Mel Blanc ShowAdmin

1: Birthday Card Promotion
2: Efficiency Expert
3: Mel's Putty Cake
4: Mr. Colby's Water Heater
5: Mel And The Muscle Meter
6: Fishing Rod
7: Postman's Ball
8: Betty Rhodes Visits the Shop
9: Community Chest Fund Drive
10: Mel Breaks The New Radio
11: Mel the Babysitter
12: Mr. Colby Wants To Sell The Store
13: Mel's Thanksgiving Dinner
14: Mel and Betty Elope
15: Betty's Christmas Present
16: Christmas Shopping with Betty
17: Mel Plays Santa Claus
18: Zebra Of The Year
19: Broken Prize Record Of Caruso
20: Rich Foreign Relatives
21: Masquerade Costume
22: Man To Marry Betty
23: Fix-It Shop Is Sold
24: Case Of The Missing Slice Of Bread
25: Vaudeville Team
26: Stuffed Pheasant
27: Mel Sells Mr Colby's Valuable Painting
28: Mel Is Engaged To Two Women
29: Miss Uga Uga Boo Beauty Contest
30: April Fools
31: Hundred Dollar Easter Egg
32: Crashing Mr. Colby's Party
33: Mel The Literary Expert
34: Mel Plays James Mason
35: Mel Buys Phony Oil Stock
36: Supermarket Journal Editor
37: Mel and Betty Trial Separation
38: Zookie Paints The Supermarket
39: Summer Cottage By The Sea
40: Chinese Philosopher
41: Show At The Market

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