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Perry Mason
(2687) Toni Facina Meets Kate In The Park
(2688) Kate Brings Skipper Home
(2689) Kate Speaks To Officer McAnerney On Way To Station
(2690) Gordy Tells Kate About His Setup
(2692) Toni Talks To Gordy
(2693) Meets Mrs Riley
(2694)Kate Dressing For Audition
(2215) Chambermaid Testifies
(2216) Squeaking Witness Chair
(2217) Dorries 6th Birthday
(2218) Subpoena for Dorrie
(2219) Little Dorrie Testifies
(2220) Toy Pistol Testimony
(2221) Prosecutor Exploits Dorrie
(2222) Dorries Little Bible
(2223) Crying Dorrie Runs
(2224) Mae to Visit Dorrie
(2225) Mae Heals Dorries Hurt
(2226) Perry's Strategy Working
(2226a) Perry's Strategy Working
(2227) Perry Demands Kittys Testimony
(2228) Anna Alerted by Kitty
(2229) Kitty Testifies
(2230) Missing Witness
(2231) False Alibi for Kitty
(2232) Perry Discredits witness
(2233) Perry Visits Witness
(2234) Gunshot Test
(2235) New Developement
(2236) Kittys Testimony
(2237) Maes Phony Pregnancy
(2238) Perry's Decoy Bus Ticket
(2239) Escape in Fake Ambulance
(2240) Tragg Knows Perry Planned Escape
(2241) Maes Suicide Note
(2242) Cops to Arrest Perry
(2243) Big Packing Case Trick
(2244) Cops Fall for Trick
(2245) Perry Escapes Arrest
(2246) Important Envelope
(2247) At Coffee Shop
(2248) Della Disguised as Waitress
(2249) Perry and Della to Atlanta
(2250) Reward for Perry's Capture
(2251) Norris Knows Perry is Wanted
(2252) Perry's Trick Gun
(2253) Della to Atlanta
(2254) Reunited in Atlanta
(2686) Making Friends with Dog Before Meeting with Kate Beekman
(2695) Perry Calls at Kates House
(2696) Audition for Miss Powers
(2697) Kate's Back Nay Not Heal
(2698) Kate Hurts Back at Audition
(2699) Mr Beakman Argues
(2700) Appointment in Jail
(2701) At Kate's House
(2702) Riley Wont Meet Perry Mason
(2703) The Big Fellow
(2704) Alliance Insurance Company
(2706) Herbert J Talks to Miss Powers
(2707) Perry with Lt Tragg
(2708) Auto Theft
(2709) Interrogating Car Thief
(2710) Private Meeting
(2711) Alliance Meeting
(2712) Perry and Della at Dinner
(2713) Perry's Secret Is No Secret
(2714) Perry Wants to Be Noticed
(2715) Wallace at Perry's Office
(2716) Five Minutes With Francis Riley
(2717) Riley Goes to the Morgue
(2718) Talking At The Morgue
(2719) Girl with Cut Hand
(2720) A New Face Gus
(2721) Kate at New Club
(2722) Gus Knocks Out Gordy
(2723) Checking Drugstore Doctors
(2724) Perry at Mr Scott's Drugstore
(2725) Girl's Name Revealed
(2726) Gus Sows Seeds Of Doubt
(2727) Perry at Wallaces Home
(2728) Gordy At Tony's Apartment
(2729) Gus Lining Up His Boys
(2730) Drake Looking For Susan
(2731) Finds Clearing House For Cars
(2732) Friend For Kate At Club
(2733) Gordy Talks With Kate
(2734) Gus At The Club
(2735) Meeting Of Gus, Gordy And J. T.
