14: Car Trouble
15: Love In The Slums
16: Love On The Run
17: Matrimonial Bureau
18: Mayor
19: Father's Birthday
20: Joseph Cottens Date With Judy
21: Going To A Frank Sinatra Movie
22: Judy Interviews Charles Boyer
23: Oggies Band
24: New Dress For The Dance
25: Racetrack
26: Gregory Hickson Lecture
27: Judy And Oogies Movie Date
28: Playing Hookey
29: High School Hot Shots Get A Job
30: Judy's Party Oogie Asks Judy To Go Steady

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