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1: Assassination Of Lincoln
2: Storming Of The Bastille
3: Drake Defeats Spanish Armada
4: Defense Of The Alamo
5: Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
6: Signing Of The Magna Carta
7: Battle Of Gettysburg
8: Death Of Socrates
9: Philadelphia July 4th 1776
10: Fall Of Troy
11: Surrender Of Sitting Bull
12: Columbus Discovers America
13: Lee and Grant at Appomattox
14: Execution Of Maximillian
15: Conspiracy of the Cataline
16: Hanging of Captain Kidd
17: Monitor Vs Merrimac
18: Trial Of Charles The First
19: The Rise Of Alexander The Great - Peace Offer
20: The Rise Of Alexander The Great - Battle For Asia
21: The Rise Of Alexander The Great - Mutiny In India
22: Assassination of Caesar
23: Death Of Montezuma
24: Bombardment of Fort Sumter
25: Capture of John Wilkes Booth
26: Trial Run of Tom Thumb (Steam Locomotive)
27: Charlemagne
28: Surrender of New Amsterdam

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