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1: Jack Benny
2: Sister Elizabeth Kenny
3: Jack Benny
4: Fred Allen
5: Husband Gave Wife Her Only Name
6: Vanessa Brown
7: Ambassador Wilheilm Morgnestein
8: From Denver Colorado
9: Three Explorers Named La De Da
10: Who Hopes To Whip The Cream In June
11: Easter Bunny Visits
12: From Dearborn Michigan
13: What Animal Always Had New Look
14: What City Has A New Jack In The Box
15: Diego Reviera Not A Good Place To Visit
16: Quiz Kids Versus Quiz Kids Mothers
17: Pittsburgh Riddle
18: Nymph With Telescope
19: Name The Dessert
20: Quiz Kids Fathers
21: Eighth Anniversary Show
22: Which President
23: What Combination Of Names Means A Damp Home For A Rabbit
24: Popular Song Is Name Of Explorer
25: Tom Dick And Harry Were In News
26: Prominent Monarch Turned Indian
27: What Skin Makes Best Slippers
28: What Will Dewey Wear In To The White House
29: Sign Name For A Hershey
30: Who is the Most Recent Queen for a Day
31: Railroad Fair
32: If Hawaii Is 49th State Will Delaware Be Smalest State
33: Fish Name Spelled Backwards Is A Generals Name
34: Presidents Name Same As Indian Tribe
35: What Article
36: Mousetrap
37: Write A Thanksgiving Poem
38: Santa Claus
39: Two Buckets At Different Temperatures
40: Christmas Special
41: Similar Name
42: Atomic Numbers
43: Man Who Was PM Then MP
44: Al Capp Cartoonist
45: Gray Hackle And Ginger Quill
46: Clifton Webb
47: Class Of Persons In Washington DC
48: Quiz Kids Versus Professors
49: Farm Qusetions
50: Key Of Music
51: International Trade Fair
52: Delegate To United Nations
53: Money Ha Ha
54: Gambosi A Finnus
55: Beauty Pack, Mule Pack Or Cincpac
56: Kiwannis Club International
57: Betty McDonalds First Book
58: Frankie Laine
59: Tallahassee Is Capitol
60: Nursery Rhyme
61: Fraternal Order Of Eagles
62: First Landing Across Atlantic
63: He Threw Off His Bird Cage and Ran Past the Woodpile
64: Mammals Life Span
65: My Sugar Is So Refined
66: Rotary International
67: 4 H Club Members
68: Lions Club
69: Elks Club
70: Moses Father-In-Law
71: Noah Playing Canasta on the Ark
72: Twins from Syracuse
73: Walker Bulldogs
74: St Patricks Day Diamond
75: American Legion Auxiliary
76: Mothers Day - Mothers in Class
77: If Your Initials Were Roman Numerals
78: How Does the Emperor Penguin protect It's Young
79: What General is Always in Shape
80: Who is Glad he Changed the Color of his Socks
81: Eleventh Anniversary Program
82: Most Appropriate Hairdo for July 4th
83: Newton's First Law Of Motion And The Air Force
84: What Would You Expect to Find in Sutton Hoo

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