Calling All CarsAdmin

1. Burma White Case

2. York Gang Holdup

3. Human Bomb, The

4. Cookie Vejar Killing

5. Missing Mexican Sheiks

6. Caliente Money Car Holdup

7. Skeele Kidnapping, The

8. Case Of The Three Grooved Bullets

9. Castor Oil Diamond Robbery

10. Smashed Windshield

11. Jewel Robbery

12. Chloriform Murder

13. Dillinger Case

14. Spinoza Case, The

15. Red Rose Girl, The

16. Cut Rate Murder, The

17. Hammer In Honduras

18. Captian Courageous

19. Murder At Southgate

20. Little Phil Alquin

21. Gettle Kidnapping Case

22. Seven Words And A Fingerprint

23. Dinner Party Bandits

24. Big Mail Robbery, The

25. Murder Of  The Soul

26. One Of The Finest

27.Power And Light Holdup

28. July 4th Is A Radio Car

29. Fingerprints don't Lie

30. Manchuko Dope Ring

31. Six Shots At Midnight

32. Thousand Pieces Of Paper, A

33. Death For A Diamond Ring

34. Sometimes People Are Not Murdered

35. Don't Get Chummy With A Watchman

36. Cup Of Coffee Some Strychnine Too, A

37. Human Side Of A Cop (Christmas Show)

38. Crime Does Not Pay

39. Two Against Six

40. Necking Party Murder

41. Banker In The Well

42. Remote Control Sleuth

43. California Two Man Crime Wave

44. Undercover Woman

45. Mae West Jewel Robbery, The

46. Aborted Revolution

47. Blonde Menace, The

48. Midnight Phantom

49. Wholesale Murder

50. Youth Rides Rough

51. Innocent Bride The

52. Hot Bonds

53. Chinese Puzzle, The

54. Oakland Payroll Robbery

55. Woman With The Stone Heart

56. Corpse In The Shack

57. Chance Meeting Murder

58. Missing Messenger

59. Case History Of Dallas Egan

60. Pattering Parrot, The

61. Greasy Trail, The

62. Man Who Talked, The

63. Murder Has Been Arranged, A

64. Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Parker

65. Black Cat, The

66 Barking Dog, The

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