Day In The Life Of Dennis DayAdmin

1 Masquerade Ball

2 Dennis Writes A Radio Script

3 Sing For The King

4 Guest Speaker At The Ladies Aid Meeting

5 Amnesia

6 Dennis And The Other Woman

7 Dennis Asks For A Raise

8 Mistaken For A Bank Robber

9 Photographer

10 Burnside House

11 Miss Courtney's Romance

12 Marriage Counsellor

13 True Life Article

14 Drama Critic

15 Dennis Runs for Mayor

16 Railroad Property

17 Support for a New Jail

18 Mrs Anderson Opens A Dress Shop

19 Selling Insurance

20 Society Editor

21 Obtaining a Bank Loan

22 President Of The Ladies Club

23 Stealing A Painting

24 Job With The Post Office

25 Dennis Does A Radio Show

26 Baby Picture Contest

27 Land Grab

28 Keeping The Radio Station On The Air

29 Misquoted In Newspaper

30 Choose Acting Career Or Girlfriend

31 Bill Calhoun, And Old Shipmate, Visits

32 Dennis Bets On The Horses By Mistake

33 Dennis Donates For A New Gym

34 Dennis And Mr Anderson Go Out On The Town

35 Dennis Gives Up His Room For A New Border

36 Runaway

37 Football Plays

38 Phoney Oil Deal

39 New Boyfriend

40 Mrs Andersons Earrings

41 Dennis Writes An Advice Column

42 Mr Anderson's Love Letters

43 City Manager Job

44 Cancelled Invitation

45 Black Mark

46 Dennis And Mildred Plan To Elope

47 Mistaken For An Heir

48 Missing Heir

49 Weaverville Art Contest

50 Scoutmaster

51 Campaigning For Assembly

52 Dennis Helps Mrs Anderson

53 Crook Shakes Down Gikoby

54 Dennis And Mildred Have A Falling Out

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