Nick Carter Master DetectiveAdmin

1: Echo Of Death
2: Murder In The Crypt
3: Glass Coffin (Announcers Opening Missing)
4: Flying Duck Murders
5: States Prison Evidence
6: An Angle On Murder
7: Body On The Slab
8: Drug Ring Murder
9: Substitute Bride
10: Nick Carters Christmas Adventure
11: Double Disguise
12: NIne Hours To Live
13: Records Of Death
14: Unwilling Accomplice
15: Corpse in the Cab
16: Missing Harold Ascort
17: Death After Dark
18: Dead Witnesses
19: Death in the Pines
20: Drums Of Death
21: Professors Secret
22: Murder By Magic
23: Cat Brings Death
24: Numbers Murder
25: Slingshot Murders
26: Murder On Mad Mountain
27: Funeral Wreath
28: Death In The Pool
29: Murder In The Night
30: Death Plays The Lead
31: Murder Goes To College
32: Murder In A Decanter
33: Monkey Sees Murder
34: Murder By Fire
35: Death By Ricochet
36: An Eye For An Eye
37: Ready For Murder
38: Mind Over Murder
39: Four Rings Of Death
40: Poison With A Past
41: Webs Of Murder
42: Death Behind The Scenes
43: Witch of Donderburg Mountain
44: Vanishing Lady
45: Mystery Of Hangman's Wood
46: Haunted Rocking Chair
47: Man Who Lived Too Long
48: Make Believe Murder
49: Case Of The Unwritten Letter
50: Hanging Paperhanger
51: Six Statues
52: Case Of The Vanishing Postman
53: Case Of The Talking Tree
54: Howling Horse
55: Shakespeare's Ghost
56: Body In The Ice
57: Witness Saw Nothing
58: Eight Records of Death
59: Disappearing Corpse
60: Nine Hours To Live
61: The Case Of The Little Old Ladies
62: The Case Of The Poker Murders
63: Case Of The Demented Daughter
64: Case Of The Dictaphone Murder
65: Case Of The Clumsy Forgeries
66: Case Of The Make Believe Robbery
67: Case Of The Red Goose Murders
68: Blue Mink
69: Imitation Robberies
70: Case Of The Gold Headed Cane
71: Persistant Beggers
72: Careless Window Washers
73: Crystal Prophecy
74: Case Of The Chemical Chickens
75: Lucrative Wreck
76: Case Of The Luminous Spots
77: Case Of The Missing Thumb
78: Case Of The Sunken Dollar
79: Case Of The Missing Piano Player
80: Wandering Macaroni
81: Bearded Queen
82: Case Of The Two Faced Fire Master
83: Case Of The Hermit Thrush
84: Perfect Alibi
85: Case Of The Barefoot Banker
86: Case Of The Jeweled Queen
87: Exploded Alibi
88: Case Of The Priceless Prose
89: Case Of The Policy Maker
90: Case Of The Missing Street
91: Devil's Left Eye
92: Graveyard Gunman
93: Invisible Treasure
94: Case Of The Classical Clue
95: Case Of The Wandering Corpse
96: Boy Who Got Lost
97: Absent Clue
98: Last Old Timer
99: Case Of The Magic Rope
100: Case Of The Matryed Rat
101: Case of the Star of Evil
102: Henpecked Husband
103: Case Of The Nameless Blond
104: Salesman of Death
105: Case Of The Tatooed Cobra
106: Case Of The Littlest Gangster
107: Case Of The Unexpected Corpse
108: Case Of The Flowery Farewell
109: Kings Apology
110: Midway Murders
111: Professional Begger
112: Case Of The Red Arrow
113: Case Of The Failing Eyes
114: Case Of The Quiet Roommate
115: Case Of The Great Impersonation
116: Case Of The Homely Bride
117: Case Of The Candidate's Corpse
118: Case Of The Unwanted Wife
119: Case Of The Double Frame
120: Case Of The Bull And Bear
121: Case Of The Wrong Mr Wright
122: Forgetful Killer
123: Case Of The Clue Called X
124: Case Of The Perfect Alibi
125: Case Of The Vanishing Weapon
126: Phantom Shoplifters
127: Case Of The Howling Horse

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