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1: 0A Over The Falls In An Airplane
2: 0B The Begining of a Long Voyage Home
3: 0C The Long Voyage Home
4: 0D A Mysterious Speck on the Far Horizon
5: 0E A Surprise Awaits the Mayor
6: 0G Daffodil Dilly Strikes Again
7: 0H Prisoners of Love
8: 0I Ukey Shows Us How
9: 0J Ukey Betcha To The Rescue
10: 0K Sparkie In Control
11: 0L The Mayor Tells of His Wedding Plans
12: 0M Ukey Gets Ready For The Wedding
13: 0N Ukey Unvails An Invention
14: 0O The Mayors Wedding Day
15: 0P An Interruption in the Mayors Wedding
16: 0Q Miss Dilly Kidnapped From the Church
17: 0R The Great Kidnap Mystery
18: 0S A Telephone Mix-Up
19: 0T The Detectives
20: 0U The Stakeout
21: 0V Detectives Sparkie And Ukey Go To Work
22: 0W Detective Sparkie Gets An Idea
23: 0X The Kidnappers Double Back Triple Back
24: 0Y Even Detectives Make Mistakes
25: 0Z Jailed
26: AA The Kidnapping Case Continues
27: AB The Kidnapping Case Continues
28: AC Who's Who
29: AD Who's Who Continued
30: AE The Kidnapped Car is Sighted (short)
31: AF Sparkie Tracks Down A Clue
32: AG Sparkie's Private Detective Agency
33: AH Back To Normal, I Hope
34: AI A Surprise For All Concerned
35: AJ The Kidnappers Escape Again
36: AK Where's Ukey Now
37: AL Old Clothes Is Good Clues
38: AM So Close To The Forest We Can't See The Trees
39: AN The Prodigal Returns
40: AO The Return Of Ukey Betcha
41: AQ Ukey Sues The City
42: AR Look Who's a Lawyer
43: AS Peace and Quiet Again Almost
44: AT Sparkie Has Plans For Ukey
45: AU A Sudden Change In Climate
46: AV Not Even A Team Of Horses
47: AW Goodbye My Dilly
48: AX A Letter From Ukey
49: AY A Mysterious Man In The Shack
50: AZ The Mysterious Man In The Shack
51: BA The Mysterious Man In The Shack (Part 2)
52: BB Who's Fooling Who (April Fools)
53: BC Trouble In The Ranks
54: BD Sparkie's Telephone Troubles
55: BE A Proposed Solution To A Serious Problem
56: BF Twelve Down Two To Go
57: BG Not Much Doing
58: BH The Pane In Mrs Two Hills Window
59: BI Tickets Tickets Whos Got the Tickets
60: BJ Opening Day 1953
61: BK Canine Mutiny
62: BL Whats Wrong With Bunny
63: BM Where Oh Where Have Our Little Dogs Gone
64: BN The Dogs Get Organized
65: BO The Dogs Get Together
66: BP Someone Make Up His Mind
67: BQ Want Ads Get Results
68: BR The Mayors Plan Begins To Work
69: BS Almost Captured
70: BT The Dognappers Get Caught
71: BU The Mayor Shows Them How
72: BV The Return Of Ukey Butcha
73: BW Ukey Makes A Decision
74: BX The Surprise In The Barn On Ukey's Farm
75: BY The Surprise In Ukey's Barn
76: BZ Sparkie Drives A Racing Car
77: CA More Then One Way To Catch A Fish
78: CB A Quiet Day On Ukey's Farm
79: CC Ukey Hits The Jackpot
80: CD Yukies Radio Station
81: CE The Big Broadcast
82: CF The Ratings Are In
83: CG Sparkie Finds A Bug
84: CH Sparkie's Mysterious Butterfly
85: CI The Professor Speaks
86: CJ The Day The Butterfly Flew
87: CK Off To The Races
88: CL Ukey Tries Out His Racing Machine
89: CM Ukey Cracks Up
90: CN The Big Little Race
91: CO Big Jon Gets A Screen Job
92: CP Big Jon Recuperates
93: CQ Cheer Up The Sick Boy
94: CR Big Jon Takes The Plunge
95: CS Big Jon Gets Company Again
96: General Comet Of The Universe - Hour Long (Chpt 441)

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