Gangster District Attorney
Color Blind Murder Aboard Ship(AKA Murder On The High Seas)
Blond Who Lost Her Head, The Case Of The (AKA Fake Amnesia)
Connelly Silver Mine, The
Old Man's Car, The
Color Blind Killer, The (AKA Schizophrenic Psychiatrist)
Prove I Did It
Fake Amnesia Killer, The (AKA The Blond Who Lost Her Head)
Cake That Killed The
Lonesome Slab, The Case Of The
Murder Of A Champion
Prize Fighter, The
Music Murder, The
Search For A Killer
Contract On The Saint
Death Of The Saint
Fighter's Contract
Author Of Murder
Corpse Said Ouch, The
Dossier On A Damsel In Distress
Reflection On Murder
Cupid And The Corpse
Baseball Murder, The
Horrible Hamburger, The
Ghost That Giggled, The
Dossier On A Doggone Dog
It's Snow Use (AKA Wanted A Husband)
Harry Morgan's Revenge
Murder Plot In Prison
Terrible Tin-Type, The
Young Detective, The
Monkey Business
Champ's Kid, The
Christmas Jewels
Ladies Never Lie Much (AKA Alive Dead Husband)
Aging Actor, The
Tuba Player, The
Under the Carnival
Missing Bridegroom, The
Next of Kin
Big Swindle, The
What-Not What Got Hot, The
Button Button
Bird and Bees of East Orange, The
Formula for Death
Simon Carries the Ivy
Ghosts Who Came to Dinner, The
Strange Bedfellows (AKA The Mayors Son)
Lady Who Leaned, The
Fishes Gotta Eat
Pin No Roses On My Corpse (AKA The Red Rose)
Childrens Crusade (AKA The Military Instructor)
Girl with the Lower Berth, The
Peter The Great
Death of a Cowboy
Missing Angel
My Darling Daughter

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