Adventures of Sonny and BuddyAdmin

Medicine Man (Episode 1)
Five Miles To Laredo
$2000 Bond
Betty Kidnapped
To Pay Ransom
Face The Window
Crossing The Rio Grande
Reaching The Other Side
Getting Away From Doc (Ep 10)
Suspects In Jims Murder(Ep49)
Sheriff Is A Suspect, The
All Are Against The Sheriff
She Did It
Money Is Last, The
Chasing Checked Suit
Money Recovered
Mortgage Paid Off
House Car Fire
Sheriff Gets The Drop
Full Of Rocks
Suitcase With Treasure
Betty Has Left
Betty An Heiress
Refurbished House Car
Two Hats
Betty Turned Out
Buys Animals
On The Way To Lumpkin
Betty Found
Lion Is Loose
Lion Is Captured
To Trust A lawyer
House Boat
house Boat In Torrant Saved FromThe Water
House Boat Gone
Charcoal To The Rescue
Message From Lawyer
Catching Snake

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