Life With LuigiAdmin

1 Luigi Discovers America

2 Luigi Finds Stolen Diamond Ring

3 Luigi Attends PTA Meeting

4 Luigi Joins the Hospital Plan

5 Broken Window

6 Paul Revere

7 Pasquale Thinks No Gift From Luigi

8 First Date With An American Girl

9 Luigi Receives Erroneous Phone Bill

10 Luigi Has A Cold

11 Luigi Needs Driver's License

12 Income Tax Problems

13 Raffle To Send Luigi To Italy

14 Luigi's First Car

15 Luigi Goes To Dance School

16 Luigi Tries To Return A Nightgown

17 Rosa Must Lose Weight

18 Luigi Gets A Big Electric Bill

19 Block Party

20 Toothache

21 Money For The Kids

22 Pasquale Takes Luigi's Xmas Money

23 New Year's Phone Call

24 Pietro Needs An Overcoat

25 Beautiful Ms Spaulding

26 Washington Radio Contest

27 Miss Spaulding's Party

28 Big Brothers Of America

29 Rosa Or The Park

30 Luigi Finds A Wallet

31 Traffic Light

32 Donation For Gym Equipment

33 Party Line Troubles

34 Independence Day Parade

35 Luigi Has A Fire In The Store

36 Business Trip To Buffalo

37 Luigi Sells Ice Cream

38 Luigi Is Lonely

39 Crusade For Freedom Speech

40 Trolley Transfer

41 Luigi Gives Blood

42 April Fools Joke

43 Luigi Becomes A Soda Jerk

44 Luigi Decides To Paint His Own Safety Zones

45 Joins Local Civil Defense Group

46 Pasquale Threatens To Evict Luigi

47 Income Tax Problems

48 Essay Contest

49 April Fools Joke

50 Easter Day Party

51 Luigi Can't Sleep

52 Takes A Date To Antique Dealers Dance

53 Luigi Leaves For California (AFRS)

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