Misadventures of Si and ElmerAdmin

1: S1.01 Snoop Sneak Grads Rcv Detective Equipment
2: S1.03 Elmer Revives Si. Si Locked Alone In Vault
3: S1.05 Five Minute Threat
4: S1.06 Now Just Try To Picture In Your Mind
5: S1.07 Diner Of Chicago Ltd Train
6: S1.08 Elmer Is A White Man With Burnt Coal
7: S1.09 Run Into Station. In Pjs
8: S1.10 On Wrong Train. So Is Thief
9: S1.11 Guys Invited To Speak At The Tigers Club
10: S1.12 Guys Wait As Sheriff Delivers Elmers Speech
11: S1.13 Elmer Humiliated Over Speech Used
12: S1.14 Finale Si Threatens To Quit The Company
13: S1.02 Si Faints At Site Of Dead Body
14: S1.04 Bank Mgr Lets Si Out. Leave In 5 Mins Or Else
15: S2.01 Discussion At Snoop Sneak Detagency
16: S2.03 Two Mile Walk Down The Track
17: S2.04 Punkinville Detectives On The Spot
18: S2.05 Patrick Ohoullan Talks To Boys
19: S2.06 Flashlight.moving Pix Camera
20: S2.07 Flashlight Gone. Don Joses Ranch
21: S2.08 Six Men Gone In Six Nights
22: S2.09 Train Coming At The Hand Car
23: S2.10 Cant Have A Mystery Without A Clue
24: S2.11 Four Photos Not Good Quality
25: S2.12 Some Real Evidence At Scene Of Crime
26: S2.13 Si Elmer Sherriff Working Together
27: S2.14 Hank And Se In High Grass
28: S2.16 Am At Sherriffs Home W Photos Going By Plane
29: S2.17 Mystery Nearing End
30: S2.18 Finale Myst Of Midnight Train Solved
31: S2.02 Boys On The Train
32: S2.15 Hand Car A Challenge For Si To Use
33: S3.01 Se Have Proven To Be Pretty Fair Detec
34: S3.02 Gingerbread Cookies For Baby
35: S3.03 Will Widder Snoddgrass Help Se
36: S3.05 Si Ate A Dog Biscuit
37: S3.06 No-one In Town Missing A Baby
38: S3.08 Elmer Builds New Contraption
39: S3.09 Finale The Lost Baby Stray Puppy
40: S3.04 Si Believes The Widow Snodgrass Likes Him Alot
41: S3.07 Si Checks Newspaper