5 Minute MysteryAdmin

1: Alec Kills Martha On Lake
2: Alice Killed
3: Chicago To Denver
4: Daughter Murders Father
5: Dead Men Do Tell
6: Death On A Train
7: Diamond Smuggling
8: Dr Browns Poisioned Wife
9: Dr Martin Kills Campbell
10: Ep001 My Pal Patsy
11: Ep002 Death Calls At Dinner
12: Ep003 The Blood Brothers
13: Ep004 The Best Laid Plans
14: Ep005 Three Scarlet Letters
15: Ep006 A Murder In Diamond Row
16: Ep007 No Leg To Stand On
17: Ep008 The Missing Ruby
18: Ep009 The Command Performance
19: Ep010 Death In A Turkish Bath
20: Ep011 The Book Case
21: Ep012 The Case Of Oversight
22: Ep030 Clue Of The Drinking Dog
23: Ep043 The Radium Murder Case
24: Ep044 Methodical To A Fault
25: Ep045 The Squealing Gearshift
26: Ep046 Announcers Delight
27: Ep047 The Carnival Murder
28: Ep048 The Man In Back Seat
29: Ep049 The Return Of Mr Lawrence
30: Ep050 The Collectors Item
31: Ep051 The Broken Wheel
32: Ep052 The Misfit Clue
33: Ep053 Murder Sounds The Alarm
34: Ep054 The Marks Of Death
35: Ep061 Blood Will Tell
36: Ep064 The Masquerade
37: Ep065 The Weapon
38: Ep066 The Needle
39: Ep067 The Scientific Clue
40: Ep068 The Zombie
41: Ep069 Snap Judgement
42: Ep103 The Too Early Bird
43: Ep104 The Fine Art Of Murder
44: Ep105 Murder If You Please
45: Ep106 Murder In Blue
46: Ep107 The Spitting Revolver
47: Ep108 Blood On My Hands
48: Ep109 The Broken Window
49: Ep110 The Alibi In Red
50: Ep111 A Murder In Cairo
51: Ep112 Licence For Murder
52: Ep113 The Postman Didn't Ring
53: Ep114 A Clue In The Hand
54: Ep121 Death At X Bar
55: Ep122 A Study In Ornothology
56: Ep123 A Pattern Of Guilt
57: Ep124 The Fishermans Clue
58: Ep125 Trial By Fire
59: Ep126 Murder Under A Tent
60: Ep185 Locale Tibet
61: Ep196 Murder At The Mountain Lodge
62: Ep238 Ebb Tide For Murder
63: Fiance Murder Case
64: The Forsythe Case
65: The Forsythe Case
66: Gas Station Shooting
67: Hammond Killed
68: Horse Stable Murder
69: Jules Buck Murder
70: Larson Kills Girlfriend
71: Lord Duncan Murdered
72: Machinery Factory Murder
73: Man Dies In Cave
74: Mans Father Hit By Car
75: Mary Murdered by Brother
76: Mr Dailys Fake Robbery
77: Mrs Brown Poisons Husband
78: Mrs Sheppard Murder
79: The Murder Of Roger Hammond
80: Murdered Wife In A Box
81: Plane Crash Death
82: Principal Bludgeoned
83: Prison Murder
84: Prize Diamond Stolen
85: Radio Station Murder
86: Rawlings Is Dead
87: Richard Drowned
88: Rocky Marino Evidence
89: Rocky Stebbins Alibi
90: Sapphire Theft
91: Episode Unknown A Saucer Of Loneliness
92: The Scorpion Recording
93: Stabbing Murder
94: Thomas Murders Partner
95: Wife Poisons Husband At Party

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