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1 Trouble Hits The Trolley

2 Not One Cent For Tribute

3 Justice Wears A Blindfold

4 Money Talks Too Loud

5 Tax Racket

6 Devil's Playground

7 Liggit's Citizenship Racket

8 Snyder's Political Racket

9 Put It On Ice

10 There Was A Crooked Man

11 Disaster Rides The Rails

12 Parking Lot Racket, The

13 Smuggler Signs His Name

14 Sales Tax Racket

15 Crandell And The Murder Ring

16 Poor Substitutes For A Prison

17 Votes For Sale

18 Highway That Graft Wrote, The

19 Walkout For Profit

20 Murder Across The Board

21 Bid And Asked

22 Reservoir For Murder

23 Black Cat Killer, The

24 Charity Takes It On The Chin

25 Ghost Who Talked Too Much, The

26 Invasion Plans For Victory

27 Slip Of The Lip, A

28 Murder Trips A Rat

29 Torpedo On Wheels

30 Sabotage Finds A Name

31 Corpse That Wasn't there, The

32 Paroled For Revenge

33 Hornet Does It, The

34 Black Market

35 Unexpected Meeting

36 Stuffed Panda, The

37 Hot Money And Death

38 Murders And The Dope Racket

39 Ballots and Bluff

40 Drops A Hint

41 Katz With Nine Lives, The

42 Superhighway Robbery

43 Gas Station Protection Racket, The

44 Voice, The

45 Paid In Full

46 Turban Of Jaipur

47 George Haven's Secret

48 Escape For Revenge

49 Washington Story

50 Woman In The Case

51 Soldier And His Dog, A

52 Last Of Oliver Perry, The

53 Question Of Time, A

54 Letter, The

55 Pair Of Nylons, A

56 Youth Takes The Headlines

57 Classified Ad

58 Gas Pen, The

59 Figure In The Photograph

60 Murder For Sale

61 Check And Double Check

62 Polarized Glasses

63 Bus Accidents

64 Hornet Does It Again, The

65 Revenge For Melakim

66 Man Of Many Words

67 Underwater Adventure

68 Mr. Big's Drugstore Racket

69 State's Witness, The

70 Exposed

71 Matter Of Evidence, A

72 Hit And Run

73 Words And Music

74 Face In The Television

75 Bait For A Two-Timer

76 Devil's Playground, The

77 Pretenders To The Throne

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