Big TownAdmin

1. Wilson Is Shot
2. Occupied Paris
3. Blind Justice
4. Final Payment, The
5. Trap, The
6. Double Murder
7. Angel of the Street
8. Fatal Chain, The
9. Death By Plan
10. Deadly Doll
11. I Remember Murder
12. Lost and Found
13. Deadline at Dawn
14. Prelude To Christmas
15. Dangerous Resolution
16. Mask of Evil, The
17. Nightmare House
18. Date With Death, A
19. Fatal Fix, The
20. Murder In The Snow
21. Death at the Wheel
22. Prisoner's Song, The
23. Charity Killer, The
24. Fatal Joke, The
25. Crooked Eye, The
26. Shiny Gun, The
27. Deadly Summons, The
28. Chill Of Death, The
29. Deadly Gimmick Of The Singing Rat, The
30. Lonely Heart, The
31. Iron Fist
32. Hunter, The
33. Fatal Alibi, The
34. Confession, The

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