Lum and AbnerAdmin

1: Lum and Abner Sell an Oil Well

2: Squire Skimp President

3: Squire Receives A Visit From Southern

4: Oil Boom Over

5: Pine Ridge Oil Boom Is Over

6: Operating Pine Ridge Matrimonial Bureau

7: Lum Wants to Send Out Abner's Photo

8: Matrimonial Mail

9: New Sign

10: Hortense Kelly Arrives Tomorrow

11: Don't Know Elizabeth and Pearl Arrive

12: Abner Fakes an Auto Accident

13: Abner in Bed with Two Broken Arms

14: Decide to Sell Flashlights

15: How to Distribute Flashlights

16: More Mail for Matrimonial Bureau

17: Who Should be President

18: Party Line Told About Fake Broken Arms

19: Insurance Company Pays Off

20: Looking for Burglar Clues Found

21: Lum Arrested Forced to Quit School Board

22: Dick Gets Lum Out of Jail

23: Who Leads in Election

24: Campaign Poster Sabotaged by Lum

25: Abner Hires Squire as His Campaign Manager

26: Squire to Cash Check

27: Newspaper Reports On Abner

28: Insurance Money Donated

29: Listeners to Cast Their Votes

30: Lum Wins Election

31: Jot-Em-Down Store Reopens

32: Lum and Cedric Don't Like Abner for a Boss

33: Abner Buys 10 Cases of Soap from Salesman

34: Squire Pays Abner for Rights to Sell Soap

35: Abner Wants to Trade Goods for Livestock

36: Divide Merchandise in Store

37: Dick Huddleston Tries to Reconcile Lum n Abner

38: Abner Trades Snake Hogan Groceries for Horse

39: Abner Takes Out Mortgage on Circus Animals

40: Abner's Merchandise Almost Gone

41: Circus Starts to Leave Without Paying Bill

42: Back Together

43: Citizens Using Feed to Get Into Circus

44: Hire Squire to Be Ballyhoo Man

45: Squire Starts Freak Show

46: Squire Wants Lum to Be Trapeze Artist

47: Lum Gives Up Trapeze for Elephant Act

48: Lum Thinks Circus Jobs are Too Dangerous

49: Grand Opening of Circus is Tomorrow

50: Lost Money On Circus Opening

51: Abner Buys Glasses

52: Lum and Cedric Buy Glasses

53: Circus Doing Well

54: Circus Tent Blows Down

55: Circus Moves to Belleville

56: Lum Borrows 200 Dollars

57: Dick Smashes Lum's Glasses

58: Lum Falls in Love With Zenora

59: Lum Reluctant to Tell Evalena About Leaving

60: Cash Receipts Stolen

61: Squire is Main Suspect

62: Many Suspects Lurking Around Circus Office

63: Money Disappears

64: Have Sold Circus

65: Reconcile

66: Try to Disrupt Evalena's Marriage

67: Lum Needs Ring for Evelena

68: Squire Buys Engagement Ring From Lum

69: Lum Receives Chain Letter From Denver

70: Lum Will Start Hog Chain Letter

71: Place to Keep Hogs Becomes Problem

72: Dick Informs That Letters are Illegal

73: Lum Wants to Start An Unchain Letter

74: Dick Says Chain Letter May Be OK

75: Squire Will Take Hogs to Chicago

76: Pine Ridge Should Erect a Statue to Lum n Abner

77: Lum n Abner Discuss Type of Statue Monument

78: Lum Receives Catalog From Statue Company

79: Lum Orders Statue Based On U.S. Grant

80: Squire Returns With Money From Chicago

81: Lum n Abner Discuss Story of King Midas

82: Disaster Strikes Unveiling Ceremony

83: No One Has Seen Lum All Weekend

84: Lum Returns Wants to Open a Picture Theatre

