Jack Benny ProgramAdmin

1: First Show
2: Outstanding Achievements Of Review
3: Bertha The Sewing Machine Girl
4: She Done Him Right
5: Guest Edward G Robinson
6: Who Killed Mr. X
7: Mary's Birthday
8: Uncle Tom's Cabin
9: Miniature Women
10: Don't Live Right
11: My Life As A Floorwalker
12: Duel In The Graveyard
13: Arizona Western
14: Eternal Triangle
15: Frank Parker's Music Store
16: Who Killed Mr. Stooge Part Five
17: To New York On The Twentieth Century Limited
18: House Of Rawchild
19: House Of Benny
20: School Days Part Three
21: Charlie Chan In Radio City
22: Mrs. Wiggs Of The Onion Patch
23: Rose Of The Rio Grande
24: Russia Through A Keyhole
25: Kenny Baker's Debut
26: Jack And Johnny Are In Jail
27: Clown Hall Tonight
28: Phil Harris Introduced
29: Anthony Adverse Part 1
30: Anthony Adverse Part 2
31: Romeo and Juliet
32: Doc Benny's Minstrel Show
33: Missing Girls Dorm Incomplete
34: Buck Benny
35: Buck Benny Rides Again Two
36: Buck Benny
37: Money Isn't Everything
38: Buck Shot
39: Old Fashioned Christmas Party
40: Letter From Mary's Mother
41: Mary's New Year Poem
42: Buck Benny Rides Again Ten
43: Buck Benny In Ensenada Mexico
44: Jack Practices The Bee
45: Next Sunday . Jack Will Play The Bee
46: Stolen Violin
47: Jack's Birthday
48: Buck Benny Rides Again Twelve
49: Jack's Violin Is Returned
50: Fight Of The Century
51: From The Hotel Pierre
52: From New York
53: Train Porter
54: Back From New York
55: Guests Burns And Allen
56: Lady Millicent's Husband
57: In The Spring Tra. La
58: Buck Benny Party
59: Mary's Movie
60: Jack's Movie
61: Christmas Shopping
62: Leaving For San Francisco Next Week
63: In San Francisco
64: Driving Back From San Francisco
65: Scoop Benny Ace Reporter
66: Hurricane
67: Jack Is Late
68: Robert Taylor Plays The Cello
69: Submarine D.1 Part One
70: Submarine D-1 Part Two
71: Don Wilson's Fifteenth Anniversary In Radio
72: Death In The Night Club
73: Leaving For New York
74: Guests- Fred Allen & Kate Smith
75: Returning To Hollywood
76: Yank At Oxford
77: At The Circus . Easter Show
78: Snow White and the Seven Gangsters
79: Beverly Hills Home Under Construction
80: Mother's Day Show
81: Murder In The Library
82: Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Part One
83: Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Part Two
84: Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Part Three
85: Artists And Models Abroad
86: Back Home In Indiana
87: Last Show Of The Season
88: Preparing for the Coming Season
89: Yellow Jack
90: Last Broadcast From the Old NBC Studio
91: Algiers
92: Jack Throws a Halloween Party
93: Crowd Roars
94: Jack Steals a Girl from Phil Harris
95: Too Hot To Handle
96: Flash Benny - Football Coach
97: Murder at the Movies
98: Christmas Shopping
99: Returning To Hollywood
100: Jack's Christmas Open House
101: Goodbye 1938 - Hello 1939
102: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
103: Jack's Screen Guild Theater Performance
104: Jack Tells How He Saved Fred Allen's Life
105: Jack Goes Into Training For Fight With Fred
106: Jack Challenges Fred Allen To A Boxing Match
107: Love Finds Annie Hardy
108: Carmichael The Polar Bear
109: Jesse James Part One
110: Jesse James Part Two
111: Carmichael Is Sick
112: Jack Has A Cold
113: Guest Ed Sullivan
114: April Fool's Gags
115: Four Girls In White
116: Phil Shoots The Movie 'Man About Town'
117: Guests Binnie Barns And Mark Sandrich
118: Jack's Anniversary On The Radio
119: Kentucky Derby Bet
120: Gunga Din
121: More Gunga Din
122: Alexander Graham Bell
123: Hound Of The Baskervilles Preview
124: Hound Of The Baskervilles
125: Father's Day
126: From Waukegan Illinois
127: Introducing Dennis Day
128: Dennis' Mother Interferes With The Show
129: Stanley And Livingstone
130: Masquerade Party
131: Women
132: Jack Has A Toothache
133: Jack Discovers He Bought An Ostrich For Than
134: Jack Goes Duck Hunting
135: Football Murder Mystery - Part One
136: Football Murder Mystery - Part Two
137: Christmas Shopping East Coast
138: Christmas Shopping West Coast
139: Christmas Open House At Jack's
140: No Date For Jack
141: Golden Boy
142: Intermezzo
143: Gladys Zybisco Discussed
144: Murder on the Bridge
145: Leaving For Yosemite
146: Arriving At Yosemite
147: Skiing At Yosemite
148: Birthday Party For Jack Who's Recovering From...
