1: Gangster District Attorney A (AKA Mr Important)
2: Color Blind Murder Aboard Ship (AKA Murder On The High Seas)
3: Blond Who Lost Her Head, The Case Of The (AKA Fake Amnesia Killer)
4: Connelly Silver Mine
5: Old Man's Car
6: Color Blind Killer, The (AKA Schizophrenic Psychiatrist)
7: Prove I Did It
8: Fake Amnesia Killer, The (AKA The Blond Who Lost Her Head)
9: Cake That Killed
10: The Case Of The Lonesome Slab
11: Murder Of A Champion
12: Prize Fighter
13: Music Murder
14: Search For A Killer
15: Contract On The Saint
16: Death Of The Saint
17: Fighter's Contract
18: Author Of Murder
19: Corpse Said Ouch
20: Dossier On A Damsel In Distress
21: Reflection On Murder
22: Cupid And The Corpse
23: Baseball Murder
24: Horrible Hamburger
25: Ghost That Giggled
26: Dossier On A Doggone Dog
27: It's Snow Use (AKA Wanted A Husband)
28: Harry Morgan's Revenge
29: Murder Plot In Prison
30: Terrible Tin-Type
31: Young Detective
32: Monkey Business
33: Champ's Kid
34: Christmas Jewels
35: Ladies Never Lie Much (AKA Alive Dead Husband)
36: Aging Actor
37: Tuba Player
38: Under the Carnival
39: Missing Bridegroom
40: Next of Kin
41: Big Swindle
42: What-Not What Got Hot
43: Button Button
44: Bird and Bees of East Orange
45: Formula for Death
46: Simon Carries the Ivy
47: Ghosts Who Came to Dinner
48: Strange Bedfellows (AKA The Mayors Son)
49: Lady Who Leaned
50: Fishes Gotta Eat
51: Pin No Roses On My Corpse (AKA The Red Rose)
52: Childrens Crusade (AKA The Military Instructor)
53: Girl with the Lower Berth
54: Peter The Great
55: Death of a Cowboy
56: Missing Angel
57: My Darling Daughter

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