85: Discuss How To Operate A Picture Show

86: Lum Decides to Remodel Cotton Warehouse

87: Hire Grandpap To Play The Player Piano

88: Lum & Abner Argue Over Name For Their Theater

89: Picture Show Running Into Money For Lum & Abner

90: Squire Wants To Be A Partner In Theater

91: Worry About Squire Opening A Theater

92: Squire Plans For His Competing Theater

93: Lum & Abner Lose All Their Hired Help To Squire Skimp

94: Dick Huddleston Helps Lum & Abner Finish

95: Lum & Abner Will Have Free Matinee On Friday

96: Squire Spreads Rumors About Matinee

97: Ladies Uplift League Boycotts Lum & Abner

98: Lum & Abner Find Out Squire's Theater Is Ill

99: Lum Can't Bring Himself To Arrest Squire

100: Grandpap And Dick Demand Squire's Arrest

101: Squire Becomes Irate Over Warrant

102: Squire Tried in Lum's Court

103: Squire Injured In Lum & Abner's Theater

104: Lum & Abner Apologize To Squire

105: Squire Goes To See A Lawyer In Mena

106: Squire Sues Lum & Abner For Damages

107: Lum & Abner's Apology Becomes Evidence

108: Abner And Grandpa Break Into Squire's House

109: Abner Arrested For Breaking Into Squire's House

110: Lum's Lawyer

111: Lum, Abner And Squire Are Off To Court

112: Last Minute Evidence

113: Lum Decides To Become A Lawyer

114: Why Lawyer Lum Resigned

115: Lum & Abner Dissolve

116: Abner Hires Cedric To Be Clerk In Store

117: Abner Believes He Has Been Gypped

118: Lum's Theater Burns To The Ground

119: Lum Has No Insurance

120: Boss Abner Makes Lum's Life Miserable

121: Lum Quits To Go Into Business With Squire

122: Lum Isn't Sure Just What New Business Is

123: Lum & Squire Sell Shares In Silver Mine

124: Everyone In Pine Ridge Into High Society

125: Lum & Abner Discuss Rules Of Proper Etiquette

126: First Families Of Pine Ridge

127: They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree

128: Abner Hates Being In High Society

129: Squire And Snake Plot To Get Control Of Store

130: Abner Sells Jot'em Down Store To Snake

131: Has Abner Met With Foul Play

132: Real Reason Why Abner Disappeared

133: Abner Becomes Biggest Society Man Of All

134: Dick Is Skeptical About True Worth Of Mine

135: Who Are Dixie Belle And Mary Jane

136: Lum & Abner Tired Of Being In High Society

137: Snake Won't Sell Store Back To Lum & Abner

138: Lum & Abner Plan To Build A Rolling Grocer

139: Lum & Abner Run A Contest To Name Rolling Grocer

140: Squire Wants Interest In Rolling Store

141: How To Get Store Out Of Blacksmith's Shop

142: Abner Gets Groceries Out The Hard Way

143: Back Of Store Is Heavier Than The Front

144: Squire Goes to Arizona to Sell Silver Mine

145: Store's First Day On The Road

146: Rolling Grocery Makes Profit of 27 Cents

147: End of Contest to Name Grocery Store

148: Squire Turns Control of Mine Over to Lum

149: Lum Doesn't Want To Work In Grocery Store

150: Lum Decides To Buy Trailer For Office

151: Lum and Abner Decide to Sell Silver Mine

152: Stockholders Send Lynch Mob After Lum

153: Abner Hides Lum In Barn Loft

154: Stockholders Demand Money Back

