Adventures Of Frank MerriwellAdmin

1. Riddle Of The Wrong Answer, The
2. Clue Of The Numbers
3. Big Top Adventures
4. Ballot Box Mystery
5. Mystery Of The Iron Door, The
6. Stolen Masterpiece, The
7. Tap Day
8. Thunderstorm Mystery The
9. Unreasonable Aunt
10. Unwelcome Rescue
11. Sold At Auction
12. Secret Of The Old Mill, The
13. Magic Lantern Mystery
14. Live Ghost, The
15. Professor's Decision, The
16. Ransomed Football, The
17. Yale Bulldog, The
18. Mystery Of The Missing Records, The
19. Doubtful Alibi, The
20. Front Page Story, The
21. Senior Dinner, The
22. Surprise Play, The
23. Duplicate Dean, The
24. Bench Warmer, The
25. Quarantined
26. Gold Fever
27. Snow Trap, The
28. Green Hill
29. Unexpected Game
30. Championship Game
31. Danger In The River
32. Boomerang Pitch
33. April Shower
34. Urgent Errand
35. Sawdust Adventure The
36. Frank Merriwells Promise
37. Mystery Man

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