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1. 0A Over The Falls In An Airplane
2. 0B The Begining of a Long Voyage Home
3. 0C The Long Voyage Home
4. 0D A Mysterious Speck on the Far Horizon
5. 0E A Surprise Awaits the Mayor
6. 0G Daffodil Dilly Strikes Again
7. 0H Prisoners of Love
8. 0I Ukey Shows Us How
9. 0J Ukey Betcha To The Rescue
10. 0K Sparkie In Control
11. 0L The Mayor Tells of His Wedding Plans
12. 0M Ukey Gets Ready For The Wedding
13. 0N Ukey Unvails An Invention
14. 0O The Mayors Wedding Day
15. 0P An Interruption in the Mayors Wedding
16. 0Q Miss Dilly Kidnapped From the Church
17. 0R The Great Kidnap Mystery
18. 0S A Telephone Mix-Up
19. 0T The Detectives
20. 0U The Stakeout
21. 0V Detectives Sparkie And Ukey Go To Work
22. 0W Detective Sparkie Gets An Idea
23. 0X The Kidnappers Double Back Triple Back
24. 0Y Even Detectives Make Mistakes
25. 0Z Jailed
26. AA The Kidnapping Case Continues
27. AB The Kidnapping Case Continues
28. AC Who's Who
29. AD Who's Who Continued
30. AE The Kidnapped Car is Sighted (short)
31. AF Sparkie Tracks Down A Clue
32. AG Sparkie's Private Detective Agency
33. AH Back To Normal, I Hope
34. AI A Surprise For All Concerned
35. AJ The Kidnappers Escape Again
36. AK Where's Ukey Now
37. AL Old Clothes Is Good Clues
38. AM So Close To The Forest We Can't See The Trees
39. AN The Prodigal Returns
40. AO The Return Of Ukey Betcha
41. AQ Ukey Sues The City
42. AR Look Who's a Lawyer
43. AS Peace and Quiet Again Almost
44. AT Sparkie Has Plans For Ukey
45. AU A Sudden Change In Climate
46. AV Not Even A Team Of Horses
47. AW Goodbye My Dilly
48. AX A Letter From Ukey
49. AY A Mysterious Man In The Shack
50. AZ The Mysterious Man In The Shack
51. BA The Mysterious Man In The Shack (Part 2)
52. BB Who's Fooling Who (April Fools)
53. BC Trouble In The Ranks
54. BD Sparkie's Telephone Troubles
55. BE A Proposed Solution To A Serious Problem
56. BF Twelve Down Two To Go
57. BG Not Much Doing
58. BH The Pane In Mrs Two Hills Window
59. BI Tickets Tickets Whos Got the Tickets
60. BJ Opening Day 1953
61. BK Canine Mutiny
62. BL Whats Wrong With Bunny
63. BM Where Oh Where Have Our Little Dogs Gone
64. BN The Dogs Get Organized
65. BO The Dogs Get Together
66. BP Someone Make Up His Mind
67. BQ Want Ads Get Results
68. BR The Mayors Plan Begins To Work
69. BS Almost Captured
70. BT The Dognappers Get Caught
71. BU The Mayor Shows Them How
72. BV The Return Of Ukey Butcha
73. BW Ukey Makes A Decision
74. BX The Surprise In The Barn On Ukey's Farm
75. BY The Surprise In Ukey's Barn
76. BZ Sparkie Drives A Racing Car
77. CA More Then One Way To Catch A Fish
78. CB A Quiet Day On Ukey's Farm
79. CC Ukey Hits The Jackpot
80. CD Yukies Radio Station
81. CE The Big Broadcast
82. CF The Ratings Are In
83. CG Sparkie Finds A Bug
84. CH Sparkie's Mysterious Butterfly
85. CI The Professor Speaks
86. CJ The Day The Butterfly Flew
87. CK Off To The Races
88. CL Ukey Tries Out His Racing Machine
89. CM Ukey Cracks Up
90. CN The Big Little Race
91. CO Big Jon Gets A Screen Job
92. CP Big Jon Recuperates
93. CQ Cheer Up The Sick Boy
94. CR Big Jon Takes The Plunge
95. CS Big Jon Gets Company Again
96. General Comet Of The Universe - Hour Long (Chpt 441)

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