Lum and AbnerAdmin

1 Lum and Abner Sell an Oil Well

2 Squire Skimp President

3 Squire Receives A Visit From Southern

4 Oil Boom Over

5 Pine Ridge Oil Boom Is Over, The

6 Operating Pine Ridge Matrimonial Bureau

7 Lum Wants to Send Out Abner's Photo

8 Matrimonial Mail

9 New Sign

10 Hortense Kelly Arrives Tomorrow

11 Don't Know Elizabeth and Pearl Arrive

12 Abner Fakes an Auto Accident

13 Abner in Bed with Two Broken Arms

14 Decide to Sell Flashlights

15 How to Distribute Flashlights

16 More Mail for Matrimonial Bureau

17 Who Should be President

18 Party Line Told About Fake Broken Arms

19 Insurance Company Pays Off

20 Looking for Burglar Clues Found

21 Lum Arrested Forced to Quit School Board

22 Dick Gets Lum Out of Jail

23 Who Leads in Election

24 Campaign Poster Sabotaged by Lum

25 Abner Hires Squire as His Campaign Manager

26 Squire to Cash Check

27 Newspaper Reports On Abner

28 Insurance Money Donated

29 Listeners to Cast Their Votes

30 Lum Wins Election

31 Jot-Em-Down Store Reopens

32 Lum and Cedric Don't Like Abner for a Boss

33 Abner Buys 10 Cases of Soap from Salesman

34 Squire Pays Abner for Rights to Sell Soap

35 Abner Wants to Trade Goods for Livestock

36 Divide Merchandise in Store

37 Dick Huddleston Tries to Reconcile Lum n Abner

38 Abner Trades Snake Hogan Groceries for Horse

39 Abner Takes Out Mortgage on Circus Animals

40 Abner's Merchandise Almost Gone

41 Circus Starts to Leave Without Paying Bill

42 Back Together

43 Citizens Using Feed to Get Into Circus

44 Hire Squire to Be Ballyhoo Man

45 Squire Starts Freak Show

46 Squire Wants Lum to Be Trapeze Artist

47 Lum Gives Up Trapeze for Elephant Act

48 Lum Thinks Circus Jobs are Too Dangerous

49 Grand Opening of Circus is Tomorrow

50 Lost Money On Circus Opening

51 Abner Buys Glasses

52 Lum and Cedric Buy Glasses

53 Circus Doing Well

54 Circus Tent Blows Down

55 Circus Moves to Belleville

56 Lum Borrows 200 Dollars

57 Dick Smashes Lum's Glasses

58 Lum Falls in Love With Zenora

59 Lum Reluctant to Tell Evalena About Leaving

60 Cash Receipts Stolen

61 Squire is Main Suspect

62 Many Suspects Lurking Around Circus Office

63 Money Disappears

64 Have Sold Circus

65 Reconcile

66 Try to Disrupt Evalena's Marriage

67 Lum Needs Ring for Evelena

68 Squire Buys Engagement Ring From Lum

69 Lum Receives Chain Letter From Denver

70 Lum Will Start Hog Chain Letter

71 Place to Keep Hogs Becomes Problem

72 Dick Informs That Letters are Illegal

73 Lum Wants to Start An Unchain Letter

74 Dick Says Chain Letter May Be OK

75 Squire Will Take Hogs to Chicago

76 Pine Ridge Should Erect a Statue to Lum n Abner

77 Lum n Abner Discuss Type of Statue Monument

78 Lum Receives Catalog From Statue Company

79 Lum Orders Statue Based On U.S. Grant

80 Squire Returns With Money From Chicago

81 Lum n Abner Discuss Story of King Midas

82 Disaster Strikes Unveiling Ceremony

83 No One Has Seen Lum All Weekend

84 Lum Returns Wants to Open a Picture Theatre

85 Discuss How To Operate A Picture Show

86 Lum Decides to Remodel Cotton Warehouse

87 Hire Grandpap To Play The Player Piano

88 Lum & Abner Argue Over Name For Their Theater

89 Picture Show Running Into Money For Lum & Abner

90 Squire Wants To Be A Partner In Theater

91 Worry About Squire Opening A Theater

92 Squire Plans For His Competing Theater

94 Dick Huddleston Helps Lum & Abner Finish

