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1. The Professor

2. Manuel Abello

3. Cora Rogers-Suicide Or Murder

4. Norman Miles

5. Victor Gerald

6. Darkened Face, The

7. Harriet Miller And The Unknown Suicide

8. Red Jacoby Escapes

9. Henry Comes Home

10.Death Paints A Picture

11.Legend Of The Windigo

12.Diamond Pendant stolen

13.Whirling Mirrors


15.100,000 Life Insurance Claim

16.Who Will Live Longer ($1000 Bet)

17.Bird In A Gilded Cage

18.Money In A Basket

19.Mad Mn Strike Swiftly

20.Death Tunes I At 790 Kilocycles

21.Mental Hospital

22.Tunnel Smelled Of Death, The

23.Ghost Of Murdock's Swamp

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