149: Gracie Allen For President
150: Mr. Benny Goes To Washington
151: Hunchback of Notre Dame w Orson Welles
152: Trailer On Pinocchio
153: Pinocchio
154: Jack Revives Buck Benny After Three Years
155: Preparing To Go To New York By Train
156: From The Ritz Theater NY
157: Buck Benny At The Paramount Theater
158: Clown Hall Tonight
159: Returns On A TWA Plane
160: Northwest Passage
161: Mr. Mortimer's Party
162: Hillbilly Feud
163: Vacation Plans
164: Father's Day
165: Jack Tells His Childhood Story
166: Phil Tries To Collect A World Series Bet
167: Jack Tries To Trade In The Maxwell
168: Hold That Line
169: Dog Catcher Of Beverly Hills
170: Jack Waits To See A Movie Director
171: Jack Is Held Up On His Way To Don's House
172: Don Is Mad and Walks Out
173: From The Ritz Hotel In New York
174: Christmas Shopping
175: Christmas Gift Exchange
176: Jack is Late with No Script
177: City Of Conquest
178: Herbert Marshall Hosts The Show
179: Sponsor Likes Herbert Marshall
180: Surprise Birthday Party
181: Tee Pee Hotel
182: Climb To Taquitz Falls
183: Murder At The Racquet Club
184: Palm Springs' Prices
185: Tobacco Road
186: Jack Works In His Garden
187: Quiz Kids Versus Jello Kids
188: Jack Prepares For Appearance On The Quiz Kids
189: Jack's Upset About His Appearance On The Quiz Show
190: Murder At The Movies (poor sound)
191: NBC Tribute To Jack Benny's Tenth Anniversary
192: Charley's Aunt
193: Life Of Philbert Harris
194: From San Diego Naval Base
195: From New York
196: Columbus Day
197: Train To LA
198: Dive Bomber
199: Halloween Celebration
200: Football Game
201: He Fumbled The Ball
202: Thanksgiving Day Dinner
203: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Part 1 of 2
204: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Part 2 of 2
205: Jack Talks About A Christmas Party He Gave
206: New Year's Eve Party At The Biltmore Bowl
207: From March Field
208: Carole Lombard's Death . Show Is Without Jack
209: Frightwig Murder Case Part 1 of 2
210: Frightwig Murder Case Part 2 of 2
211: Jack Is Upset Because Fred Allen Has Moved
212: Jack Can't Get A Date On His Birthday
213: At The San Francisco Presidio
214: Jack Starts A Campaign For An Oscar
215: From San Diego Marine Base
216: Jack Talks About Lending Fred Allen $10
217: Jack Plants A Victory Garden And Plays Golf
218: Doc Benny's Minstrel Show
219: Don's Commercial
220: At Camp Haan Part 1- Video
221: At Camp Haan Part 2 - Video
222: Try And Get It
223: Don's Play
224: Jack Hawkin's Revenge
225: Jack Imitates Fred Allen
226: Cavalcade Of Last Eight Years For Jello
227: Jack Rounds Up The Gang In The Maxwell
228: Jack Takes Two Cadets To Barbara Stanwyck's
229: Jack Gives The Maxwell For Scrap
230: Tales Of Manhattan
231: Jack And Phil Go Target Shooting
232: Twink Family - Part 1
233: Twink Family - Part 2
234: George Washington Slept Here Premiere
235: Going After Rommel
236: Liberty Ship
237: From New York
238: George Washington Slept Here
239: New Year's Eve Skit
240: Bear Hunting
241: Sixty-Four Dollar Question
242: Spoof On Information Please
243: Mr. Benny Goes To Washington
244: From Quantico Virginia
245: Jack Is Late For The Program
246: From Ontario Canada
247: Chicago Monument For Jack
248: Kit Carson Benny
249: Host George Burns And Gracie Allen
250: Host Orson Welles Return Of Phil Harris
251: Host Orson Welles Takes Cast To His Movie
252: Host Orson Welles Murder At Midnight
253: Jack Returns After Illness
254: Jack Opens Swimming Pool For The Season
255: Rochester's Horse Is In The Kentucky Derby
256: Renting Eddie Cantor's House
257: Rancho Benny
258: Parachute Jump
259: Jack Recalls His African Trip
260: Casablanca
