1 High Tide Murder

2 Mystery of the Giant Brain

3 Rendezvous with Murder

4 Eyes of Shiva, The

5 Coins of Death, The

6 Mystery of Dead Man's Rock

7 Tunnel of Disaster

8 Crypt of Thoth, The

9 Melody of Murder

10 Fiery Death

11 Ghost Murder

12 Blue Pearls, The

13 Wingate Heirs

14 Thoroughbred Murders

15 Department of Death

16 Keys of the City

17 Death in Mid-Air

18 Hooded Circle, The

19 Death Rings the Bell

20 Subway Ghost, The

21 Cradle of Doom, The

22 Death Meets the Ghost

23 Murder Hits the Jackpot

24 Diploma of Death

25 Shot in the Dark

26 Death Counts to Ten

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