1: How They Met And Married (Audition)
2: PTA 5th Grade Volunteer
3: Bens Shady Client
4: Emily's First Formal
5: An Old Friend Of Liz's Is In Town
6: Liz Fights For A Traffic Ticket
7: Fred Hertzell Visits From Kansas
8: Emily Pledges Omega Chi
9: Liz Takes Up Painting
10: Ben Represents Stan In Juvenile Court
11: Liz Gets A Christmas Job At The Perfume Counter
12: Ben And Liz Recall How They First Met
13: Liz Paints The Apartment And Ben Meets Judy
14: Ben And Liz Spend The Weekend In Vermont
15: Grandfather Clock
16: Liz Gets To Know Bobby Logan Emilys Boyfriend
17: Liz Decides To Get A Job
18: Bens Father Comes For A Three Week Visit
19: Bens Law Firm Is Dissolving
20: Is Liz Pregnant?
21: Filling Out Income Tax Forms
22: Individuality
23: Emily Worships Her Father
24: Ben Arranges A Date For Emily With Herold