261: Algiers
262: Jack Pretends He Is Going To Brazil
263: From Marine Corps Air Station At Mojave Cali
264: Lone Palm
265: Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey
266: Dennis Wants A Raise
267: Jack Gets A Driver's License
268: Dennis' Mother Visits
269: Jack And Mary Go Christmas Shopping
270: Christmas At Jack's House
271: Annual New Year's Eve Show
272: Jack Has A Pet Camel
273: From Camp El Toro California
274: From Camp Muroc California
275: Horns Blows At Midnight
276: From Terminal Island
277: From March Field
278: Guest Groucho Marx
279: Hollywood Canteen
280: From LeMoore Air Force Base
281: From Livermore Air Base
282: Dennis Dreams He Has A Radio Program
283: Repairing Jack's Sidewalk
284: Dennis Leaves For The Navy
285: Infantry
286: Split Personality
287: Life Story Of Jack Benny
288: Final Grape Nuts Flakes Sponsored Show
289: Your All Time Hit Parade Jack Benny
290: Jack Looks For A Replacement Singer
291: Jack Offers Frank Sinatra Dennis' Job
292: From Gardner Field Taft California
293: Guest Show
294: From Corona Naval Hospital
295: How Jack And The Gang Spent Thanksgiving Day
296: Jack Gets Mad And Goes Home
297: From San Bernardino California
298: Meeting Frank Sinatra In The Drugstore
299: Trimming A Tree
300: Jack Resolves To Be Friends w F Allen
301: Leaving For New York City
302: Mrs. Nussbaum's Restaurant
303: Ice Skating In Central Park
304: From Mitchell Field With Ann Sheridan
305: From St Albans Naval Hospital In New York
306: From Glen View AFB Illinois
307: From St Joseph Missouri
308: From Hollywood . The Train Station
309: How Jack Found Mary
310: How Jack Met Phil Harris
311: How Jack Hired Don Wilson
312: Jack Is Going To San Francisco
313: Gaslight
314: Eighty-Five Thousand Dollar Bet
315: Joe Louis Acts As Jack's Bodyguard
316: Tire Trouble
317: Jack Is Invited To The Colman's For Dinner
318: Hello Louella
319: English Butler
320: End Of The Contest
321: Contest Winners
322: Contest Winners Names Announced
323: From Palm Springs California
324: Palm Springs Shopping
325: Lost Weekend
326: Dennis Returns From The Navy
327: Weekend At The Acme Plaza
328: Violin Practice Interrupts Ronald Coleman's
329: Jack Is Upset Because Phil And Dennis Have Moved
330: Listening to the World Series
331: Fiddler
332: Mary's 'Chiss Wheeze' Sandwich Fluff
333: Jack Tries to Break Sportsmen's Contract
334: Guest Show
335: Killers
336: Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces For Christmas
337: Jack Exchanges Dons Gift
338: Christmas Party At Birmingham General Hospital
339: To Have and Have Not With Bogart & Bacall
340: Gracie Wants To Listen To Jack On The Radio
341: I Was Condemned
342: Margie
343: It's A Wonderful Life
344: What Happens After The Show Goes Off The Air
345: Jack's Birthday Party
346: Jack Fires The Sportsmen
347: Jack Tries To Rehire The Sportsmen
348: Jack Tries To Find Replacement For The Sport
349: Jack's New Quartet
350: Sportsmen Are Hired Back
351: From San Francisco with Jane Wyman
352: Jack Wants Goldwyn To Do 'The Life Of Jack B
353: Jack Fixes A Phonograph And Buys A Baseball
354: Egg And I
355: Colman's Ride In Jack's Car
356: Leaving for Chicago
357: To The Train Station For Chicago
358: From Chicago
359: From New York
360: Allen's Alley
361: Jack Is Back From Sun Valley Vacation
362: Jack Fixes Breakfast
363: Golf Match At Hillcrest Country Club
364: Seventh Hole At Hillcrest Country Club
365: Halloween Show Dark Passage - Movie Skit
366: Corner Drug Store
367: Cleaning Jack's Den
368: Movie of Jack's Life
369: Turkey Dream
370: Jack Takes Violin Lessons And Goes To The VA
371: Jack Has A Sprained Ankle
372: Last Moment Christmas Shopping
