Day In The Life Of Dennis DayAdmin

1: Masquerade Ball
2: Dennis Writes A Radio Script
3: Sing For The King
4: Guest Speaker At The Ladies Aid Meeting
5: Amnesia
6: Dennis And The Other Woman
7: Dennis Asks For A Raise
8: Mistaken For A Bank Robber
9: Photographer
10: Burnside House
11: Miss Courtneys Romance
12: Marriage Counsellor
13: True Life Article
14: Drama Critic
15: Dennis Runs for Mayor
16: Railroad Property
17: Support for a New Jail
18: Mrs Anderson Opens A Dress Shop
19: Selling Insurance
20: Society Editor
21: Obtaining a Bank Loan
22: President Of The Ladies Club
23: Stealing A Painting
24: Job With The Post Office
25: Dennis Does A Radio Show
26: Baby Picture Contest
27: Land Grab
28: Keeping The Radio Station On The Air
29: Misquoted In Newspaper
30: Choose Acting Career Or Girlfriend
31: Bill Calhoun, And Old Shipmate, Visits
32: Dennis Bets On The Horses By Mistake
33: Dennis Donates For A New Gym
34: Dennis And Mr Anderson Go Out On The Town
35: Dennis Gives Up His Room For A New Border
36: Runaway
37: Football Plays
38: Phoney Oil Deal
39: New Boyfriend
40: Mrs Andersons Earrings
41: Dennis Writes An Advice Column
42: Mr Anderson's Love Letters
43: City Manager Job
44: Canceled Invitation
45: Black Mark
46: Dennis And Mildred Plan To Elope
47: Mistaken For An Heir
48: Missing Heir
49: Weaverville Art Contest
50: Scoutmaster
51: Campaigning For Assembly
52: Dennis Helps Mrs Anderson
53: Crook Shakes Down Gikoby
54: Dennis and Mildred Have a Falling Out

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