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Audition Show - On The Scene Reports
Nude Prowler
311 Southgate
Glass Breaker
Peanut Butter Part 1 of 2
Peanut Butter Part 2 of 2
Santa Baby
Kid Explosives
Paper Hanger
Kenny Narco and Headplate
Big Search
Hammer 211
Car Wings and Floor Sleepers
Old Bat and Crowbar
Boy Go Home
Three Time Loser and Shotgun Boy
Old Fashioned Suicide
Fence 447 and Western Union Raid
Inhalator and Jawbreaker
Strippers and Pix Stash
Motel Shoots and Lock Out
Pick Up and Whose Crazy
Triangle and Peacemaker
Orange Balls and Bridge Jumper
Mississippi, Psyco 288 and Kingston
Grandma, Shoe Shine and Wifebeater
Child Desertion, Gabby and Kicker
Bleeder Safe
Rolling Pin and Luger
Scum, Beastwork and Phone Burgler
Goldie 211
Beer Can
Aunt Suicide
Smash Turkey And Larry
Polio And Fog
C.A.R.E. and Jug
Ma and Pa Heinz and Chase
Knife, Bread, Body and Get-Away
Uncensored Out-takes
Bubble Gum and Baby
Crazy and Buy
Whiskers and Black Eye
Drunks-Peeping Tom

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