95 Lum & Abner Will Have Free Matinee On Friday

96 Squire Spreads Rumors About Matinee

97 Ladies Uplift League Boycotts Lum & Abner

98 Lum & Abner Find Out Squire's Theater Is Ill

99 Lum Can't Bring Himself To Arrest Squire

101 Squire Becomes Irate Over Warrant

102 Squire Tried in Lum's Court

103 Squire Injured In Lum & Abner's Theater

104 Lum & Abner Apologize To Squire

105 Squire Goes To See A Lawyer In Mena

106 Squire Sues Lum & Abner For Damages

107 Lum & Abner's Apology Becomes Evidence

108 Abner And Grandpa Break Into Squire's House

109 Abner Arrested For Breaking Into Squire's House

110 Lum's Lawyer

111 Lum, Abner And Squire Are Off To Court

112 Last Minute Evidence

113 Lum Decides To Become A Lawyer

114 Why Lawyer Lum Resigned

115 Lum & Abner Dissolve

116 Abner Hires Cedric To Be Clerk In Store

117 Abner Believes He Has Been Gypped

118 Lum's Theater Burns To The Ground

119 Lum Has No Insurance

120 Boss Abner Makes Lum's Life Miserable

121 Lum Quits To Go Into Business With Squire

122 Lum Isn't Sure Just What New Business Is

123 Lum & Squire Sell Shares In Silver Mine

124 Everyone In Pine Ridge Into High Society

125 Lum & Abner Discuss Rules Of Proper Etiquette

126 First Families Of Pine Ridge, The

127 They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree

128 Abner Hates Being In High Society

129 Squire And Snake Plot To Get Control Of Store

130 Abner Sells Jot'em Down Store To Snake

131 Has Abner Met With Foul Play

132 Real Reason Why Abner Disappeared

133 Abner Becomes Biggest Society Man Of All

134 Dick Is Skeptical About True Worth Of Mine

135 Who Are Dixie Belle And Mary Jane

136 Lum & Abner Tired Of Being In High Society

137 Snake Won't Sell Store Back To Lum & Abner

138 Lum & Abner Plan To Build A Rolling Grocer

139 Lum & Abner Run A Contest To Name Rolling Grocer

140 Squire Wants Interest In Rolling Store

141 How To Get Store Out Of Blacksmith's Shop

142 Abner Gets Groceries Out The Hard Way

143 Back Of Store Is Heavier Than The Front

144 Squire Goes to Arizona to Sell Silver Mine

145 Store's First Day On The Road

146 Rolling Grocery Makes Profit of 27 cents

147 End of Contest to Name Grocery Store

148 Squire Turns Control of Mine Over to Lum

149 Lum Doesn't Want To Work In Grocery Store

150 Lum Decides To Buy Trailer For Office

152 Stockholders Send Lynch Mob After Lum

153 Abner Hides Lum In Barn Loft

154 Stockholders Demand Money Back

155 Fake Kidnapping So Lum Can Be a Hero

156 Lum and Abner Blunder Way Through Kidnapping

157 Kidnapping Has Whole Town In Uproar

158 Trap Set For Kidnappers

159 Story Of Rescue

160 Story of Rescue Gets Bigger and Bigger

161 Newspaper Wants Article

162 Suggestions About The Mine

163 Stranger Looking for President of the Mine

164 Lum Arrested

165 Trying to Raise Bail

166 Selling Everything

167 Squire Must Be Found

168 Letter Intercepted

169 Helping Lum Pack

170 Warrant for Squire

171 Squire Arrested In Tulsa

172 Squire Returns, The

173 Waters Ark Renamed Pine Ridge

174 Pine Ridge Moving Picture Company

175 Lum Writing Script for War Movie

176 Squire Theatrical Agent for Everybody

177 Squire Thinks There's Oil On Abner's Land

178 Squire's Promo Make Lum and Abner Think Oil

179 Abner and Cedric Discuss Volcanoes and Earth

180 Pine Ridge Moving Picture Company Disbands

