Nick Carter Master DetectiveAdmin

Echo Of Death
Murder In The Crypt
Glass Coffin (Announcers Opening Missing)
Flying Duck Murders
States Prison Evidence
An Angle On Murder
Body On The Slab
Drug Ring Murder
Substitute Bride
Nick Carter's Christmas Adventure
Double Disguise, The
Nine Hours To Live
Records Of Death
Unwilling Accomplice
Corpse in the Cab
Missing Harold Ascort
Death After Dark
Dead Witnesses
Death in the Pines
Drums Of Death
Professors Secret
Murder By Magic
Cat Brings Death
Numbers Murder, The
Slingshot Murders, The
Murder On Mad Mountain
Funeral Wreath, The
Death In The Pool
Murder In The Night
Death Plays The Lead
Murder Goes To College
Murder In A Decanter
Monkey Sees Murder
Murder By Fire
Death By Ricochet
An Eye For An Eye
Ready For Murder
Mind Over Murder
Four Rings Of Death
Poison With A Past
Webs Of Murder
Death Behind The Scenes
Witch of Donderburg Mountain
Vanishing Lady
Mystery Of Hangman's Wood
Haunted Rocking Chair
Man Who Lived Too Long, The
Make Believe Murder
Case Of The Unwritten Letter
Hanging Paperhanger The
Six Statues, The
Case Of The Vanishing Postman
Case Of The Talking Tree
Howling Horse, The
Shakespeare's Ghost
Body In The Ice, The
Witness Saw Nothing, The
Eight Records of Death
Disappearing Corpse, The
Nine Hours To Live
Little Old Ladies, The Case Of The
Poker Murders, The Case Of The
Case Of The Demented Daughter
Case Of The Dictaphone Murder
Case Of The Clumsy Forgeries
Case Of The Make Believe Robbery
Case Of The Red Goose Murders
Blue Mink, The
Imitation Robberies
Case Of The Gold Headed Cane
Persistent Beggars
Careless Window Washers
Crystal Prophecy, The
Case Of The Chemical Chickens
Lucrative Wreck
Case Of The Luminous Spots
Case Of The Missing Thumb
Case Of The Sunken Dollar
Case Of The Missing Piano Player
Wandering Macaroni, The
Bearded Queen
Case Of The Two Faced Fire Master
Case Of The Hermit Thrush
Perfect Alibi
Exploded Alibi
Case Of The Priceless Prose
Case Of The Policy Maker
Case Of The Missing Street
Devils Left Eye
Graveyard Gunman
Invisible Treasure
Boy Who Got Lost, The
Absent Clue
Last Old Timer, The
Case Of The Magic Rope
Case Of The Martyred Rat
Case of the Star of Evil
Henpecked Husband, The
Case Of The Nameless Blond
Salesman of Death
Case Of The Tattooed Cobra
Unexpected Corpse, Case Of The
Case Of The Flowery Farewell
Kings Apology
Midway Murders, The
Professional Beggar
Case Of The Red Arrow
Case Of The Failing Eyes
Case Of The Quiet Roommate
Case Of The Great Impersonation
Case Of The Homely Bride
Case Of The Candidate's Corpse
Case Of The Unwanted Wife
Case Of The Double Frame
Case Of The Bull And Bear
Case Of The Wrong Mr Wright
Forgetful Killer, The
Case Of The Perfect Alibi
Phantom Shoplifters


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