373: New Tenant
374: At the Rose Bowl
375: Going To Denver For March of Dimes Benefit
376: In Denver For March of Dimes Benefit
377: Jack And Mary See Colman's Movie
378: Jack's Birthday Party
379: From Palm Springs- California
380: Jack's Girlfriend Gladys Comes To Rehearsal
381: Jack Benny Is The Walking Man
382: Jack Is Robbed Of Ronald Colman's Oscar
383: Jack Wants To Borrow Bing's Oscar
384: From Palm Springs- California
385: Murder At The Racquet Club
386: Charlie's Aunt
387: Guest Star Frank Sinatra
388: Ronald Colman's Oscar Is Returned
389: Robert Taylor subs for Jack
390: Egg And I
391: I Was Framed
392: Jack Leaves For Detroit
393: From Detroit - Don's Weight Is Discussed
394: From Cleveland Palace Theater
395: From New York
396: Jack Returns To America By Ship And Hears An
397: Jack And The Gang Listen To The World Series
398: Sorry- Wrong Number
399: Jack Goes Trick Or Treating
400: Jack Hears An Echo - Sees Psychiatrist
401: Jack Tries To Reach His Advertising Agency
402: How Jack And The Gang Spent Thanksgiving
403: Professor La Blanc Gives Jack A Violin Lesson
404: Jack Tries To Relax At Home
405: Jack Buys A Wallet For Don As Christmas Gift
406: First Show For CBS
407: Lunch At The Brown Derby
408: Jack's Scrapbook
409: Don Won't Sign His Contract
410: Don Still Won't Sign His Contract
411: Guest stars Claudette Colbert and Vincent Price
412: Jack Wants To Appear On 'Ford Theater'
413: Jack Has A Music Lesson
414: Day At The Races
415: After The Races
416: Mary And Van Are Late
417: Spring Cleaning
418: American Heart Association
419: Easter Parade
420: Jack Decides To Trade In The Maxwell
421: Treasure Of Sierra Madre
422: Jack Is Upset With The Cast
423: Mary Is Sick
424: Champion And The Setup
425: Cast Introduced
426: Bus Tour Introduces The Cast
427: Edward My Son
428: Guest Show
429: Jack Takes Inventory Of His Pantry
430: Jack's Memory Is Lost And Found
431: Recovering From A Cold
432: Jack Is Recovering From Nose Surgery
433: Don Wilson's Story of Twenty-Five Years in Radio
434: Jack Rides in a Yacht
435: Last Week's Mistakes
436: Jack Goes to Rehearsal
437: Jack Spends an Evening at Home Playing Cards
438: Texas Benefit
439: Mary Buys Jack A Pencil Sharpener For Christ
440: Rochester Is Shocked By An Electric Alarm Clock
441: Jack Can't Make Mary's Party And Is Stood Up
442: Murder at Romanoffs
443: How Jack And Fred Allen Met
444: I Was Betrayed
445: To New York On The Train For The Heart Fund
446: Allen's Alley Spoof with Ink Spots
447: Jack Returns On The Train To Los Angeles And
448: Fiddler
449: Buck Benny Rides Again
450: Sagebrush Soap Contest
451: Champion
452: From Palm Springs Guest Bob Hope
453: From Palm Springs Guest Al Jolson
454: Fifty Cents To A Bum
455: Jack Gets The House Painted
456: Beavers Kids Club Spoof The Benny Show
457: Mother's Day Gags
458: Back From London
459: Maxwell is Stolen
460: Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich and a Murder
461: Jack And Dinah In London
462: Jack Tries to Buy Tickets to the USC-UCLA Games
463: How Jack Found Rochester w Amos Andy
464: Murder at the Racquet Club
465: Jack Buys Don Golf Tees For Christmas
466: New Years Fantasy
467: Jack Goes to the Doctor for a Check-Up
468: Guest Show
469: How Palm Springs Was Founded
470: Jack Watches TV
471: Jack Goes to the Dentist
472: Jack Leaves for New York to do a TV Show
473: IRS Visits Jack
474: IRS Visits Jack Again
475: IRS Visits Jack a Third Time
476: From Nellis Air Force Base
477: I Was Shanghaied
478: Jack Prepares to go to New York to do his TV
479: Cast Is Dissatisfied With Their New Contract
480: Jack Meets Speed Rigs at the Doctor's Office
