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1. Dracula
2. Treasure Island
3. Tale Of Two Cities, A
4. 39 Steps, The
5. Three Short Stories
6. Abraham Lincoln
7. Affairs Of Anatol The
8. Count of Monte Cristo, The
9. Julius Caesar
10. Immortal Sherlock Holmes, The
11. Hell On Ice
12. Seventeen
13. Around The World In 80 Days
14. War Of The Worlds
15. Heart Of Darkness/Life With Father
16. Apple Tree, The
17. My Little Boy
18. Around The World In Eighty Days
19. Count Of Monte Cristo, The
20. Hitchhiker, The
21. Jane Eyre
22. Passenger To Bali, A
23. Search For Henri Leferve, The
24. Life With Adam
25. Moat Farm Murder, The
26. Golden Honeymoon/Romeo And Juliet
27. Hell On Ice
28. Abednego The Slave
29. I'm A Fool / The Tell Tale Heart
30. Moby Dick
31. Scenes From King Lear


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