Jack Benny ProgramAdmin

1 First Show

2 Outstanding Achievements Of Review

3 Bertha The Sewing Machine Girl

4 She Done Him Right

5 Guest Edward G Robinson

6 Who Killed Mr. X

7 Mary's Birthday

8 Uncle Tom's Cabin

9 Miniature Women

10 Don't Live Right

11 My Life As A Floorwalker

12 Duel In The Graveyard

13 Arizona Western, An

14 Eternal Triangle, The

15 Frank Parker's Music Store

16 Who Killed Mr. Stooge Part Five

17 To New York On The Twentieth Century Limited

18 House Of Rawchild

19 House Of Benny, The

20 School Days Part Three

21 Charlie Chan In Radio City

22 Mrs. Wiggs Of The Onion Patch

23 Rose Of The Rio Grande

24 Russia Through A Keyhole

25 Kenny Baker's Debut

26 Jack And Johnny Are In Jail

27 Clown Hall Tonight

28 Phil Harris Introduced

29 Anthony Adverse Part 1

30 Anthony Adverse Part 2

31 Romeo and Juliet

32 Doc Benny's Minstrel Show

33 Missing Girls Dorm Incomplete

34 Buck Benny

35 Buck Benny Rides Again Two

36 Buck Benny

37 Money Isn't Everything

38 Buck Shot

39 Old Fashioned Christmas Party

40 Letter From Mary's Mother

41 Mary's New Year Poem

42 Buck Benny Rides Again Ten

43 Buck Benny In Ensenada Mexico

44 Jack Practices The Bee

45 Next Sunday . Jack Will Play The Bee

46 Stolen Violin, The

47 Jack's Birthday

48 Buck Benny Rides Again Twelve

49 Jack's Violin Is Returned

50 Fight Of The Century

51 From The Hotel Pierre

52 From New York

53 Train Porter, The

54 Back From New York

55 Guests Burns And Allen

56 Lady Millicent's Husband

57 In The Spring Tra. La

58 Buck Benny Party

59 Mary's Movie

60 Jack's Movie

61 Christmas Shopping

62 Leaving For San Francisco Next Week

63 In San Francisco

64 Driving Back From San Francisco

65 Scoop Benny Ace Reporter

66 Hurricane

67 Jack Is Late

68 Robert Taylor Plays The Cello

69 Submarine D.1 Part One

70 Submarine D-1 Part Two

71 Don Wilson's Fifteenth Anniversary In Radio

72 Death In The Night Club

73 Leaving For New York

74 Guests- Fred Allen & Kate Smith

75 Returning To Hollywood

76 Yank At Oxford, A

77 At The Circus . Easter Show

78 Snow White and the Seven Gangsters

79 Beverly Hills Home Under Construction

80 Mother's Day Show

81 Murder In The Library

82 Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Part One

83 Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Part Two, The

84 Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Part Three, The

85 Artists And Models Abroad

86 Back Home In Indiana

87 Last Show Of The Season

88 Preparing for the Coming Season

89 Yellow Jack

90 Last Broadcast From the Old NBC Studio

91 Algiers

92 Jack Throws a Halloween Party

93 Crowd Roars, The

94 Jack Steals a Girl from Phil Harris

95 Too Hot To Handle

96 Flash Benny - Football Coach

97 Murder at the Movies

98 Christmas Shopping

99 Returning To Hollywood

100 Jack's Christmas Open House

101 Goodbye 1938 - Hello 1939

102 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

103 Jack's Screen Guild Theater Performance

104 Jack Tells How He Saved Fred Allen's Life

105 Jack Goes Into Training For Fight With Fred

106 Jack Challenges Fred Allen To A Boxing Match

107 Love Finds Annie Hardy

108 Carmichael The Polar Bear

109 Jesse James Part One

110 Jesse James Part Two

111 Carmichael Is Sick

112 Jack Has A Cold

113 Guest Ed Sullivan

114 April Fool's Gags

115 Four Girls In White

116 Phil Shoots The Movie 'Man About Town'

117 Guests Binnie Barns And Mark Sandrich

118 Jack's Anniversary On The Radio

119 Kentucky Derby Bet

120 Gunga Din

121 More Gunga Din

122 Alexander Graham Bell

123 Hound Of The Baskervilles Preview

124 Hound Of The Baskervilles

125 Father's Day

126 From Waukegan Illinois

127 Introducing Dennis Day

128 Dennis' Mother Interferes With The Show

129 Stanley And Livingstone

130 Masquerade Party

