Jean ShepherdAdmin


2 Obsolete People

3 March On Washington

4 Poles Pylons And Hap

5 Lost At C

6 Evils Of Drink

7 Summer Festivals And The Whoopie Instinct

8 Prom, The

9 First Day Of Kindergarten

10 Fake Shepherds

11 Margate Elephant

12 Inventions And Myths

13 Working On The Old Mans Car

14 Scientific Proof

15 Christmas Pipe

16 Red Ryder Nails The Cleveland Street Kid (Christmas Episode)

17 Boy Scout Santa Claus

18 Monolopy Christmas Cards

19 Chester The Hatchetman

20 WOR Tribute Part1

21 WOR Tribute Part2

22 Function Machine

23 Historyland

24 Last Laugh, The

25 Pilgrims

26 Shooting Of Dan McGrew, The

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