Ford TheaterAdmin

1: Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court
2: Ah Wilderness
3: Carmen Jones
4: Man Who Played God
5: Father Dear Father
6: Adventures Of The Bad Boy
7: Storm In A Teacup
8: Girl Crazy Rehearsal
9: Girl Crazy
10: Green Pastures
11: Abe Lincoln in Illinois
12: It's A Gift
13: Silver Cord
14: Front Page
15: Counselor at Law
16: Star Is Born
17: Laura
18: Michael and Mary
19: My Sister Eileen
20: Late Christopher Bean
21: Arrowsmith
22: Madam Bovary
23: Double Indemnity
24: Of Human Bondage
25: Anna Christie
26: Horn Blows At Midnight
27: Wuthering Heights
28: Farewell to Arms

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