5 Minute MysteryAdmin
1 Alec Kills Martha On Lake

2 Alice Killed

3 Chicago To Denver

4 The Chloroform Murder

5 Daughter Murders Father

6 Dead Men Do Tell

7 Death On A Train

8 Diamond Smuggling

9 Dr Brown's Poisoned Wife

10 Dr Martin Kills Campbell

11 Ep001 My Pal Patsy

12 Ep002 Death Calls At Dinner

13 Ep003 The Blood Brothers

14 Ep004 The Best Laid Plans

15 Ep005 Three Scarlet Letters

16 Ep006 A Murder In Diamond Row

17 Ep007 No Leg To Stand On

18 Ep008 The Missing Ruby

19 Ep009 The Command Performance

20 Ep010 Death In A Turkish Bath

21 Ep011 The Book Case

22 Ep012 The Case Of Oversight

23 Ep030 Clue Of The Drinking Dog

24 Ep043 The Radium Murder Case

25 Ep044 Methodical To A Fault

26 Ep045 The Squealing Gearshift

27 Ep046 Announcer's Delight

28 Ep047 The Carnival Murder

29 Ep048 The Man In Back Seat

30 Ep049 The Return Of Mr Lawrence

31 Ep050 The Collector's Item

32 Ep051 The Broken Wheel

33 Ep052 The Misfit Clue

34 Ep053 Murder Sounds The Alarm

35 Ep054 The Marks Of Death

36 Ep061 Blood Will Tell

37 Ep064 The Masquerade

38 Ep065 The Weapon

39 Ep066 The Needle

40 Ep067 The Scientific Clue

41 Ep068 The Zombie

42 Ep069 Snap Judgement

43 Ep103 The Too Early Bird

44 Ep104 The Fine Art Of Murder

45 Ep105 Murder If You Please

46 Ep106 Murder In Blue

47 Ep107 The Spitting Revolver

48 Ep108 Blood On My Hands

49 Ep109 The Broken Window

50 Ep110 The Alibi In Red

51 Ep111 A Murder In Cairo

52 Ep112 Licence For Murder

53 Ep113 The Postman Didn't Ring

54 Ep114 A Clue In The Hand

55 Ep121 Death At X Bar

56 Ep122 A Study In Ornothology

57 Ep123 A Pattern Of Guilt

58 Ep124 The Fisherman's Clue

59 Ep125 Trial By Fire

60 Ep126 Murder Under A Tent

61 Ep185 Locale Tibet

62 Ep196 Murder At The Mountain Lodge

63 Ep238 Ebb Tide For Murder

64 Fiance Murder Case

65 The Forsythe Case

66 The Forsythe Case

67 Gas Station Shooting

68 Hammond Killed

69 Horse Stable Murder

70 Jules Buck Murder

71 Larson Kills Girlfriend

72 Lord Duncan Murdered

73 Machinery Factory Murder

74 Man Dies In Cave

75 Mans Father Hit By Car

76 Mary Murdered by Brother

77 Mr Daily's Fake Robbery

78 Mrs Brown Poisons Husband

79 Mrs Sheppard Murder

80 The Murder Of Roger Hammond

81 Murdered Wife In A Box

82 Plane Crash Death

83 Principal Bludgeoned

84 Prison Murder

85 Prize Diamond Stolen

86 Radio Station Murder

87 Rawlings Is Dead

88 Richard Drowned

89 Rocky Marino Evidence

90 Rocky Stebbins Alibi

91 Sapphire Theft

92 Episode Unknown A Saucer Of Loneliness

93 The Scorpion Recording

94 Stabbing Murder

95 Thomas Murders Partner

96 Wife Poisons Husband At Party

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