Henry Morgan ShowAdmin

1: Catch As Catch Can Fred Waring
2: Clearing Things Up Before Mothers Day
3: Morgan's Recipe For Success
4: First Show
5: Christmas Story
6: Condensed Version Of The Mikado
7: Strange Man Of History
8: Radio Program Blood Test
9: Invention Of Work
10: Broadcasting Radio Shows Back To Russians
11: Dedicated To American Landlords
12: Salute To The Old School
13: Morgan Vacation Travel Bureau
14: Vacation Time Is Here Again
15: Morgan's Around The World Listening Post
16: Morgan's Summer Resort Hotel
17: Question Man
18: Morgan Trouble Clinic A Veteram Taking Out A Loan
19: Discovery Of Weather
20: Radio Serial To End Radio Serials
21: Takeoff On The BBC
22: Spoofing Commentators
23: Murder In The Club Copacabanish
24: Quest Pests

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