181 Squire Gives Money Back to All Investors

182 Cedric Finds Dinosaur Bone In Oil Well

183 Professor Interested In Dinosaur

184 Abner and Grandpap Try to Assemble Bones

185 Professor Arrives To Examine Skeleton

186 Cedric Sells Chances On Punch Card

187 Abner Pretends to Be Sick to Go Fishing

188 Lum Exasperated By April Fool's Jokes

189 Lum and Abner Will Reopen Their Matrimonial

190 Lum Writes Ad for Matrimonial Bureau

191 Lum and Abner Receive First Three Letters

192 Abner Shows Lum Benefit of Marriage

193 Abner Will Send Out Photos to Women

194 Abner Doesn't Tell Lum About Photos

195 Family Trouble Because of Abner

196 Birdie Collins In Love With Lum's Picture

197 Lizabeth Thinks Abner is Having Affair

198 Lum Thinks He Has Inherited a Large Estate

199 Lawyers In England Require 500 Retainer

200 Lum Sells His Half of the Store To Squire

201 Skimp's Cash Store

202 Lum's Ocean Voyage

204 Lum Will Leave for England On July 6th

205 Counting Sheep At Night

206 Squire Won't Sell Lum Groceries On Credit

207 Lum Wants Abner to Go to England

208 Lum Broadcasts From England Abner From Chicago

209 Lum In England - Abner In Chicago

210 Lum n Abner's Christmas Story

211 Lum Engaged To Bertha

212 Lum And Abner Give Jack Benny Honorary Degree

213 Lum's New Year Resolution

214 Operating A Post Office

215 Lum Escapes From Prison

216 Lum Hides Out

217 Widder Beaumont's Telegram

218 SOS Men's Association

219 Women's Association Formed

220 Women Lock Men Out Of Homes

221 Abner And Grandpap Unhappy

222 Women Want To Take Over

223 Election Will Be Held

224 Stir Up Trouble Among Women

225 Women Gang Up On Lum

226 Big Election Held

227 Bank Robbers In Pine Ridge

228 Capture Of Bank Robbers

229 Lizabeth's Fame Grows

230 Store Closes To Make Movie

232 Boys Borrow 23 From Cedric, The

233 Abner Obtains Clothes Dummy

234 Memorial Day Speech

235 Grandpap Wants to Buy Lum and Abner's Mule

236 Cedric New Marketing Director

237 Cedric's First Marketing Scheme Backfires

238 Abner Dresses the Dummy Like a Woman

239 Rabbits May Be Worth a Lot of Money

240 Operating Bank

241 Lum Buys Bank Guard Uniform

242 Strange Box Left At Bank

243 Speculating Box Contents

244 Box Contains Diamonds

245 Dealing With Stolen Jewels

246 No Word From The Widow Yet

247 Practicing Jujitsu Holds

248 Mrs Barrington's Letter

249 Wants Tin Box Back

250 Must Close the Bank

251 Lum Receives Telegram

254 Cleaning Away Bank Remnants

255 Lum Orders Book On Salesmanship

257 Trying Various New Sales Methods

258 New Methods Not Working

259 Offer for Correspondence Course Arrive

260 New Adding Machine Arrives

261 Lum's Infatuated With Miss Fredericks

262 Lum Fakes A Broken Leg

263 Squire Wants Lum To Collect Insurance

264 Trouble With Deception

265 Miss Fredrick's Dating

266 Abner Bandages Wrong Leg

267 Getting Answer From Course

268 Fake Broken Leg

269 Squire Has A Plan

270 Squire Contacts A Hindu Miracle Man

271 Hindu Miracle Man Arrives, The

272 Show to Heal Lum's Leg, A

273 Hindu Miracle Man Pretends To Heal, The

275 Prince Learns the Truth of Squire, The

276 Prince Leaves Town, The

278 Lum's Date Is Ruined Again

281 Lum Wants Lions Out Front Like

282 Skimp Buys An African Lion

283 Lum Meets A Loose Lion In The Feed Room

284 Cedric Makes the Lion His Pet

285 Lum's Afraid Of The Lion

286 Lum's Lion Escapes

