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1. Combined Operations
2. They Call It Pacific
3. Last Days Of Sevestopol, The
4. Ship, The
5. Firm Hands, Silent People
6. Prisoner Of The Japs
7. Love At First Flight
8. Malta Spitfire
9. Dynamite Cargo
10. Since You Went Away
11. They Shall Not Have Me
12. Battle Hymn Of China
13. Escape from the Balkans
14. Hail Caesar (IL Duce)
15. Book of War Letters
16. Mother America
17. Log Book - British Merchant Marine
18. 9th Command - Holland Invasion
19. They Shall Inherit The Earth
20. Eighty-Three Days
21. Condition Red
22. White Brigade
23. George Washington Carver
24. New Sun, The
25. Assignment USA
26. Weeping Wood
27. Science At War
28. Der Fuhrer
29. Bell For Adano, A
30. Assignment USA
31. Wild River
32. Silence of the Seas
33. Curtain Rises
34. Gunners Get Glory
35. Lifeline
36. Lend Lease Weapon For Victory
37. Adventure Of CGR 3070

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