(2736) Gus Thinking About Susan
(2737) Toni Being Nice To Kate
(2738) Gus Takes Kate Home
(2739) Gordy Stops Gus
(2740) Perry And Della At Club
(2741) Perry Who Is Manager
(2742) Perry Gets Call Fom Drake
(2743) Gus To Kill Employee
(2744) Car Over Cliff
(2745) JT Talks About Beakman
(2746) HQ Finds Pete
(2747) Lieutenant Shows Pictures
(2748) Kate's Mother Tells
(2749) Animal Hospital
(2750) Pete Watkins Car
(2751) JT's Hit On Gus
(2752) Perry Talks To Doctor
(2753) In Syndicate Garage
(2754) At Informant's Apartment
(2755) In Paul Drake's Hospital Room
(2756) August At Bus Station
(2757) Perry At Bus Station
(2758) August At Doctor's Office
(2759) August With A Nurse
(2760) Perry At Doctor's Office
(2761) Back At Drugstore
(2762) Perry's Rooming House
(2763) Entering Rooming House
(2764) August Is Back
(2765) Fake Mrs Barkley's Death
(2766) August At The Club
(2767) At Club With Kate
(2768) At The Airport
(2769) Pat Driving
(2770) At Della's Apartment
(2771) Gordy Meets Gus At Lounge
(2772) Gus Talks To Tony
(2773) On A State Road
(2774) Mrs Barkleys House
(2775) At Jakes Office
(2776) Della Talks To Assistant DA
(2777) August Reads The Newspaper
(2778) DA At Perry's Office
(2779) Arch Kerner's Office Recording
(2780) New Twists - Gus Buys A Rifle
(2781) Homicide Office
(2782) Albert And Gus Sight The Rifle
(2783) Second Storey Room Lookout
(2784) Plan Doesnt Work
(2785) Newspaper Office
(2786) At Wallace's Office
(2787) Kerner's Office
(2788) Suzanne Barkley
(2789) Assistantt DA At Barkley House
(2790) Perry At The Barkley House
(2791) Susan Tries To Leave Again
(2792) JT Meets With Gus
(2793) At The Office; Gus At Vets
(2794) Mrs Barkley Talks To Susan
(2795) Susan Calls Perry
(2796) DA Tough with Susan
(2797) Susan Calls Gus
(2798) Suzanne's Lost Memory
(2799) In The Barkley House
(2800) Kate At Home
(2801) Talk Of Framing Kate
(2802) Gordy Knows Big Fellow
(2803) Perry Is Fired
(2804) Police Headquarters
(2805) Perry Meets Paul Drake
(2806) Kate at Home and Gordy Calls
(2807) Drake tells About gordy
(2808) 9 15 pm at Kates House
(2809) Gordy has Been Murdered
(2810) Ed Beakman Finds Gordy
(2811) Kate in a Daze Meets Gus
(2812) Back At The Murder Apartment
(2813) Ed Questioned
(2814) Parole Officer At Beakmans
(2815) Gus Talks to J T
(2816) Perry Stops Kate
(2817) Ed Beakman Confesses
(2818) Ed Beakman Tells the Truth
(2819) Jake Visits Perry
(2820) Apt Talks to Jimmy and Marion
(2821) Della Talks with Kate
(2822) Apt Gloats to Halverson
(2823) Halverson Talks to Fasina
(2824) Halverson and Tony Continue Talking
(2825) Kate and Della with Tony
(2826) Gus Influencing Tony
(2827) Gus Works on Tony
(2828) Perry at the Funeral
(2829) Tony Goes to the DA
(2830) Kate Della Tony with Apt
(2831) Halverson at Beakman Home
(2832) Perry With Mr Apt
(2833) Drake Gets Order from Perry
(2834) Apt Calls A Press Conference
(2835) Halverson At Dellas Apartment
(2836) Kate In Custody
(2837) At Precinct 13
(2838) The Line Up
(2839) Apt Talks To Kate
(2840) Perry Talks With Kate
(2841) At the City Jail
(2842) Gus at Perrys Office
(2843) Gus Talking To J T
(2844) At Womens Jail
(2845) Outside Women's Prison
(2846) Gus And Toni
(2847) At The Insurance Company
(2848) Francis Riley's Home
(2849) In The Hotel Lobby
(2850) Halverson With Perry And Della
(2851) Nickolas Importing Company
(2852) Drake Detective Agency
(2853) At Perrys Office
(2854) At Womens Jail
(2855) At Women's Jail
(2856) At Women's Jail
(2857) At Womens Jail And DAs Office
(2858) D.A's Office Drake At Nightclub
(2859) Halverson's Sister
(2860) At Women's Jail
(2861) At Perrys Apartment
(2862) Halverson At Perry's Office
(2863) At Womens Jail
(2864) At Women's Jail And Perry's Office
(2865) At The Court House And Toni's Place
(2866) Tonys Place And Court House
(2867) Womens Jail And D.A's Office

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