131 Women, The

132 Jack Has A Toothache

133 Jack Discovers He Bought An Ostrich For Than

134 Jack Goes Duck Hunting

135 Football Murder Mystery - Part One

136 Football Murder Mystery - Part Two

137 Christmas Shopping East Coast

138 Christmas Shopping West Coast

139 Christmas Open House At Jack's

140 No Date For Jack

141 Golden Boy

142 Intermezzo

143 Gladys Zybisco Discussed

144 Murder on the Bridge

146 Arriving At Yosemite

147 Skiing At Yosemite

148 Birthday Party For Jack Who's Recovering Fro

149 Gracie Allen For President

150 Mr. Benny Goes To Washington

151 Hunchback of Notre Dame w Orson Welles

152 Trailer On Pinocchio

153 Pinocchio

154 Jack Revives Buck Benny After Three Years

155 Preparing To Go To New York By Train

156 From The Ritz Theater NY

157 Buck Benny At The Paramount Theater

158 Clown Hall Tonight

159 Returns On A TWA Plane

160 Northwest Passage

161 Mr. Mortimer's Party

162 Hillbilly Feud

163 Vacation Plans

164 Father's Day

165 Jack Tells His Childhood Story

166 Phil Tries To Collect A World Series Bet

167 Jack Tries To Trade In The Maxwell

168 Hold That Line

169 Dog Catcher Of Beverly Hills

170 Jack Waits To See A Movie Director

171 Jack Is Held Up On His Way To Don's House

172 Don Is Mad and Walks Out

173 From The Ritz Hotel In New York

174 Christmas Shopping

175 Christmas Gift Exchange

176 Jack is Late with No Script

177 City Of Conquest

178 Herbert Marshall Hosts The Show

179 Sponsor Likes Herbert Marshall, The

180 Surprise Birthday Party

181 Tee Pee Hotel

182 Climb To Taquitz Falls

183 Murder At The Racquet Club

184 Palm Springs' Prices

185 Tobacco Road

186 Jack Works In His Garden

187 Quiz Kids Versus Jello Kids

188 Jack Prepares For Appearance On The Quiz Kids

189 Jack's Upset About His Appearance On The Quiz Show

190 Murder At The Movies (poor sound)

191 NBC Tribute To Jack Benny's Tenth Anniversary

192 Charley's Aunt

193 Life Of Philbert Harris, The

194 From San Diego Naval Base

195 From New York

196 Columbus Day

197 Train To LA

198 Dive Bomber

199 Halloween Celebration

200 Football Game

201 He Fumbled The Ball

202 Thanksgiving Day Dinner

203 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Part 1 of 2

204 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Part 2 of 2

205 Jack Talks About A Christmas Party He Gave

206 New Year's Eve Party At The Biltmore Bowl

207 From March Field

208 Carole Lombard's Death . Show Is Without Jack

209 Frightwig Murder Case Part 1 of 2, The

210 Frightwig Murder Case Part 2 of 2, The

211 Jack Is Upset Because Fred Allen Has Moved

212 Jack Can't Get A Date On His Birthday

213 At The San Francisco Presidio

214 Jack Starts A Campaign For An Oscar

215 From San Diego Marine Base

216 Jack Talks About Lending Fred Allen $10

217 Jack Plants A Victory Garden And Plays Golf

218 Doc Benny's Minstrel Show

219 Don's Commercial

220 At Camp Haan Part 1- Video

221 At Camp Haan Part 2 - Video

222 Try And Get It

223 Don's Play

224 Jack Hawkin's Revenge

225 Jack Imitates Fred Allen

226 Cavalcade Of Last Eight Years For Jello

227 Jack Rounds Up The Gang In The Maxwell

228 Jack Takes Two Cadets To Barbara Stanwyck's

229 Jack Gives The Maxwell For Scrap

230 Tales Of Manhattan

231 Jack And Phil Go Target Shooting

232 Twink Family - Part 1

233 Twink Family - Part 2

234 George Washington Slept Here Premiere

235 Going After Rommel

236 Liberty Ship

237 From New York

238 George Washington Slept Here

239 New Year's Eve Skit

240 Bear Hunting

241 Sixty-Four Dollar Question, The

242 Spoof On Information Please

243 Mr. Benny Goes To Washington

244 From Quantico Virginia

245 Jack Is Late For The Program

246 From Ontario Canada

247 Chicago Monument For Jack

248 Kit Carson Benny

249 Host George Burns And Gracie Allen