155: Fake Kidnapping So Lum Can Be a Hero

156: Lum and Abner Blunder Way Through Kidnapping

157: Kidnapping Has Whole Town In Uproar

158: Trap Set For Kidnappers

159: Story Of Rescue

160: Story of Rescue Gets Bigger and Bigger

161: Newspaper Wants Article

162: Suggestions About The Mine

163: Stranger Looking for President of the Mine

164: Lum Arrested

165: Trying to Raise Bail

166: Selling Everything

167: Squire Must Be Found

168: Letter Intercepted

169: Helping Lum Pack

170: Warrant for Squire

171: Squire Arrested In Tulsa

172: Squire Returns

173: Waters Ark Renamed Pine Ridge

174: Pine Ridge Moving Picture Company

175: Lum Writing Script for War Movie

176: Squire Theatrical Agent for Everybody

177: Squire Thinks There's Oil On Abner's Land

178: Squire's Promo Make Lum and Abner Think Oil

179: Abner and Cedric Discuss Volcanoes and Earth

180: Pine Ridge Moving Picture Company Disbands

181: Squire Gives Money Back to All Investors

182: Cedric Finds Dinosaur Bone In Oil Well

183: Professor Interested In Dinosaur

184: Abner and Grandpap Try to Assemble Bones

185: Professor Arrives To Examine Skeleton

186: Cedric Sells Chances On Punch Card

187: Abner Pretends to Be Sick to Go Fishing

188: Lum Exasperated By April Fool's Jokes

189: Lum and Abner Will Reopen Their Matrimonial

190: Lum Writes Ad for Matrimonial Bureau

191: Lum and Abner Receive First Three Letters

192: Abner Shows Lum Benefit of Marriage

193: Abner Will Send Out Photos to Women

194: Abner Doesn't Tell Lum About Photos

195: Family Trouble Because of Abner

196: Birdie Collins In Love With Lum's Picture

197: Lizabeth Thinks Abner is Having Affair

198: Lum Thinks He Has Inherited a Large Estate

199: Lawyers In England Require 500 Retainer

200: Lum Sells His Half of the Store To Squire

201: Skimp's Cash Store

202: Lum's Ocean Voyage

203: Lum and Abner Discuss Driving to England

204: Lum Will Leave for England On July 6th

205: Counting Sheep At Night

206: Squire Won't Sell Lum Groceries On Credit

207: Lum Wants Abner to Go to England

208: Lum Broadcasts From England Abner From Chicago

209: Lum In England - Abner In Chicago

210: Lum n Abner's Christmas Story

211: The 1938 Lum and Abner Christmas Story

212: Lum Engaged To Bertha

213: Lum And Abner Give Jack Benny Honorary Degree

214: Lum's New Year Resolution

215: Operating A Post Office

216: Lum Escapes From Prison

217: Lum Hides Out

218: Widder Beaumont's Telegram

219: SOS Men's Association

220: Women's Association Formed

221: Women Lock Men Out Of Homes

222: Abner And Grandpap Unhappy

223: Women Want To Take Over

224: Election Will Be Held

225: Stir Up Trouble Among Women

226: Women Gang Up On Lum

227: Big Election Held

228: Bank Robbers In Pine Ridge

229: Capture Of Bank Robbers

230: Lizabeth's Fame Grows

231: Store Closes To Make Movie

232: 1st for Alka Seltzer Re-Opening Store

233: Boys Borrow 23 From Cedric

234: Abner Obtains Clothes Dummy

235: Memorial Day Speech

236: Grandpap Wants to Buy Lum and Abner's Mule

237: Cedric New Marketing Director

