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1. Jerry Hall’s Proposal
2. Leaving LA For Magic Island
3. Strange Windstorm
4. Strange Bank Of Fog
5. Tex Bradford Prepares His Straightoscope
6. Island In The Viewer
7. Pulled By A Magnetic Force
8. Joan Is Found On Euclidia
9. G47 Uses His Ray Gun
10. False Radio Message
11. Island Secrets
12. Last Radio Message from MagicI sland
13. Joan Stays On The Yacht
14. The Cloth Factory On The Island
15. Staged Escape Attempt
16. Soundproof Seaweed Cloth
17. Homing Pigeon
18. Pigeons Released
19. The Secret Formula
20. G47 Has The Pidgeon And Formula
21. A Different Formula
22. Trapped In An Elevator
23. Elevator Escape
24. Stolen Oxygen Tank
25. Battleships Approach
26. Magic Island Prepares To Submerge
27. Radio Signals Within The Island
28. Joan And Jerry Board The Sub
29. A Woman Commander
30. Message To Johnson
31. Joan And Jerry Ray Gunned
32. Submarine Heads For Johnson
33. Submarine Surfaces To Meet Johnson
34. Johnson Speeds Away
35. Tex Contacts Johnson
36. Johnsons Ship Runs Out of Fuel
37. Gregorys Yacht Is Pulled Out
38. Commander Talks to Johnson
39. Everyone Arrives
40. Mcleod Poses as Johnson
41. Help from the Sub Commander
42. The Gas is Released
43. Jerry and Joan Escape
44. Transferring Oil
45. Escape Attempt Tonight
46. Power Shutdown Plan
47. Joan Fires at Jerry
48. Escape From Guard
49. Ready to Throw Switches
50. The Alarm Sound
51. Swim for the Boat
52. Island Sinks And A Successful Escape
53. Lighted Buoys Marks the Route
54. Out of Fuel
55. Magic Island Sub Catches Up
56. Sub Tows The Yacht Back
57. Two Guards Knocked Out
58. In A Chamber 90 Feet Underwater
59. Island Gets Ready to Move
60. Chamber Filling With Water
61. Tex Is Ray Gunned
62. Safe For Three Days
63. Keystone Notes
64. Locked In Rooms
65. Reunited
66. Stealing A Sub
67. The Warning Signal
68. 90 Second Intervals
69. Attacked From The Air
70. Sub Dives To 9000 Feet
71. 10 Seconds For The Combination
72. Protection Around The Sub
73. Stern Section Dumped Off
74. Getting Seasick
75. Another Sub Follows
76. Tex Tries The Radio
77. Coded Message Keynotes Hit Sub
78. Sailboat Pickup
79. Sprayed With A Chemical
80. Rescued By Oil Tanker
81. Joan And Jerry Stay Behind
82. Jerry Shows LA To Joan
83. Someone’s In The House
84. Smelling Smoke Alarms Everyone
85. Planning The Return
86. Joan Is Afraid
87. Sailing Ffor The Magic Island
88. Joan Questions The Crew
89. A Large Bad Storm Causes Problems
90. Engineer Peterson Is Taken Prisoner
91. Ship Arrives At The Magic Island
92. The Descent Into Modern Atlantis
93. Everyone Disappears
94. Questioned By G47
95. A Beautiful Apartment
96. The City Is Discovered
97. 13 Large Cave Rooms
98. The Old Skipper Found Caring For Animals
99. Meeting Master Builder
100. Artificial Volcano Eruption
101. Ships Moved Away
102. Comparing Notes
103. The Pigeons
104. Talk About Future Plans
105. Jerry and Tex Disappear
106. Listening to Radio Broadcast
107. Aboard a Test Rocket Plane
108. A Test Flight
109. Instruments Have Failed
110. Rocket Plane Down in the Water
111. All Four Are Rescued
112. Elaine Has A New Home
113. An Airlock Is Discovered
114. Making Escape Plans
115. A Keystone Note Demonstration
116. Tex Is Suspicious Of Elaine
117. Daring Escape Attempt
118. Landing on Lake Hollywood
119. A Second Return Is Planned

120. Tex Takes Off With Elaine And Is Seen

121. Stopping Reporters Story
122. Tex And Elaine Control Euclidia
123. Motor Almost Dead
124. Island Being Raised
125. They Are Sinking
126. On A Life Raft
127. G47 Surrenders
128. G47 Has Disappeared
129. G47 Is A Professor
130. Enrolling In College

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