250 Host Orson Welles Return Of Phil Harris

251 Host Orson Welles Takes Cast To His Movie

252 Host Orson Welles Murder At Midnight

253 Jack Returns After Illness

254 Jack Opens Swimming Pool For The Season

255 Rochester's Horse Is In The Kentucky Derby

256 Renting Eddie Cantor's House

257 Rancho Benny

258 Parachute Jump

259 Jack Recalls His African Trip

260 Casablanca

261 Algiers

262 Jack Pretends He Is Going To Brazil

263 From Marine Corps Air Station At Mojave Cali

264 Lone Palm, The

265 Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey

266 Dennis Wants A Raise

267 Jack Gets A Driver's License

268 Dennis' Mother Visits

269 Jack And Mary Go Christmas Shopping

270 Christmas At Jack's House

271 Annual New Year's Eve Show

272 Jack Has A Pet Camel

273 From Camp El Toro California

274 From Camp Muroc California

275 Horns Blows At Midnight, The

276 From Terminal Island

277 From March Field

278 Guest Groucho Marx

279 Hollywood Canteen

280 From LeMoore Air Force Base

281 From Livermore Air Base

282 Dennis Dreams He Has A Radio Program

283 Repairing Jack's Sidewalk

284 Dennis Leaves For The Navy

285 Infantry

286 Split Personality

287 Life Story Of Jack Benny, The

288 Final Grape Nuts Flakes Sponsored Show

289 Your All Time Hit Parade Jack Benny

290 Jack Looks For A Replacement Singer

291 Jack Offers Frank Sinatra Dennis' Job

292 From Gardner Field Taft California

293 Guest Show

294 From Corona Naval Hospital

295 How Jack And The Gang Spent Thanksgiving Day

296 Jack Gets Mad And Goes Home

297 From San Bernardino California

298 Meeting Frank Sinatra In The Drugstore

299 Trimming A Tree

300 Jack Resolves To Be Friends w F Allen

301 Leaving For New York City

302 Mrs. Nussbaum's Restaurant

303 Ice Skating In Central Park

304 From Mitchell Field With Ann Sheridan

305 From St Albans Naval Hospital In New York

306 From Glen View AFB Illinois

307 From St Joseph Missouri

308 From Hollywood . The Train Station

309 How Jack Found Mary

310 How Jack Met Phil Harris

311 How Jack Hired Don Wilson

312 Jack Is Going To San Francisco

313 Gaslight

314 Eighty-Five Thousand Dollar Bet

315 Joe Louis Acts As Jack's Bodyguard

316 Tire Trouble

317 Jack Is Invited To The Colman's For Dinner

318 Hello Louella

319 English Butler, The

320 End Of The Contest

321 Contest Winners

322 Contest Winners Names Announced

323 From Palm Springs California

324 Palm Springs Shopping

325 Lost Weekend

326 Dennis Returns From The Navy

327 Weekend At The Acme Plaza

328 Violin Practice Interrupts Ronald Coleman's

329 Jack Is Upset Because Phil And Dennis Have Moved

330 Listening to the World Series

331 Fiddler, The

332 Mary's 'Chiss Wheeze' Sandwich Fluff

333 Jack Tries to Break Sportsmen's Contract

334 Guest Show

335 Killers, The

336 Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces For Christmas

337 Jack Exchanges Dons Gift

338 Christmas Party At Birmingham General Hospital

339 To Have and Have Not With Bogart & Bacall

340 Gracie Wants To Listen To Jack On The Radio

341 I Was Condemned

342 Margie

343 It's A Wonderful Life

344 What Happens After The Show Goes Off The Air

345 Jack's Birthday Party

346 Jack Fires The Sportsmen

347 Jack Tries To Rehire The Sportsmen

348 Jack Tries To Find Replacement For The Sport

349 Jack's New Quartet

350 Sportsmen Are Hired Back, The

351 From San Francisco with Jane Wyman

352 Jack Wants Goldwyn To Do 'The Life Of Jack B

353 Jack Fixes A Phonograph And Buys A Baseball

354 Egg And I, The

355 Colman's Ride In Jack's Car, The

356 Leaving for Chicago

357 To The Train Station For Chicago

358 From Chicago

359 From New York

360 Allen's Alley

361 Jack Is Back From Sun Valley Vacation

362 Jack Fixes Breakfast

363 Golf Match At Hillcrest Country Club

364 Seventh Hole At Hillcrest Country Club

