Calling All DetectivesAdmin

1. Jerry Framed For Murder

2. Witnessed Murder On TV

3. Stumbles In To A Pickpocket Convention

4. Crooked Gamblers Invade Carnival

5. Dead Man Claiming To Be Alive Really Dead

6. Hand Painted Necktie

7. Ten Thousand Dollar Theft

8. Uncle Mervs Radio Show

9. Girl With Gun On Train

10. Troubleshooter Shoots Two Men

11. Hunt Down Dangerous Killer

12. Jerry Delivers A Lecture

13. Is Wife Really Dead

14.Stockbroker Murder

15.Lighthouse That Went Dark

16. Scub Woman Receives Orchids From An Unknown Admirer

17. Challenge To Identify Body

18. Deadly Game Of Golf, A

19. Poison

20. Poker Hand Of Murder, A

21.Fox Minding The Hen House, The

22. Burglar Proof Safe, The

23. Free Diamonds

24. Colton's Colosssal Circus

25. Earthquake

26. Firebugs Or Poltergeist?

27. Future Murders

28. Double jeopardy

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