Casey, Crime PhotographerAdmin

1. The Switched Plates

2. Clue In The Clouds

3. Self Made Hero, The

4. Cupid Is A Killer

5. Earned Reward

6. Surprising Corpse

7. Graveyard Getie

8. Reunion, The

9. Tooth For A Tooth, A

10.Red Raincoat

11.Handkerchief, The

12.Duke Of Skid Row, The

13.Chhristmas Shopping

14.Surprising Corpse

15.Grey Kitten

16.20 minute Alibi

17.Mysterious Lodger

18.Demon Miner

19.Box Of Death

20.Gentle Strangler

21.KIng Of The Apes

22.Laughing Killer

23.Pick Up, The


25.Lady Killer

26.Self-made Hero

27.Photo Of The Dead

28.Bright New Star

29.Death In Love's Lane

30.chivalorous Gunnman

31.Busman's Holiday, The

32.Hide Out

33.Loaded Dice, The

34.Graveyard And Gertie

35.Tobacco Pouch

36.Tresure Cave, The

37.Miscarriage Of Justice

38.Wedding Breakfast, The

39.Camera Bug, The

40.Lady In Distress, The

41.Blond Lipstick

42.Too Many Angels

43.Earned Reward

44.After The Turkey

45.Serpent Godess

46.New Will, The

47.Life Of The Party

48.Santa Claus Of Bums Boulevard, The

49.Hot New Years Party

50.Queen Of The Amazons

51.Miracle, The

52.Ex Convict

53.Piggy Bank Robbery, The

54.Music To Die By

55.Key Witness


57.Fix, The

58.Tough Guys


60.Murder In Black And White

61.Blind Justice

62.Gun Wanted


64.Scens Of The Crime, The

65.Wolverine, The

66.Cupid Is A Killer


68.Death Of A Stranger, The



71.Upholsterer, The

72.Wanted A Gun

73.Bad Little Babe

74.Fire, The

75.Disappearance Of Mr Dizzel

76.Suicide, The

77.Unlucky Numbers

78.Woman Of Mystery

79.Upholterer, The (2)

80.Road Angel

81.Source Of Information

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