Space PatrolAdmin

1. Hole In Empty Space
2. City Of The Sun
3. Queen of Space
4. Giant Bubble, The
5. Electronic Burglar, The
6. Space Shark, The
7. Search for Asteroid X, The
8. Lady From Venus, The
9. Last Voyage of the Lonesome Lena, The
10. Brain Bank and the Space Binoculars, The
11. Sleepwalker, The
12. Scavengers of Space, The
13. Top Secret D-Ray, The
14. Crash Landing
15. Mysterious Meteor, The
16. Moon Beetles, The
17. Strange Gift of the New Star, The
18. Seed Crystals of Zeldabran, The
19. Magic Space Pictures, The
20. Caverns Of Venus, The
21. Forgotten City, The
22. Prisoner Of Pluto, The
23. Venus Space Factory, The
24. Cosmic Ray Detector, The
25. Treachery In Outer Space
26. Immortal Brain, The
27. Indestructible Germ, The
28. Treasure Of Planetoid-6, The
29. Sleeping Demon Of Saturn
30. Trouble Aboard the Supernova
31. Peril Over Jupiter
32. Menace Of Planet X, The
33. Trap On Planet X, The
34. Valley of Dread, The
35. Escape from Planet X
36. Spies from Planet X, The
37. Target Jupiter
38. Return To Planet X
39. On The Ice Cap Of Planet X
40. Rescue From Planet X
41. Secret Of Adargo Ruins, The
42. Iron Eaters Of Planet X
43. Cyclone In Outer Space
44. Under The Sea Of Planet X
45. Sea Monster Of Planet X
46. Revolt Of The Space Rats
47. Baccarritti's Secret Weapon
48. Lost Condor, The
49. Venus Tulania Mystery
50. Lost Dimension, The
51. Wistful Wizard of Neptune's Moon
52. Claw Of Venus, The
53. Martian Masquerade
54. Treasure of Mount Rocob
55. Invisible Enemy, The
56. Revenge Of Dr Yeager
57. Serpents of Saturn
58. Test For Survival
59. Secret Of Dr Borodeck
60. Zero Ray, The
61. Counterfeit Atoms, The
62. Formula For Crime
63. Design For Danger
64. Prisoners Of Tiranna
65. Invasion From Tirana
66. Voice From The Future
67. Realm Of The Robot

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