1: High Tide Murder
2: Mystery of the Giant Brain
3: Rendezvous with Murder
4: Eyes of Shiva
5: Coins of Death
6: Mystery of Dead Man's Rock
7: Tunnel of Disaster
8: Crypt of Thoth
9: Melody of Murder
10: Fiery Death
11: Ghost Murder
12: Blue Pearls
13: Wingate Heirs
14: Thoroughbred Murders
15: Department of Death
16: Keys of the City
17: Death in Mid-Air
18: Hooded Circle
19: Death Rings the Bell
20: Subway Ghost
21: Cradle of Doom
22: Death Meets the Ghost
23: Murder Hits the Jackpot
24: Diploma of Death
25: Shot in the Dark
26: Death Counts to Ten

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