Vic & SadeAdmin

1 Flower Garden Biznes

2 Bacon Sandwiches

3 Demise of Bernice

4 Five Men From Maine

5 Callin' Long Distance

6 Landlady's Washrag Collection

7 Thimble Club Plans Visits

8 Essay On Birds

9 Watch Fob Collection

10 Phone Call Interrupt

11 B B Baugh

12 Christmas Present

13 Garbage Wagon Pass

14 Vic to Visit Sweet Est

15 Clean Out Bookcase

16 Missouri Home for the Tall

17 History of Plant

18 Wedding Guest List

19 Sade Owed Money

20 Muted Silver Moonbeam

21 Fancy Box

22 Sade's Thimble Club

23 Vic's Office Work at Home

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