Life With LuigiAdmin

1: Luigi Discovers America

2: Luigi Finds Stolen Diamond Ring

3: Luigi Attends PTA Meeting

4: Luigi Joins the Hospital Plan

5: Broken Window

6: Paul Revere

7: Pasquale Thinks No Gift From Luigi

8: First Date With An American Girl

9: Luigi Receives Erroneous Phone Bill

10: Luigi Has A Cold

11: Luigi Needs Driver's License

12: Income Tax Problems

13: Raffle To Send Luigi To Italy

14: Luigi's First Car

15: Luigi Goes To Dance School

16: Luigi Tries To Return A Nightgown

17: Rosa Must Lose Weight

18: Luigi Gets A Big Electric Bill

19: Block Party

20: Toothache

21: Money For The Kids

22: Pasquale Takes Luigi's Xmas Money

23: New Year's Phone Call

24: Pietro Needs An Overcoat

25: Beautiful Ms Spaulding

26: Movie Date

27: Washington Radio Contest

28: Miss Spaulding's Party

29: Income Tax Season

30: Big Brothers Of America

31: Rosa Or The Park

32: Luigi Finds A Wallet

33: Traffic Light

34: Donation For Gym Equipment

35: Party Line Troubles

36: Independence Day Parade

37: Luigi Has A Fire In The Store

38: Business Trip To Buffalo

39: Luigi Sells Ice Cream

40: Luigi Is Lonely

41: Crusade For Freedom Speech

42: Trolley Transfer

43: Luigi Gives Blood

44: Spring Walk

45: April Fools Joke

46: Bosco-Pasquale Lifetime Shoelace Company

47: Mrs Spaulding Resigns

48: Date With The Librarian

49: Horse And Wagon Delivery Service

50: I Want To Be An American Day

51: Rosas Make-over For The Antique Dealers Dance

52: Luigi Becomes A Soda Jerk

53: Luigi Decides To Paint His Own Safety Zones

54: Shultz And Olson Not In Luigi's Class

55: Naming The O'Rielly's Baby Contest

56: Luigi's Block Party

57: Luigi Isn't In The Phone Book

58: Go West Young Man

59: Mama Thinks Luigi is a Millionaire

60: Luigis Dun And Bradstreet Rating

61: Luigi The Square Dance Caller

62: Trick Or Treat

63: Christmas Present For Pasquale

64: Insurance For Everything

65: Luigi Takes Rosa To The Movies

66: Rosa Attends Luigis Night Class

67: Rosa Goes To The Head Of The Class

68: High Standard Of Living

69: Homesick

70: Joins Local Civil Defense Group

71: Pasquale Threatens To Evict Luigi

72: Income Tax Problems

73: Essay Contest

74: April Fools Joke

75: Easter Day Party

76: Luigi Can't Sleep

77: Takes A Date To Antique Dealers Dance

78: Luigi Leaves For California (AFRS)

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