238: Cedric's First Marketing Scheme Backfires

239: Abner Dresses the Dummy Like a Woman

240: Rabbits May Be Worth a Lot of Money

241: Operating Bank

242: Lum Buys Bank Guard Uniform

243: Strange Box Left At Bank

244: Speculating Box Contents

245: Box Contains Diamonds

246: Dealing With Stolen Jewels

247: No Word From The Widow Yet

248: Practicing Jujitsu Holds

249: Mrs Barrington's Letter

250: Wants Tin Box Back

251: Must Close the Bank

252: Lum Receives Telegram

253: Nursery In The Jot-Em-Down Store

254: Lum's Afraid He'll Go to Jail

255: Cleaning Away Bank Remnants

256: Lum Orders Book On Salesmanship

257: Modern Salesmanship Book Arrives

258: Trying Various New Sales Methods

259: New Methods Not Working

260: Offer for Correspondence Course Arrive

261: New Adding Machine Arrives

262: Lum's Infatuated With Miss Fredericks

263: Lum Fakes A Broken Leg

264: Squire Wants Lum To Collect Insurance

265: Trouble With Deception

266: Miss Fredrick's Dating

267: Abner Bandages Wrong Leg

268: Getting Answer From Course

269: Fake Broken Leg

270: Squire Has A Plan

271: Squire Contacts A Hindu Miracle Man

272: Hindu Miracle Man Arrives

273: Show to Heal Lum's Leg

274: Hindu Miracle Man Pretends To Heal

275: Squire Wants Others To Be Healed For A Price

276: Prince Learns the Truth of Squire

277: Prince Leaves Town

278: Lum Receives A Call From Miss Fredericks

279: Lum's Date Is Ruined Again

280: Want To Start A Library

281: Cedric Brings Books For The New Library

282: Lum Wants Lions Out Front Like

283: Skimp Buys An African Lion

284: Lum Meets A Loose Lion In The Feed Room

285: Cedric Makes the Lion His Pet

286: Lum's Afraid Of The Lion

287: Lum's Lion Escapes

288: Plan To Catch The Lion

289: Lum's Big Safari

290: Safari With Lum Abner and Cedric

291: Petition Of The Lion

292: Pinky-Winky

293: Research In The Library

294: Lum's Pine Ridge Bakery

295: Installing The Stove

296: Lum's Prune Bread

297: Loaves Is Big Business

298: Cakes For The Cake Sale

299: Locket In the Loaf

300: Snake Gets Lum's Locket

301: Squire Plans to Rescue Lum

302: Snake Threatens Lum

303: Everybody Is Mad At Lum

304: Mousey Whips Lum

305: Mousey Versus Snake

306: Mousey Becomes Killer Gray

307: Lum Boxing Promoter

308: Mousey Signs With Squire Skimp

309: Squire Cheats Lum

310: Mousey Fights Iron Ike

311: Lucky Loaf of Bread

312: Sink Or Swim

313: Lum Loses The Store

314: Big Rematch

315: Lum Selling Pencils

316: Lum Selling Magazines

317: Abner Hires Mousey To Help At The Store

318: Lum Is Getting Desperate

319: Abner Has Possession Of The Ownership Paper

320: Lum Decides To Break Into The Store

321: Uncle Henry Lunford Jail

322: Lum to Try Himself In Court

323: Lum Sets His Own Bail

324: Ownership Paper To Trial

325: Judge Drops Case Against Lum

326: Boys Practice Ventriloquism

327: Boys Are Filling Out Income Tax Forms

328: Cedric Gets A Wonderful World Button

329: Diogenes Smith Comes To Town

330: Squire Wanting To Look Honest

331: Diogenes Has Secret Deputies Who Are They?

