Dangerous AssignmentAdmin

1: Relief Supplies - The First Show
2: Sunken Ships
3: Nigerian Safari
4: Millionaire Murders
5: Alien Smuggling
6: File #307
7: Find Bill Thorne And Missing Japanese Weapons
8: Captain Rock
9: Greek Connection
10: Rome And The Suspicious Cylinder
11: International Blackmail
12: Sheik's Secret
13: Pirate Loot
14: Flying Saucers Over Santa Rosa
15: Nazi & the Physicist
16: Sabotage in Paris
17: Smash Lecture Circuit Spy Ring
18: Lost City
19: Burmese Witness
20: Little White Pill
21: Deadly Bacteria
22: Lefty and Sam
23: Five Gardenias
24: Vienna Mystery
25: Death Drums
26: Hired Killer
27: Bombay Gun Runners
28: Recover Stolen Missile Plan Microfilm
29: Keep Chromite Mine Operating
30: Contact Lefty The Trained Seal
31: Retrieve Slarga From Latin America
32: Smash Forged Identification Papers Ring
33: Contact Marta Gelber And Smash Sabotage Ring
34: Dangling From Recover Memory Chain Equation
35: Recover Sarvich From Guerilla Camp
36: Dispel Alleged Overthrow Plot
37: Smash Berlin Kidnapping Ring
38: Recover Civil War Map
39: Intercept Dr. Korvel Before Opposition
40: Recover Operation Fish Hook Data
41: Find Missing Scientist Dr. Wieczek
42: Recover Missing Arctic Warfare Report
43: Prevent Minority Party Revolution
44: Raiders On The Rubber Plantation
45: Recover Kroner Cutlass
46: Retrieve Data On Nazi Buzz Bombs
47: Roquel Solve Your Own Murder
48: Recover Stolen Dynamite
49: Recover File 72 Seal Unbroken
50: Middle East Recover Stolen U.N. Documents
51: Retrieve Gouczek From French Riviera
52: Smash Outlaw Propaganda Broadcasts
53: Find Rudolf Karpel
54: Find Cause Of Landsberg Epidemic
55: Find Operation Hot Foot Microbes
56: Stop Suspicious Explosions
57: Find Source Of Suspect Dictation Cylinder
58: South America Did The American Hartley Kill Borrego
59: Find Fugitive Nazi Captain Schiller
60: Find Eli Bryant American Traitor
61: Retrieve Dummy Issue Of Osterreich Courier
62: Rescue Vance Morgan From Paradise
63: Recover Document From Butterfly Chasers
64: Smash Smuggling Racket Organization
65: Recover Diplomatic File From Mr. Alexander
66: Retrieve Emerson From Private Sanatorium
67: Stop Coded Secrets Peddlers
68: Smash Eastern European Protection Racket
69: Uncover G.I. Attackers Frame.Up
70: Defeat Road Project Sabotage
71: Smash Lecture Circuit Spy Ring (Christmas Episode)
72: Retrieve Stolen Atomic Secrets
73: Smash Gun.Running Operation
74: Smash The Blue Lion Passport Racket
75: Get Evidence To Nail Mr. Charon
76: Bring Back Physicist Arnold Freed
77: Resolve Strategic Mining Lease Family Squabble
78: Resolve Doctor Mitsuko Scandal
79: Smash Black Market Jewel Ring
80: Retrieve Peter Mettnick..Alive
81: Track Down Ghost Ship
82: Nail Mr. Big Of The Bureau
83: Find Antonina Aquirre
84: Rescue Rick Perez from Caribbean Legion
85: Intercept Foreign Courier Spy Ring
86: Find Lenny Fenway And Get Him Out Of Tibet
87: Bait a Trap with Nikolai Debarov
88: Put an End to Anti Submarine Base Sabotage
89: Intercept Strategic Materials Smuggling Ring
90: Get The Man Trying To Sabotage Cooperation Talks
91: Recover Stolen Blueprints
92: Find A Hired Assassin
93: Grab James C. Stroller
94: Find Anthony Targou

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