Boettcher Kidnapping Case
Tony The Slinger Clugino
Nickle And Dime Bandits
Missing Corpse
Clyde William Buchanan
Fugitive Soldier
Quincy Killers
Unknown Killer
Costumed Killer
Henry Red Beaver
Red Evening Dress
John K Giles
Bilanski Tillitson Gang
Matthew Cazzara
Blackie Thompson
Damiani And Krause Part 1
Damiani And Krause Part 2
Death Mask Killer
Three Safe Crackers
Kidnapped Paymaster
Jersey Butcher Bandit
Horse Race Hijackers
Dakota Bad Man
Mound City Safecracker
Broadway Bandits
New York Narcotics King
Carnival Caper
Golf Course Murders
Collector Who Robbed Supermarkets
Cincinnati Narcotics Ring
Chicago Tunnel Gang
Incorrigible Killer
Bandit Brothers
Date With Death
Red Hot Readers
Elusive Leader
Golden Touch
Onion Jar
Five Days Of Danger
Tennessee Triggermen
$3,000,000 Robbery
$35,000 Theft

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