332: Cedric Is Suspected Of Being A Deputy

333: Abner To Write Pamphlets For Diogenes

334: Lum To Help Deliver Pamphlets

335: Abner's Caught Using Lum's Ideas

336: New Circulation Manager

337: Lum To Travel To Fort Smith

338: Lum Describes A Rough Trip To Fort Smith

339: Lum Air Raid Warden

340: Mousey Gray Is Made Watcher

341: Mousey Reports Strange Happenings

342: Cedric's License Plates Stolen

343: Cedric's License Plates Are Returned

344: Diogenes Leaves Town In A Hurry

345: Abner Is Appointed Herald

346: Cedric Orders A New Bicycle

347: Cedric's Sudden Wealth

348: Cedric's Lantern

349: Cedric Becomes A Partner

350: Interrogating Cedric

351: Cedric's Secret

352: Abner Gets Rich Too

353: Lum Counterfeiter Edwards

354: Worried About Jail

355: Cedric Escapes

356: Abner Arrested

357: Mousey The Detective

358: Lum's Return

359: Diogenes Leaves 10,000 Dollars

360: How To Spend The Money

361: Big Premiere

362: Premiere Committee

363: Lum's Premiere Speech

364: Need For Projectionist

365: Movie The Bashful Bachelor

366: Quincy Wins

367: Legal Document

368: Statue

369: Mousy's Great Idea Wonderful World Apartments

370: Lum Planning New Apartments

371: Lum Designing New Apartments

372: Store On Every Floor

373: Cedric Living In Tent

374: Squire Knows Contractor

375: Build Apartments For Free

376: Mr Dobbs Comes To Visit

377: Apartment Deal

378: Lum Gets Check From Squire

379: Car Pooling

380: Old Folks Home

381: Seven Wonders Of The World

382: Just Like Noah

383: Doing The Books

384: Abner Has Been Sleeping On the Job

385: Lum The Author

386: Edwards And Edwards Publishing Company

387: Phantom Author

388: Reviewing Manuscripts

389: Harley Property

390: Buried Treasure

391: Printing Handbills

392: Ghost Outfit Or Abner's Disappearance

393: Last Chapter

394: Greeting Cards and the Owl Business

395: Learning to Dance

396: Party and the Fishing Trip

397: Writing Greeting Cards

398: Edwards and Mousey Gray Publishing Company

399: Getting a License

400: Try Cave Man Tactics

401: Dear Miss Beatrix

402: Cedric Beats the Pinball Machine

403: Cedric Wants To Be A Marine Corpse Officer

404: Elizabeth Is Sewing On the Train

405: Abner's Going Fishing

406: Abner and Elizabeth are Having Problems

407: Mousey's Written Report

408: Note Addressed to Abner

409: Elizabeth Is Gone

410: No Word From Elizabeth

411: Search Party

412: Watch the Baby for a Minute

413: Lum is Baby Sitting

414: Preparing the Baby for a Trip

415: Lum Dressed Like Mrs Lunford

416: Abner's House Is Robbed

417: Black Pelican

418: Mousey's Phony Report

419: Lum's War Drive Speech

420: Haunting a Ghost At Abner's

421: Who's Going to Care for the Baby

422: Drawing for the Baby's Name

423: Baby Locket

424: Box K691W Kansas City

425: Phone Call From the County Seat

426: Lum Wants to Adopt

427: Nurses for the Red Cross Army and Navy

428: Letter From Kansas

429: Assistant King Edwards

430: You Can't Argue With a King

431: Phone Call At 10pm

432: Little Orphan King Charles

433: Lum Bought a Horse

434: Mrs Guthery's Child

435: Gallon of Gold

436: President of a Gold Mine

437: WPEG Mining Company

438: Letter From PW

439: $5000 Debt

440: Entering the Big Baby Contest

441: Phone Call From the County Seat

442: Mr Finley

443: Collecting Junk for the Government

444: Letter to Mr Blair

445: Squires $500 Joke Backfires

446: Remembering Little Charlie

447: 30 Second Cot

448: Mouseys Travel Agency

449: Back to Nature

450: 5 Dollars to New York

451: Abner Learns About War Bonds

452: Hooker Telescope

453: Free Haircuts

454: Mousey Wants to Be a School Teacher

455: Lum Wants to Resign

456: Waiting for the New School Teacher

457: Is Sloan a He or She

458: Lum Had Date With Sloan

459: Lum Explains V for Victory

460: Professor Sloan

461: Getting Sloan and Widder Together

462: Letter for Cedrick

463: Cedric and the Intelligence Test

464: Talking About Astronomy

465: Planning a Hike

466: Abners Half of the Money

467: Learnin Abner bout Astronomy

468: Cedric to Get Telescope

469: Mother of Invention

470: Visiting the Recovering Professor

471: School Teacher Lum

472: Bidding On the Old Bufford Place

473: Buying the Property From Squire Skimp

474: Cleaning Up the Old Bufford Place

475: Two and One Half Pounds of Meat

476: Abner Wants To Build A Rocket

477: Gussie Joins the Military

478: Wheels for the Rocket

479: Manager Squire Skimp

480: Buying Stock In Their Corporation

481: Preparing for the Crowd On Mars

482: Instruments for the Trip

483: Lum and Abner Enforce Meat Rationing

484: Cedric, Abner and Feathers or Ghosts

485: Planning the Launching Ceremony

486: Squire Wants to Resign

487: Launching Day Activities

488: Horse of a Different Color

489: Abner Is Scared to Go

490: Blast Off Day

491: Why Squire Was Arrested

492: Biggest Chump

493: Writing the Magazine Article

494: Look At Old Photos

495: Lum Deposits The Article Money

496: Mousey Has Been Drafted

497: Exercise for Mousey

498: Planning a Surprise Party for Mousey

499: Mousey's Going Away Party

500: Pine Ridge Golden Arrow Discussion

501: Golden Arrows First Meeting

502: Gomer Cedrick and Clarabelle

503: Cedric's Mystery Fiancee

504: Cedric Is Crazy

505: Golden Arrow Clubs Second Meeting

506: Who Is "W"

