Flash GordonAdmin

1: On The Planet Mongo
2: Befriends Lion Men
3: Imprisoned By Hawkmen
4: Death Battle
5: Rules Over Cave World
6: Blue Magic Men
7: Dr Zarkoff To The Rescue
8: Seeds Of Doubt
9: Ice Barricade
10: Dr Zarkoff Thawed
11: Dr Zarkoff Shoots Electrodes
12: General Tal Rescued Azora
13: General Tal Attacks Behind The Huge Door
14: Invisible Ray Machine
15: Flash The Avenging Shadow
16: Flash Escapes
17: Tahl Tries To Capture Zarkoff
18: Pit Of Peril
19: Pit Of Fire
20: Trapped Behind Iron Door
21: King of the Cave World
22: Tal Siezes Azora's Throne

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