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1: Doctor of Lennox
2: Two for a Penny
3: And So They Married
4: Mr Cougat Takes Sick
5: Two For A Penny
6: Murder In The Big Bowl
7: Husband To The Month Of May
8: Which was the Rescuer
9: I Like To Remember George Sexton
10: Room for a Stranger
11: Council Assigned
12: One Man Posse
13: We Were Expecting You At Dakar
14: Pete's Thanksgiving
15: Sweet Rosie O'Grady
16: Gift of the Magi
17: Story of Oliver Wendell Holmes
18: Man Who Conquered Devils Island
19: Portrait Of An American
20: Eleven Against The Nazi Atom Bomb
21: Babe Ruth Big Man of Baseball
22: Doctor Mike
23: Uncle By's Two Wives
24: Half Way To Reno
25: Lion And The Mousey
26: Many Moons
27: Redhead Doll
28: Doctor Of Lennox
29: Father Flannagans Toughest Customer
30: Land Of The Pilgrims Pride
31: No Account Loafer
32: Deep In The Heart Of Show Biz
33: Roof Sitter
34: Prisoner of the Night
35: Remember the Fransens
36: Message for Karen
37: Grandma and the Seagull
38: Dear Mother Im In Jail
39: Arizonas Adeline Gray
40: Madame Curie
41: Piece of String
42: Death Across the Table
43: Light in the Window
44: Why Keep Your Heart In Cold Storage
45: Guiseppe and the Sergeant
46: Song From Heaven, A - (Christmas)
47: Only Wise Man
48: Master Swindle
49: Woman Who Couldnt Come Home
50: Hand on the Latch
51: Strange Story of John Erickson
52: Lady for Ransom
53: Case of the Dormitory Theft
54: Baron of Arizona
55: I Was a Male War Bride
56: Woman Detective and Stolen Jewels
57: Josef Discovers America
58: Eavesdroppers In Eden
59: One Way To Broadway
60: Deep Water Captain
61: And So They Married
62: Spin A Silver Dollar
63: American Master Counterfitters
64: Double Miracle
65: We Shook the Family Tree
66: Buenos Noches, Pal
67: Hound Dog Man
68: Debt of Honor
69: Why Housewives Have No Whiskers

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