507: Cedric is Kidnapped

508: Letter From Mousey

509: Philosophy

510: Cedric's Being Sued

511: Cedric's Trial Begins

512: Discussing the Mona Lisa

513: Charlie Redfield Witness for the Defense

514: Disruptions In Court

515: Planning Cedric's Defense

516: Discussing Architecture

517: Winnefred Redfields Testimony

518: Cedrics Trial Ends

519: Cedric Wins Double Grand Prize At Pinball

520: Discussing Sir Issac Newton

521: Old Traders Fever

522: Poem About a Coo Coo Bird

523: History of the Jot 'Em Down Store

524: Everybody Is Leaving Pine Ridge

525: New Business to Save Pine Ridge

526: Patty Cake Patty Cake

527: Grandpaps New Career

528: War Stamps

529: Accidentally Making Synthetic Rubber

530: Synthetic Rubber

531: Four Halves of a Rubber Company

532: Pine Ridge Rubber Company

533: Absolute Secret

534: Grandpap and Amnesia

535: Buster V Davenport of Toledo Ohio

536: Buster Sells Vacuum Cleaners

537: Eight Used Vacuum Cleaners

538: Trying to Recall the Formula

539: Lum Has Amnesia

540: Checkers to Cure Amnesia

541: Pine Ridge is Saved

542: Pipe for Grandpap

543: Who Steals My Purse

544: Unfilled War Stamp Books

545: Honest Lum Whitley Edwards

546: How to Give a Party

547: Who Will Adopt Grandpap

548: Grandpaps An Income Tax Exemption

549: How to Dress for a Society Party

550: GED Club Learns About Etiquette

551: Cedric Has Been Promoted At Work

552: Grandpap Is Collecting for the Red Cross

553: Grandpap Doesn't Show Up At His Party

554: Grandpap Is Leaving Town

555: Pine Ridge Needs A New Dentist

556: Dr Snide the Dentist Is Coming

557: Dr Snide Visits Pine Ridge

558: Grandpap's Teeth

559: Dr Snide Is Coming to Stay

560: Mousy Grey Is Home On Military Leave

561: Calling Dr Edwards

562: Dr Snide Guest Speaker

563: Dentists Costs

564: Dr Snides Not Doing Much Dental Work

565: Must Arrest Dr Snide

566: Some Legal Honest Loopholes

567: Lum's On Probation

568: Grandpaps Back From Toledo

569: Barbara Stanwick Visits Pine Ridge

570: Remembering Milford A Spears

571: Buster Is Out to Get Grandpappy Spear

572: Date for Grandpappy Spears

573: Carpooling to Save Gas

574: Charity Spears

575: Buster Courting Charity

576: Black Market Meat

577: How to Propose Marriage

578: Grandpap and Charitys Second Wedding

579: Grandpap Has His Memory Back

580: Pine Ridge Rubber Company Resumed

581: Substance 4765 Isnt Synthetic Rubber

582: Chairman of the Savings Staff

583: Business Mans Luncheon

584: Play About Inflation

585: Searching for Talent

586: Setting Up a Town Meeting

587: Fortune Teller Fails to Show Up

588: Abner the Mystic

589: Predictions Start Trouble

590: Trying to Get Out of Dinner

591: Town Learns of Lums Troubles

592: Elections Going Great

593: Lum Thinks the Contest Might Be a Good Idea

594: Womens Relatives Arrive

595: Relatives Camp Out In the Vacant Lot

596: Fictional Woman Is Suggested

597: Creating Information About the Mystery Woman

598: Psychology Backfires

599: Real Mabel Melrose Arrives

