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1 Assassination Of Lincoln

2 Storming Of The Bastille

3 Drake Defeats Spanish Armada

4 Defense Of The Alamo

5 Signing Of The Magna Carta

6 Battle Of Gettysburg

7 Death Of Socrates

8 Philadelphia July 4th 1776

9 Fall Of Troy

10 Surrender Of Sitting Bull, The

11 Lee and Grant at Appomattox

12 Execution Of Maximillian

13 Monitor Vs Merrimac

14 Trial Of Charles The First

15 The Rise Of Alexander The Great - Peace Offer

16 The Rise Of Alexander The Great - Battle For Asia

17 The Rise Of Alexander The Great - Mutiny In India

18 Death Of Montezuma

19 Bombardment of Fort Sumter

20 Capture of John Wilkes Booth

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