365 Halloween Show Dark Passage - Movie Skit

366 Corner Drug Store

367 Cleaning Jack's Den

368 Movie of Jack's Life

369 Turkey Dream

370 Jack Takes Violin Lessons And Goes To The VA

371 Jack Has A Sprained Ankle

372 Last Moment Christmas Shopping

373 New Tenant

374 At the Rose Bowl

375 Going To Denver For March of Dimes Benefit

376 In Denver For March of Dimes Benefit

377 Jack And Mary See Colman's Movie

378 Jack's Birthday Party

379 From Palm Springs- California

380 Jack's Girlfriend Gladys Comes To Rehearsal

381 Jack Benny Is The Walking Man

382 Jack Is Robbed Of Ronald Colman's Oscar

383 Jack Wants To Borrow Bing's Oscar

384 From Palm Springs- California

385 Murder At The Racquet Club

386 Charlie's Aunt

387 Guest Star Frank Sinatra

388 Ronald Colman's Oscar Is Returned

389 Robert Taylor subs for Jack

390 Egg And I, The

391 I Was Framed

392 Jack Leaves For Detroit

393 From Detroit - Don's Weight Is Discussed

394 From Cleveland Palace Theater

395 From New York

396 Jack Returns To America By Ship And Hears An

397 Jack And The Gang Listen To The World Series

398 Sorry- Wrong Number

399 Jack Goes Trick Or Treating

400 Jack Hears An Echo - Sees Psychiatrist

401 Jack Tries To Reach His Advertising Agency

402 How Jack And The Gang Spent Thanksgiving

403 Professor La Blanc Gives Jack A Violin Lesson

404 Jack Tries To Relax At Home

405 Jack Buys A Wallet For Don As Christmas Gift

406 First Show For CBS

407 Lunch At The Brown Derby

408 Jack's Scrapbook

409 Don Won't Sign His Contract

410 Don Still Won't Sign His Contract

412 Jack Wants To Appear On 'Ford Theater'

413 Jack Has A Music Lesson

414 Day At The Races, A

415 After The Races

416 Mary And Van Are Late

417 Spring Cleaning

418 American Heart Association

419 Easter Parade

420 Jack Decides To Trade In The Maxwell

421 Treasure Of Sierra Madre, The

422 Jack Is Upset With The Cast

423 Mary Is Sick

424 Champion And The Setup, The

425 Cast Introduced

426 Bus Tour Introduces The Cast

427 Edward My Son

428 Guest Show

429 Jack Takes Inventory Of His Pantry

430 Jack's Memory Is Lost And Found

431 Recovering From A Cold

432 Jack Is Recovering From Nose Surgery

433 Don Wilson's Story of Twenty-Five Years in Radio

434 Jack Rides in a Yacht

435 Last Week's Mistakes

436 Jack Goes to Rehearsal

437 Jack Spends an Evening at Home Playing Cards

438 Texas Benefit

439 Mary Buys Jack A Pencil Sharpener For Christ

440 Rochester Is Shocked By An Electric Alarm Clock

441 Jack Can't Make Mary's Party And Is Stood Up

442 Murder at Romanoffs

443 How Jack And Fred Allen Met

444 I Was Betrayed

445 To New York On The Train For The Heart Fund

446 Allen's Alley Spoof with Ink Spots

447 Jack Returns On The Train To Los Angeles And

448 Fiddler, The

449 Buck Benny Rides Again

450 Sagebrush Soap Contest

451 Champion, The

452 From Palm Springs Guest Bob Hope

453 From Palm Springs Guest Al Jolson

454 Fifty Cents To A Bum

455 Jack Gets The House Painted

456 Beavers Kids Club Spoof The Benny Show

457 Mother's Day Gags

458 Back From London

459 Maxwell is Stolen, The

460 Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich and a Murder, A

461 Jack And Dinah In London

462 Jack Tries to Buy Tickets to the USC-UCLA Games

463 How Jack Found Rochester w Amos Andy

464 Murder at the Racquet Club

465 Jack Buys Don Golf Tees For Christmas

466 New Years Fantasy, A

467 Jack Goes to the Doctor for a Check-Up

468 Guest Show

469 How Palm Springs Was Founded

470 Jack Watches TV

471 Jack Goes to the Dentist

472 Jack Leaves for New York to do a TV Show

473 IRS Visits Jack, The

474 IRS Visits Jack Again, The

475 IRS Visits Jack a Third Time, The

476 From Nellis Air Force Base

477 I Was Shanghaied

478 Jack Prepares to go to New York to do his TV

