Adventures Of Nero WolfeAdmin
1 Shakespeare Portfolio

2 Stamped For Murder

3 Care Worn Cuff, The

4 Dear Dead Lady, The

5 Careless Cleaner, The

6 Beautiful Archer, The

7 Brave Rabbit, The

8 Impolite Corpse, The

9 Girl Who Cried Wolfe, The

10 Slaughtered Santas, The

11 Bashful Body, The

12 Deadly Sellout, The

13 Killer Cards

14 Calculated Risk, The

15 Phantom Fingers, The

16 Vanishing Shells, The

17 Party For Death

18 Malevolent Medic The

19 Hasty Will, The

20 Disappearing Diamonds

21 Case of the Midnight Ride

22 Final Page, The

23 Tell Tale Ribbon, The

24 Slight Case Of Perjury, A

25 Lost Heir The

26 Room 304

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