Vic & SadeAdmin

1: Official Host
2: Flower Garden Biznes
3: Mr Ericksons House Repairs
4: Rush Draws List of Acquaintances
5: Rotten Davis Phones
6: Sades New Luggage
7: Overnight Guests
8: Grandpa Snyder Christmas Cards
9: Y Y Flirch Tries to Phone Vic
10: Porch Collapses Rotten Takes Blame
11: Two Tons of Coal #1
12: Rush Mad Preselected School Clothes
13: Vics Geographical Trip
14: Office Invoices Magnifying Glass
15: Sade Provides Names of Wildflowers
16: Mr Gumpox Offers Sade A Stall
17: Double Feature in Hopewood
18: Charlie Razorscums Fish Picture
19: No Painted Portrait of Big Dipper
20: Boys Copy Numbers Sade Tells Gossip
21: Vegetable Garden
22: Gumpox Versus Donahue
23: R J Konks Improved Portrait
24: Y Y Flirch Best Looking Man
25: Mr. Donahue Gets Promotion
26: High School Gossip
27: Bess Letter Grocery List on Top
28: Smelly Clarks Big Date
29: Vic Fakes the Cornet
30: No Vic No Trip to Chicago
31: Rush Must Make a Call on a Girl
32: Vics Heart-shaped Face
33: Nicer to Sleep Over for Two Weeks
34: Miltons Dirt in Fruit Jars
35: Engine Cab Ride to Chicago
36: Working Out Hanks Indebtedness
37: Vics Picture Totally Mislabeled
38: Miz Scott Getting Too Chummy
39: Nicer the Goader
40: Teaching Cigar Smoking to Chinbunny
41: Freedom Last Day of School
42: Mr Sludge to Sleep Overnight at Gooks
43: June Christmas Card Pressure
44: Vic's Wide Brimmed Hat
45: Hanks Job Royal Throne Barbershop
46: Mr Gumpox Blows Kisses
47: Ruthie Has Secrets
48: Short Bio of Little Dipper
49: Mr Donahue Asks for Demotion
50: Sade Shows Razorscum Album
51: Bacon Sandwiches
52: Mr Sludge Grows A Moustache
53: Hot Soup
54: Shake Hands With R J Konk
55: Man Caught in Revolving Door
56: Demise of Bernice
57: Five Men From Maine
58: Callin' Long Distance
59: Easy Chair
60: Uncle Fletcher the Protector
61: Vic Gets Gift Wrap Again
62: Dont Help Dust Uncle Fletcher
63: Bright Kentucky Hotel Speaker
64: Landlady's Washrag Collection
65: Thimble Club Plans Visits
66: Watch Fob Collection
67: Phone Call Interrupt
68: B B Baugh
69: Christmas Present
70: Garbage Wagon Pass
71: Vic to Visit Sweet Est
72: Essay On Birds
73: Clean Out Bookcase
74: Missouri Home for the Tall
75: History of Plant
76: Wedding Guest List
77: Sade Owed Money
78: Muted Silver Moonbeam
79: Fancy Box
80: Sade's Thimble Club
81: Vic's Office Work at Home

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