1: Framed For Killing Johnny
2: Hit and Run
3: Gas Station Robbery
4: Candy Store Killing
5: Mrder Of Larry Zimmerman
6: Cop Killer
7: Seven People Killed by Same Man
8: Hostetter Brothers
9: 60 Year Old Woman Strangled
10: Joyce And Frankie Are Killed
11: Politician's Homes Are Bombed
12: Yudo in Ypsilanti
13: Grocery Store Matter
14: Carl Young
15: Senile Slugging Case
16: Cigar Box Bandit
17: Colley Confesses To Payroll Job
18: Guthrie Kidnapped
19: Lewis Black Again
20: Dr Simpson Killed
21: Silk Stocking Bandit
22: One Dead Husband
23: Liquor Store Robbery (AKA Bad Boy)
24: Singer's Husband Killed
25: Bank Robbery
26: Grieving Families Cheated
27: Wife Killer Hit And Run
28: Shaky Gas Station Stick-Up Man
29: Missing Girl Kidnapping
30: Hit And Run Murder
31: Shooting In Park Hill
32: Obscene Phone Calls
33: Newsstand Dealer Beaten
34: Drug Store Robberies
35: Card Party
36: Mrs Conways Death
37: Dorothy Sheldon
38: Food Poisoing

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