Duffy’s Tavern

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1 Audition Show


2 Deems Taylor


3 Susan Hayward And Frank Buck


4 Clifton Fadiman


5 Lucille Ball


6 Veronica Lake


7 Mrs Caveth Well’s Talking Bird


8 Poker Game, The


9 Guest Bing Crosby


10 Billy Burke Guest


11 Guest Col Stoopnagle


12 Guest Monty Woolley


13 Charles Coburn


14 Cast Does ‘A Christmas Carol’, The


15 Making A Movie guest Larry Storch


16 Guest Peggy Lee


17 Archie Takes Up Reading


18 Raffle, The


19 Guests John H Anthony and Minerva Pious


20 Coming Out Party


21 Rudy Vallee And George Jessel Guest


22 Archie Meets Jesus


23 Christmas Cards


24 Archie’s Philosophy


25 Archie’s Yearbook


26 Patent On Electricity


27 Guest Marlene Dietrich


28 Bully with Sheldon Leonard, The


29 Double Date


30 No More I.O.U’s At Tavern


31 Guest Cass Daley


32 Someone’s Getting Hitched


33 Playing Poker with Charles Coburn


34 Duffy The Detective


35 Most Popular Bartender On 3rd Ave


36 Opera With Ed Wynn


37 Bob Crosby, Guest


38 Army Surplus Helicopter


39 Guest Barry Nelson


40 Charles Coburn Plays Santa Claus


41 Guest Joan Bennett


42 Lady Visits the Draft Board, A


43 Actors Club at the Tavern


44 Mystery Valentine


45 Archie Runs For Office


46 Literary Society Meeting, A


47 Archie The Hypnotist


48 Job Opening


49 1670 Diary Of P Stuyvesant


50 Archie Writes An Opera


51 Fashion Lecture with Arthur Treacher


52 Culture Comes To Duffy’s


53 Archie Wants To Be A Lion Tamer


54 Accountant Looks Over Books


55 It’s Latin Night At Duffy’s


56 Party For Columnists


57 Spanish Floor Show


58 Cultural Singing Contest


59 Tavern Is Flat Broke


60 Archie Cuts Prices 10 Percent


61 Dream Girl


62 Eddie Quits


63 Guest Peggy Lee

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