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1 The Ghost that Trapped a Killer

2 The Reluctant Buzzsaw

3 Emerald in the Fishbowl, The

4 Maharaja's Gold

5 Educated Dummy

6 Riddle of the Talking Skull

7 Whispering Buddha

8 Organ Murder

9 Ghost That Wasn't

10 Icy Touch, The

11 Underwater Death

12 Coins of Confucius

13 Murder on Stage

14 Midway Robberies

15 Frozen Lady

16 Hooded Rider

17 Phantom Intermezzo

18 Vanishing Pearls

19 Curse of The Yogi

20 Coins Of Cleopatra

21 Hand Of Calgliostro

22 Message From Nowhere

23 Riddle Of The Red Rose

24 Aztec Fire God

25 Missing Palmist
26 Ladder Of Wealth

27 Locked Book

28 Deathless Shot

29 Riddle Of The Other Eight Ball, The

30 Cailini Statue, The

31 Curse Of Kali, The

32 Footsteps In The Night (aka Riding Boots)

33 Voodoo Treasure, The

34 Four Keys To Crime

35 Knife From The Dark, The

36 Death In The Crystal

37 Hindu Sword Cabinet

38 Face Of Death

39 Voice From The Void

40 Bird Of Doom

41 Phantom Detective

42 Riddle Of The Seven Zombies

43 Crime In The Stars

44 Devil's Cauldron

45 Ghost In The Crypt

46 Accusing Corpse

47 Death Defying Death

48 Criminal Who Caught Himself, The

49 Vanishing Brooch

50 Crimes On A Merry Go Round

51 Magic Writing

52 Mark Of Crime

53 Creeping Death

54 Gory Goldfish

55 Haunted Boots

56 Shark Island Story

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