600: Mabel Wants to Claim Her Prize Lum

601: Mabel Will Leave Town for 1000 Dollars

602: Lum Falls In Love With Mabel

603: MabelIs a Painter From Little Rock

604: Cleaning Out Abners Attic

605: Lifes Difficult Having With An Artist

606: To Have An Art Exhibit

607: Lum Has A Little Trouble Painting

608: Painting A War Bond Poster

609: Tries to Get Lum to Propose

610: Preparations For The Art Exhibit

611: Instructions for The Art Exhibit

612: Grandpap Presides Over the Auction

613: Lums Disgusted With Surrealist Art

614: Helping Lum and Mabel Go Bird Watching

615: Studying Correct Grammar

616: Lum Tries to Propose to Mabel

617: Mousey Returns From the War

618: Mousey's Adventures

619: Mousey Reads From His Secret Diary

620: Mousey's Injury

621: Miss Melrose Moves Out

622: Telegrams

623: C Man

624: Abner's Problem

625: Weekly Meeting

626: Old Blue Wont Be Drafted

627: Little Ellie Conners Hides In Store

628: Not Telling the Police About Ellie

629: How to Disguise Ellie

630: Ellie Will Live With Lum's Aunt

631: Ellie Poses As Lums Niece Mary

632: Everyones Convinced That Ellie Is Mary

633: Cedric Tries to Entertain Mary

634: Who Will Be Marys Guardian

635: Lum Leaves for Reformatory

636: GED Club Scientific Discussion

637: Tries to Cure Cedrics Insomnia

638: Suspicious of Mary

639: Marys Romantic Problems

640: Lum Returns

641: Mary Is Trailed all Over Town

642: Poison Oak

643: Cedric is Fined

644: Uncle Henry is Now in a Wheelchair

645: Stealing the Kettle

646: Cedric is Quarantined

647: Cedric Escapes

648: Nurse Forces Games

649: Abner Tells a Story

650: Getting Rid of Uncle Henry

651: Trying to Stop Uncle Henry's Report

652: Impersonates Conscience

653: Changing Uncle Henry's Mind

654: Mary Belongs to Lum and Abner

655: Discusses Modern Conveniences

656: Lum Seeks Re-Election

657: Caleb Casts the Deciding Vote

658: Election

659: Dividing Up the Store

660: Cedric In High School

661: Cedric the Fixer

662: Studies

663: Bootstraps

664: Et Tu Brutus

665: Professor Lum

666: Suicide Note

667: Lum Disappears

668: Dividing Up the Property

669: Return From the Dead

670: Lum Wants to Go Home

671: Ghosts

672: Movie Theater

673: Bad Business

674: Moving Picture Machine

675: Cedric Follows Directions

676: Player Piano

677: Free Passes

678: Who Will Run the Projector

679: Long Underware

680: New Man With the Company

681: Competitors

682: Vultures Revenge

683: Talk With Mary

684: Projector Lessons

685: Name for the Theater

686: Third Partner

687: Figuratively Speaking

688: Hired Away

689: Contract Renegotiations

690: Working Away

691: When to Open

692: Ladys Uplift League

693: Protesting the Movie

694: Disappointing Turnout

695: Loophole Ordinance

696: Legal Matters

697: Note

698: Cedric's Car

699: Steal the Note

700: Kleptomaniac

701: Watch What You Sign

702: Lawyers Visit

703: Forget Your Mistakes

704: X Ray Pictures

705: Trial

706: Lum is Gone

707: Grandpap is Arrested

708: Trial Resumed

709: Explanation

