People Are FunnyAdmin

1: Sister In Law On Telephone
2: Cinderella Is Here At last
3: Cinderella Gets Her Greatest Wish
4: Cinderella Wish May Come True
5: 1st Show 10th Season
6: Giving Away Frogs
7: Violinist Plays For Money
8: Auto Parts With No Money
9: Guest Freddy Martin
10: From Cedar Rapids Iowa
11: Scare Away Tax Collector
12: Where Is Your Husband Tonight
13: Con Man 1
14: Con Man 2
15: Could You Buy A Hamburger
16: Free Mink Stole
17: Who's Smarter Republicans Or Democrats
18: Mental Telepathy
19: Beliefs
20: Fib White Lie And A Whopper
21: Two Times Two Is Four
22: People Making Up Their Minds
23: Is There A King In The House
24: Quickest Way To Borrow Money
25: Boys And Dogs
26: Dancing With Three Men

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