Calling All DetectivesAdmin

1: Taxi Protection Racket
2: Elusibe Diamond Thief
3: (001) Mr Frobish Pays to Have Himself Killed
4: Restaurant With No Customers
5: Man Admits to Murder
6: Ship Julia Lewis Carries Gold
7: Investigates Mysterious Increase In Hospital Deaths
8: Jerry Framed For Murder
9: Witnessed Murder on TV
10: Stumbles in to a Pickpocket Convention
11: Crooked Gamblers Invade Carnival
12: Hit and Run Leads To Ancient Crime
13: Dead Man Claiming To Be Alive Really Dead
14: Hand Painted Necktie
15: Ten Thousand Dollar Theft
16: Uncle Merv's Radio Show
17: Girl With Gun On Train
18: Troubleshooter Shoots Two Men
19: Hunt Down Dangerous Killer
20: Jerry Delivers a Lecture
21: Is Wife Really Dead
22: Stockbroker Murdered
23: Lighthouse That Went Dark
24: Scub Woman Receives Orchids From An Unknown Admirer
25: Challenge To Identify Body
26: Message in Lipstick
27: 250,000 Dollars Disappears
28: Diplomatic Courier Murdered
29: Investigates Amnesia Case
30: Stray Dog & a Packet of Diamonds
31: Posing As A Fugitive
32: Jerry Suspects Arson
33: Martini's Puppet Theater
34: Yatch Blocks Train
35: Habitual Jaywalker
36: Unraveling A Case
37: Jerry Comes To The Aid
38: Jerry investigates Thefts of Egyptian Pottery
39: Staged Bank Robbery
40: Beneficiary
41: Deadly Game Of Golf
42: Poison
43: Poker Hand Of Murder
44: Fox Minding The Hen House
45: Burglar Proof Safe
46: Free Diamonds
47: Colton's Colossal Circus
48: Earthquake
49: Firebugs Or Poltergeist?
50: Future Murders
51: Double Jeopardy
52: Jerry Takes An Enexpected Trip
53: Man's Soul As Security
54: Jerry Finds A Man Stabbed
55: Jerry Saves Vic Porter
56: Butler Hires Jerry
57: Jerry And The Ghost Story
58: Suicide On The Great Valley Railroad
59: Jerry Finds A Token Worth $5000
60: Jerry Helps A Blonde With A String Of Pearls
61: Ticking Proves To Be The Sound Of Death
62: Insurance Fraud
63: Jerry Finds A Clue In A Dead Man's Notebook
64: Removed from Apartment at 2am
65: Parole Violator Heads To ND Black Hills
66: Partners Apply For Mutual Life Insurance
67: Poses as Butler to Get Stolen Ring
68: Finds Corpse Inside a Snowman
69: 'Stripes' Is Clue To Dicky Boyd's Death
70: Petty Thefts Series Leads To Murder
71: Juke Box Helps To Smash Theft Ring
72: Coin-Operated Typewriter Case
73: Famous Stage Star is Found Dead
74: Eccentric Millionaire Challenges Jerry
75: Murder Victim Names His Killer
76: Man asks Jerry for Job as Secretary
77: Gang Of Crooks Stealing Empty Boxcars
78: Morgue Nightclub is Setting for Death
79: Wedding Invitation Comes At Gunpoint
80: Dress With Tire Marks
81: Society Playboy Wants Fiancée Back
82: Gregory Ghoul, Movie Villain
83: Firebug Destroys Apartment Building
84: Father Of Beauty Queen Seeks Jerry
85: Overhears Murder Plan at Bar
86: Blackmailer Relents And Apologizes
87: New Police Commissioner
88: Inexpensive Statue Leads To Murder
89: License Indefinitely Suspended
90: (383) Man Killed In A Paint Factory
91: Witness to a Fake Shooting
92: Short Order Cook Finds Oyster Pearl
93: Lends a Man Train Fare
94: Con-man Dives Out Courtroom Window
95: Speeding Ticket Leads To Murder Charge
96: Ghost On Skis At Masked Mountain Inn
97: Forgets to Get Search Warrant
98: Client Is Haunted By His Own Ghost
99: Jerry Meets a Fortune Teller
100: Jerry's Land Leads To Mystery
101: Businessman's Kidnapping Investigated
102: (428) Gangster Tries To Bribe Jerry
103: Jerry After Killer Terrorizing City
104: Masked Marvel Predicts Sudden Death
105: Trapped Blackmailer Comes To Jerry
106: Newspaper Editor's Daughter Is Missing
107: (435) Beer Baron Calls Jerry To Milwaukee
108: 'Portrait Of Death' Artist Found Dead

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