Origin Of SuperstitionAdmin

1 Three On A Match

2 Throwing Salt Over Shoulder

3 Walking Beneath A Ladder

4 Break A Mirror

5 The Boogy Man

6 Kissing Under The Mistletoe

7 Knocking On Wood

8 Black Cat Crossing Your Path

9 Whistling In The Dressing Room

10 Horseshoe Over The Door

11 Two Walkers Seperated

12 Rabbit's Foot

13 Friday The 13th

14 Picking Up A Pin

15 Crossing Your Fingers

16 Don't Disturb The Dead

17 Standing Behind A Chair

18 Cleopatra's Chair

19 Opening An Umbrella Indoors

20 Throwing Shoes

21 Howling Dog

22 Four Leaf Clover

23 Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

24 Wishing On A Shooting Star

25 Don't Sail On Friday

26 Don't Turn Back

27 Hat On A Bed

28 Blowing Out Candles

29 Bubbles In A Teacup

30 Wishing On A New Moon

31 Cap Turned Backwards

32 Unlucky At Cards

33 Itching Palm

34 Lost Wedding Ring

35 No News Is Good News

36 Sing Before Breakfast Cry Before Night

37 Lose Baby's First Pair Of Shoes

38 Breaking The Wishbone

39 Ghost Ships

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