287 Plan To Catch The Lion, A

288 Lum's Big Safari

289 Safari With Lum Abner and Cedric

290 Petition Of The Lion, The

291 Pinky-Winky

292 Research In The Library

293 Lum's Pine Ridge Bakery

294 Installing The Stove

295 Lum's Prune Bread

296 Loaves Is Big Business

297 Cakes For The Cake Sale

298 Locket In the Loaf

299 Snake Gets Lum's Locket

300 Squire Plans to Rescue Lum

301 Snake Threatens Lum

302 Everybody Is Mad At Lum

303 Mousey Whips Lum

304 Mousey Versus Snake

305 Mousey Becomes Killer Gray

306 Lum Boxing Promoter

307 Mousey Signs With Squire Skimp

308 Squire Cheats Lum

309 Mousey Fights Iron Ike

310 Lucky Loaf of Bread

311 Sink Or Swim

312 Lum Loses The Store

313 Big Rematch, The

314 Lum Selling Pencils

315 Lum Selling Magazines

316 Abner Hires Mousey To Help At The Store

317 Lum Is Getting Desperate

318 Abner Has Possession Of The Ownership Paper

319 Lum Decides To Break Into The Store

320 Uncle Henry Lunford Jail

321 Lum to Try Himself In Court

322 Lum Sets His Own Bail

323 Ownership Paper To Trial

324 Judge Drops Case Against Lum

325 Boys Practice Ventriloquism, The

326 Boys Are Filling Out Income Tax Forms, The

327 Cedric Gets A Wonderful World Button

329 Squire Wanting To Look Honest

330 Diogenes Has Secret Deputies Who Are They?

331 Cedric Is Suspected Of Being A Deputy

332 Abner To Write Pamphlets For Diogenes

333 Lum To Help Deliver Pamphlets

334 Abner's Caught Using Lum's Ideas

335 New Circulation Manager, The

336 Lum To Travel To Fort Smith

337 Lum Describes A Rough Trip To Fort Smith

338 Lum Air Raid Warden

339 Mousey Gray Is Made Watcher

340 Mousey Reports Strange Happenings

341 Cedric's License Plates Stolen

342 Cedric's License Plates Are Returned

343 Diogenes Leaves Town In A Hurry

344 Abner Is Appointed Herald

345 Cedric Orders A New Bicycle

346 Cedric's Sudden Wealth

347 Cedric's Lantern

348 Cedric Becomes A Partner

349 Interrogating Cedric

350 Cedric's Secret

351 Abner Gets Rich Too

352 Lum Counterfeiter Edwards

353 Worried About Jail

354 Cedric Escapes

355 Abner Arrested

356 Mousey The Detective

357 Lum's Return

358 Diogenes Leaves 10000 Dollars

359 How To Spend The Money

360 Big Premiere

361 Premiere Committee

362 Lum's Premiere Speech

363 Need For Projectionist

364 Movie The Bashful Bachelor

365 Quincy Wins

366 Legal Document

368 Mousy's Great Idea Wonderful World Apartments

369 Lum Planning New Apartments

370 Lum Designing New Apartments

371 Store On Every Floor, A

372 Cedric Living In Tent

373 Squire Knows Contractor

374 Build Apartments For Free

375 Mr Dobbs Comes To Visit

376 Apartment Deal

377 Lum Gets Check From Squire

378 Car Pooling

379 Old Folks Home

380 Seven Wonders Of The World

381 Just Like Noah

382 Doing The Books

383 Abner Has Been Sleeping On the Job

384 Lum The Author

385 Edwards And Edwards Publishing Company, The

386 Phantom Author, The

387 Reviewing Manuscripts

388 Harley Property, The

389 Buried Treasure

390 Printing Handbills

391 Ghost Outfit Or Abner's Disappearance, A

392 Thanksgiving Dinner At Abners House

393 Chester The Turkey

394 Learning to Use Transceiver

395 New VPR Radio Station

396 Making Lum Pres of VPR

397 Learn to be a Radio Announcer

398 16th Anniversary On Radio

399 16th Anniversary On Radio (Rehearsal)

400 Lum The Reporter

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