Dangerous AssignmentAdmin


1 Relief Supplies - The First Show
2 Sunken Ships
3 Nigerian Safari
4 Millionaire Murders
5 Alien Smuggling
6 File #307
7 Find Bill Thorne And Missing Japanese Weapons
8 Captain Rock
9 Greek Connection, The
10 Rome And The Suspicious Cylinder
11 International Blackmail
12 Sheik's Secret, The
13 Pirate Loot
14 Flying Saucers Over Santa Rosa
15 Nazi & the Physicist, The
16 Sabotage in Paris
17 Smash Lecture Circuit Spy Ring
18 Lost City, The
19 Burmese Witness
20 Little White Pill
21 Deadly Bacteria
22 Lefty and Sam
23 Five Gardenias
24 Vienna Mystery
25 Death Drums
26 Hired Killer
27 Bombay Gun Runners
28 Recover Stolen Missile Plan Microfilm
29 Keep Chromite Mine Operating
30 Contact Lefty The Trained Seal
31 Retrieve Slarga From Latin America
32 Smash Forged Identification Papers Ring
33 Contact Marta Gelber And Smash Sabotage Ring
34 Dangling From Recover Memory Chain Equation
35 Recover Sarvich From Guerilla Camp
36 Dispel Alleged Overthrow Plot
37 Smash Berlin Kidnapping Ring
38 Recover Civil War Map
39 Intercept Dr. Korvel Before Opposition
40 Recover Operation Fish Hook Data
41 Find Missing Scientist Dr. Wieczek
42 Recover Missing Arctic Warfare Report
43 Prevent Minority Party Revolution
44 Raiders On The Rubber Plantation
45 Recover Kroner Cutlass
46 Retrieve Data On Nazi Buzz Bombs
47 Roquel Solve Your Own Murder
48 Recover Stolen Dynamite
49 Recover File 72 Seal Unbroken
50 Middle East Recover Stolen U.N. Documents
51 Retrieve Gouczek From French Riviera
52 Smash Outlaw Propaganda Broadcasts
53 Find Rudolf Karpel
54 Find Cause Of Landsberg Epidemic
55 Find Operation Hot Foot Microbes
56 Stop Suspicious Explosions
57 Find Source Of Suspect Dictation Cylinder
58 South America Did The American Hartley Kill Borrego
59 Find Fugitive Nazi Captain Schiller
60 Find Eli Bryant American Traitor
61 Retrieve Dummy Issue Of Osterreich Courier
62 Rescue Vance Morgan From Paradise
63 Recover Document From Butterfly Chasers
64 Smash Smuggling Racket Organization
65 Recover Diplomatic File From Mr. Alexander
66 Retrieve Emerson From Private Sanatorium
67 Stop Coded Secrets Peddlers
68 Smash Eastern European Protection Racket
69 Uncover G.I. Attackers Frame.Up
70 Defeat Road Project Sabotage
71 Smash Lecture Circuit Spy Ring (Christmas Episode)
72 Retrieve Stolen Atomic Secrets
73 Smash Gun.Running Operation
74 Smash The Blue Lion Passport Racket
75 Get Evidence To Nail Mr. Charon
76 Bring Back Physicist Arnold Freed
77 Resolve Strategic Mining Lease Family Squabble
78 Resolve Doctor Mitsuko Scandal
79 Smash Black Market Jewel Ring
80 Retrieve Peter Mettnick..Alive
81 Track Down Ghost Ship
82 Nail Mr. Big Of The Bureau
83 Find Antonina Aquirre
84 Rescue Rick Perez from Caribbean Legion
85 Intercept Foreign Courier Spy Ring
86 Find Lenny Fenway And Get Him Out Of Tibet
87 Bait a Trap with Nikolai Debarov
88 Put an End to Anti Submarine Base Sabotage
89 Intercept Strategic Materials Smuggling Ring
90 Recover Stolen Blueprints
91 Find A Hired Assassin
92 Grab James C. Stroller

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