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1: Blitz Murder Case
2: Fonier Case
3: Murder Of Duncan Frazer
4: Man Who Murdered His Wife
5: Heathrow Affair
6: Murder Of Charles Brooks
7: Casameer Is Murdered
8: Case Of Donald Simms
9: Murder Of Phillip Avery
10: Peter Williams Case
11: Case of Arthur Freeman
12: Case of the Late Mrs Harvey
13: Murder of Peter Amory
14: Murder of Margaret Ashley
15: Case of Dr Duncan Allen
16: Case of Thomas Applebee
17: Case of the Black Gladstone Bag
18: Murder of A Bloody Belgium
19: Case of the Fatal Bath
20: Mrs Minerva Bannerman
21: Case of Francesca Nicholson
22: Case of William George Greenley
23: Case of Marjorie Tate
24: Case of Sidney Wolfe
25: Case of Maggie Rowlinson
26: Murder of Winifred Hogg
27: Case of Strange Bonfire
28: Case of the Homemade Handbag
29: Murder of Mrs Anna Battersby
30: Case of the Weed Eradication
31: Murder of Mr Sweet
32: Case of the Anguish
33: Case of the Unidentified Woman
34: Magenta Blotting Pad
35: Murder of Nora Brady
36: Case of the Missing Clarinet
37: Case of Dugal Henry
38: Murder of Lady Madge Johnson
39: Case of the Madden Family
40: Case of the Eaton Brothers
41: Case of the Winchester Bottle
42: Case of the Inoperative Wireless
43: Case of the Electric Torch

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