481: Cast Sings the Commercial
482: Back Home From Korea 1st Show of Season
483: Captain Horatio Hornblower
484: Jack Loses His Song
485: 20th Anniversary Banquet AKA Jacks Life Story Told By George Jessel
486: Jack and Mary See 'Golden Girl' with Dennis'
487: Jack Buys Don Cuff Links for Christmas
488: Palm Springs Murder Mystery
489: Christmas Tree Decoration
490: Suspense
491: Jack Gets A Haircut
492: George Burns Sings Jack's Song
493: Wolfe Gilbert To Publish Jacks Song
494: To New York To Publish Jacks Song
495: Jack Dreams The New York Symphony Plays His Song
496: Guest Show
497: Fourth TV Show Of The Season
498: Trying to Lose Weight in a Steam Cabinet
499: Academy Awards
500: My Naval Career
501: Jack Opens His Swimming Pool
502: Jack And Mary Walk In The Easter Parade
503: All Hands On Deck
504: Bend In The River
505: Jack Fixes The Phonograph
506: Jack Takes The Beavers To The Zoo
507: Down On The Farm
508: Jack Prepares For London Trip
509: Phil's Last Show
510: Phil Harris Is Replaced By Bob Crosby
511: In Scotland Jack goes shopping with Mary
512: High Noon
513: Scoop Benny
514: Jack Catches His Nose In A Gopher Trap
515: Jack Buys Twentieth Century Fox
516: Jack Goes To The Doctor For A Vitamin Shot
517: Happy Time
518: Jack Buys A Gopher Trap For Don
519: From Veteran's Hospital Long Beach
520: Road to Bali with Bob Hope
521: Goes to Auction Buys Umbrella Stand
522: Bets On Our Fancy
523: Palm Springs Steak Ride
524: Beavers Impersonate Show
525: To New York Railroad Station
526: Snows Of Kilimanjaro
527: How Palm Springs Was Founded
528: Walk Through Beverly Hills
529: Missing Heir Showers with Peeled Potato
530: From San Francisco
531: From San Francisco
532: From San Francisco
533: Insurance Medical Exam
534: Back From Vacation In Hawaii
535: Return To Paradise
536: Polly Goes To The Psychiatrist
537: Leo And Jack Watch The World Series
538: Jack Tries To Sell His House
539: Wings Of The Hawk
540: Jack Buys A G String
541: Four AM Walk
542: All American
543: Preparing For TV Show
544: Jack Buys A Turkey
545: To Palm Springs Without Polly
546: Christmas Show From Palm Springs
547: Cactus Christmas Tree
548: Don Wilson's 20th Anniversary With Jack
549: Parking Ticket
550: Jack Goes To The Races
551: At Premiere With Sam Goldwyn
552: Dennis Is Told To Quit The Show By His Mother
553: Jack Turns 40
554: To NY for TV Show
555: Jack's Life Story
556: Frank Fontaine and Giselle McKenzie
557: Returning From NY On Super Chief
558: Mean Old Man
559: Jack and the Beanstalk
560: Secret of the Psychiatrist
561: Jack's New Contract
562: Easter Parade
563: Séance at Jack's Home
564: Jack Loses $4 75 at Santa Anita
565: Jack Takes Beavers to Beach
566: French Restaurant
567: Jack's Trip to Las Vegas
568: Jack Goes to Dallas
569: Is the Show On the Air
570: Garden Of Evil
571: Polly at Psychiatrist
572: Purple Pirate
573: Drive-In
574: Jack Tries to Fire Sportsmen
575: Jack Sees A Doctor
576: Dinner At Don's House
577: Jack Sick In Bed
578: Dennis Sees A Psychiatrist
579: Christmas Shopping
580: Preparing for Palm Springs
581: Christmas At Palm Springs
582: Jack Takes Gertrude To Rose Bowl
583: Elephant's Graveyard Mystery
584: Jack Doesn't Have A Script
585: William Paley Bets On Our Fancy
586: Jack Misses His Surprise Birthday Party
587: Beavers Do The Show
588: Jack's TV Breaks While Watching Wrestling
589: Shooting Of Dan McGrew
590: Ed And The Vault
591: Easter Stroll
592: Bob Hope And Jack Double Date
593: Renting The Maxwell To A Movie Studio
594: Love Letters Jack Buys A Baseball Team
595: Friend At Union Station
596: Final Radio Show

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