Jean ShepherdAdmin

1: WOR

2: Obsolete People

3: March On Washington

4: Patriotism Fireworks Stories

5: Poles Pylons And Hap

6: Lost At C

7: Evils Of Drink

8: Summer Festivals And The Whoopie Instinct

9: Prom

10: First Day Of Kindergarten

11: Fake Shepherds

12: Margate Elephant

13: Inventions And Myths

14: Working On The Old Mans Car

15: Scientific Proof

16: Christmas Pipe

17: Red Ryder Nails The Cleveland Street Kid

18: Boy Scout Santa Claus

19: Monolopy Christmas Cards

20: Chester The Hatchetman

21: WOR Tribute Part 1

22: WOR Tribute Part 2

23: Function Machine

24: Historyland

25: Last Laugh

26: Pilgrims

27: Shooting Of Dan McGrew

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