Mandrake The MagicianAdmin

1: First Episode
2: Deadly Visitor to Mandrake's House
3: Captain X, Lothar and Tommy Escape
4: Mandrake Swears Revenge
5: Lothar and Tommy are Alive
6: Lothar and Narda are Prisoners
7: Barracuda is Under Mandrake's Control
8: Mandrake is Tied Up
9: Captain X Fights Lothar
10: Princess Narda and Mandrake Will Be Blown to Bits
11: Alex Jefferson Falls Over a Cliff
12: Mandrake Gets the Car Keys
13: Dorfman is Found
14: Highpitch Forces Mandrake off the Road
15: Mandrake, Tommy And Lothar
16: Mr. Slade Is Interested
17: Slade Has The Red Book
18: Tommy Has Found Princess
19: Truck Is Headed To The Secret Base
20: Highpitch Is Summoned To The Boss
21: Planes Are Armed