479 Cast Is Dissatisfied With Their New Contract, The

480 Jack Meets Speed Rigs at the Doctor's Office

481 Cast Sings the Commercial, The

482 Back Home From Korea 1st Show of Season

483 Captain Horatio Hornblower

484 Jack Loses His Song

485 20th Anniversary Banquet AKA Jacks Life Story Told By George Jessel

486 Jack and Mary See 'Golden Girl' with Dennis'

487 Jack Buys Don Cuff Links for Christmas

488 Palm Springs Murder Mystery (AKA Quadalajara Trio Sings Jack’s Song)

489 Christmas Tree Decoration

490 Suspense

491 Jack Gets A Haircut

492 George Burns Sings Jack's Song

493 Wolfe Gilbert To Publish Jacks Song

494 To New York To Publish Jacks Song

495 Jack Dreams The New York Symphony Plays His Song

496 Guest Show

497 Fourth TV Show Of The Season

498 Trying to Lose Weight in a Steam Cabinet

499 Academy Awards, The

500 My Naval Career

501 Jack Opens His Swimming Pool

502 Jack And Mary Walk In The Easter Parade

503 All Hands On Deck

504 Bend In The River

505 Jack Fixes The Phonograph

506 Jack Takes The Beavers To The Zoo

507 Down On The Farm

508 Jack Prepares For London Trip

509 Phil's Last Show

510 Phil Harris Is Replaced By Bob Crosby

511 In Scotland Jack goes shopping with Mary

512 High Noon

513 Scoop Benny

514 Jack Catches His Nose In A Gopher Trap

515 Jack Buys Twentieth Century Fox

516 Jack Goes To The Doctor For A Vitamin Shot

517 Happy Time

518 Jack Buys A Gopher Trap For Don

519 From Veteran's Hospital Long Beach

520 Road to Bali with Bob Hope, The

521 Goes to Auction Buys Umbrella Stand

522 Bets On Our Fancy

523 Palm Springs Steak Ride

524 Beavers Impersonate Show

525 To New York Railroad Station

526 Snows Of Kilimanjaro, The

527 How Palm Springs Was Founded

528 Walk Through Beverly Hills, A

529 Missing Heir Showers with Peeled Potato

530 From San Francisco

531 From San Francisco

532 From San Francisco

533 Insurance Medical Exam

534 Back From Vacation In Hawaii

535 Return To Paradise

536 Polly Goes To The Psychiatrist

537 Leo And Jack Watch The World Series

538 Jack Tries To Sell His House

539 Wings Of The Hawk

540 Jack Buys A G String

541 Four AM Walk

542 All American

543 Preparing For TV Show

544 Jack Buys A Turkey

545 To Palm Springs Without Polly

546 Christmas Show From Palm Springs

547 Cactus Christmas Tree

548 Don Wilson's 20th Anniversary With Jack

549 Parking Ticket

550 Jack Goes To The Races

551 At Premiere With Sam Goldwyn

552 Dennis Is Told To Quit The Show By His Mother

553 Jack Turns 40

554 To NY for TV Show

555 Frank Fontaine and Giselle McKenzie

556 Returning From NY On Super Chief

557 Mean Old Man, The

558 Jack and the Beanstalk

559 Secret of the Psychiatrist

560 Jack's New Contract

561 Easter Parade

562 Séance at Jack's Home

563 Jack Loses $4 75 at Santa Anita

564 Jack Takes Beavers to Beach

565 French Restaurant, The

566 Jack's Trip to Las Vegas

567 Jack Goes to Dallas

568 Is the Show On the Air

569 Garden Of Evil

570 Polly at Psychiatrist

571 Purple Pirate, The

572 Drive-In, The

573 Jack Tries to Fire Sportsmen

574 Jack Sees A Doctor

575 Dinner At Don's House

576 Jack Sick In Bed

577 Dennis Sees A Psychiatrist

578 Christmas Shopping

579 Preparing for Palm Springs

580 Christmas At Palm Springs

581 Jack Takes Gertrude To Rose Bowl

582 Elephant's Graveyard Mystery, The

583 Jack Doesn't Have A Script

584 William Paley Bets On Our Fancy

585 Jack Misses His Surprise Birthday Party

586 Beavers Do The Show, The

587 Jack's TV Breaks While Watching Wrestling

588 Shooting Of Dan McGrew

589 Ed And The Vault

590 Easter Stroll

591 Bob Hope And Jack Double Date

592 Renting The Maxwell To A Movie Studio

593 Love Letters Jack Buys A Baseball Team

594 Friend At Union Station, A

595 Final Radio Show

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