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1 Jack Benny

2 Sister Elizabeth Kenny

3 Jack Benny

4 Fred Allen

5 Husband Gave Wife Her Only Name

6 Vanessa Brown

7 Ambassador Wilheilm Morgnestein

8 From Denver Colorado

9 Three Explorers Named La De Da

10 Who Hopes To Whip The Cream In June

11 Easter Bunny Visits

12 From Dearborn Michigan

13 What Animal Always Had New Look

14 What City Has A New Jack In The Box

15 Diego Reviera Not A Good Place To Visit

16 Quiz Kids Versus Quiz Kids Mothers

17 Pittsburgh Riddle

18 Nymph With Telescope

19 Name The Dessert

20 Quiz Kids Fathers

21 Eighth Anniversary Show

22 Which President

23 What Combination Of Names Means A Damp Home For A Rabbit

24 Popular Song Is Name Of Explorer

25 Tom Dick And Harry Were In News

26 Prominent Monarch Turned Indian

27 What Skin Makes Best Slippers

28 What Will Dewey Wear In To The White House

29 Sign Name For A Hershey

30 Railroad Fair

31 If Hawaii Is 49th State Will Delaware Be Smalest State

32 Fish Name Spelled Backwards Is A Generals Name

33 Presidents Name Same As Indian Tribe

34 What Article

35 Mousetrap

36 Santa Claus

37 Two Buckets At Different Temperatures

38 Christmas Special

39 Similar Name

40 Atomic Numbers

41 Man Who Was PM Then MP

42 Al Capp Cartoonist

43 Gray Hackle And Ginger Quill

44 Clifton Webb

45 Class Of Persons In Washington DC

46 Quiz Kids Versus Professors

47 Farm Questions

48 Key Of Music

49 International Trade Fair

50 Delegate To United Nations

51 Hiawatha was Interested in Minnehaha

52 Gambosi A Finnus

53 Beauty Pack, Mule Pack Or Cincpac

54 Kiwannis Club International

55 Betty McDonalds First Book

56 Frankie Laine

57 Nursery Rhyme

58 Fraternal Order Of Eagles

59 First Landing Across Atlantic

60 He Threw Off His Bird Cage and Ran Past the Woodpile

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