Framed For Killing Johnny
Candy Store Killing
Mrder Of Larry Zimmerman
Hostetter Brothers
60 Year Old Woman Strangled
Joyce And Frankie Are Killed
Politician's Homes Are Bombed
Carl Young
Cigar Box Bandit
Colley Confesses To Payroll Job
Guthrie Kidnapped
Lewis Black Again
Dr Simpson Killed
Silk Stocking Bandit
One Dead Husband
Liquor Store Robbery (AKA Bad Boy)
Singer's Husband Killed
Bank Robbery
Grieving Families Cheated
Wife Killer Hit And Run
Shaky Gas Station Stick-Up Man
Missing Girl Kidnapping
Hit And Run Murder
Shooting In Park Hill
Obscene Phone Calls
Newsstand Dealer Beaten
Drug Store Robberies
Card Party The

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