Ford TheaterAdmin

1. Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
2. Ah Wilderness
3. Carmen Jones
4. Man Who Played God, The
5. Father Dear Father
6. Adventures Of The Bad Boy
7. Storm In A Teacup
8. Girl Crazy Rehearsal
9. Girl Crazy
10. Green Pastures
11. It's A Gift
12. Silver Cord, The
13. Front Page, The
14. Counselor at Law
15. Star Is Born, A
16. Laura
17. Michael and Mary
18. My Sister Eileen
19. Late Christopher Bean, The
20. Arrowsmith
21. Madam Bovary
22. Double Indemnity
23. Of Human Bondage
24. Anna Christie
25. Horn Blows At Midnight, The
26. Wuthering Heights
27. Farewell to Arms, A


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