710: Legal Advisor

711: Lum and Thanksgiving Dinner

712: 1944 Christmas Story

713: Mysterious Box Left

714: Newspaper Clipping

715: Lum and Abner Open Box

716: More On the Box

717: Assembling Robert the Robot

718: Just Who Is Crazy

719: Squire Skip Out of Town

720: Settle Out of Court

721: Abner Heckles Lum

722: Lum Found Out Whole Story

723: What Detective Lum Found

724: Converting To Department Store

725: Issue Shares Of Stock

726: Locked In Jail Cell

727: Football Team Coach

728: Pine Ridge Possums

729: Football Team Needs New Equipment

730: Pine Ridge Loses to Oden

731: Sergeant Hartford Coming to Work

732: Thanksgiving Dinner At Abner's House

733: Women Welcome Men Back

734: Dr Roller Pest Controller

735: Trick Dr With Dead Mouse

736: Sell Antiques for Repairs

737: Lum Wrecks Car

738: Lum Buys 5 Cases of Hats

739: Womens Hats Unassembled

740: Rehearsing Lum's Play

741: Lum to Sabotage Rehearsal

742: Operate Mountain View Inn

743: Lum Decides to Become a Piano Tuner

744: Lum Can Get a New Piano On 30 Day Approval

745: Grandpap Tells a Story About a Talking Dog

746: Lum Destroys the Church Piano While Tuning

747: Abner Gets Laryngitis

748: Stove for Restaurant

749: Abner Still Has Laryngitis

750: Phone Call to Get Icebox

751: Chester The Turkey

752: First Busload of Passengers

753: Advertise the Restaurant

754: Singing Commercials

755: Wants Duncan Hines to Visit

756: Lum is Furious at Abner

757: Practice Hash House Lingo

758: Lum Will Prepare Roast Duck

759: Mr Hines Will Arrive Monday

760: Duncan Hines Arrives

761: Hines Likes Hamburgers

762: How to Make Hamburgers

763: Abner Asks for a Raise

764: New Bloodhound

765: Learning to Use Transceiver

766: New VPR Radio Station

767: Making Lum Pres of VPR

768: Learn to be a Radio Announcer

769: 16th Anniversary On Radio

770: 16th Anniversary On Radio (Rehearsal)

771: Everyone Sells Same Hour

772: Love Comes to Gilbert the Boy Trapper

773: VPR Information Show

774: Court of Human Beings

775: VPRs Ratings

776: Queen for a Hour

777: Lum to Arrange Romance

778: Two Weeks to Claim Prize

779: Wants Wedding Tommorrow

780: Cedric Marries Widder

781: Is Wedding Legal

782: Keep Lawyer from Widder

783: Try New Act for Radio

784: Surprise Party for Lum and Abner

785: Trouble Paying Their Back Taxes

786: Mind Reader

787: Lum Fakes a Broken Leg

788: Substitute Postmaster

789: Lum Becomes a Rodeo Cowboy

790: Advice

791: Rowena Has Thanksgiving With Lum

792: Inheritance

793: Trip to the Hospital

794: Lums Elopement

795: 1948 Christmas Show

796: Exchanging a Paperweight

797: Lum Opens a Collection Agency

798: Abandoned Baby

799: Lum The Reporter

800: Checker Board

801: Lum's New Insurance Company

802: Pine Ridge Meeting

803: Readers Digest Manuscript

804: Lum and Abner Try to Buy Property to Relocate

805: Lum Wants to Sell His Interest in the Store

806: Lum Needs an Author for a Literary Club Meet

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