Mel Blanc ShowAdmin

1 Birthday Card Promotion

2 The Efficiency Expert

3 Mel's Putty Cake

4 Mr. Colby's Water Heater

5 Mel And The Muscle Meter

6 Fishing Rod, The

7 Postman's Ball

8 Betty Rhodes Visits the Shop

9 Community Chest Fund Drive

10 Mel Breaks The New Radio

11 Mel the Babysitter

12 Mr. Colby Wants To Sell The Store

13 Mel's Thanksgiving Dinner

14 Mel and Betty Elope

15 Betty's Christmas Present

16 Christmas Shopping with Betty

17 Mel Plays Santa Claus

18 Zebra Of The Year

19 Broken Prize Record Of Caruso, The

20 Rich Foreign Relatives

21 Masquerade Costume, The

22 Man To Marry Betty, The

23 Fix-It Shop Is Sold, The

24 Case Of The Missing Slice Of Bread, The

25 Vaudeville Team, The

26 Stuffed Pheasant, The

27 Mel Sells Mr Colby's Valuable Painting

28 Mel Is Engaged To Two Women

29 Miss Uga Uga Boo Beauty Contest

30 April Fools

31 Hundred Dollar Easter Egg, The

32 Crashing Mr. Colby's Party

33 Mel The Literary Expert

34 Mel Plays James Mason

36 Supermarket Journal Editor

37 Mel and Betty Trial Separation

38 Zookie Paints The Supermarket

39 Summer Cottage By The Sea, A

40 Chinese Philosopher, The

41 Show At The Market

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